[OOC] In Search of Adventure -- Old School Essentials Hexcrawl


I am looking for 4-6 players interested in a mid-level hexcrawl:

The world of Absalom is one of constant change. Roughly every two hundred years the scales of Balance tip one way, then the other, dividing the history of the planet into Cycles. During the Cycles of Law civilization flourishes -- empires are born, wild lands tamed, advances are made in alchemy and magic -- but during the Cycles of Chaos the once great kingdoms are beaten back by hordes of barbarians and Beastmen, wild Chaos storms sweep the land, transforming the terrain, and Men hunker behind city walls, waiting for calm to be restored.

It is now four years after the beginning of the 16th Cycle of Law. In the Scarlet Principality, westmost domain in the Variagated Kingdom, eyes turn to the wilderness at its borders; adventurers hungry for gold and glory, nobles looking to expand their fiefdoms, and merchants looking to plunder the wealth that can be found.


We'll be using a modified version of Old School Essentials. OSE has the SRD available online, and I'll make sure players have access to any supplemental materials. We will be using a race as class system, with only human characters available at first, using the classes I introduced in Into the Wild (giving the standard classes more options). There will be the potential to recruit non-human henchmen as play progresses. Players will start out 50,000 XP, putting thieves and clerics at 7th level and the other characters at 6th level.

I am aiming for a troupe-style play as henchmen get recruited, with the potential to run henchmen as PCs when the main characters are busy doing other things. The over-arching goal is for the main PCs to transition from adventurers to domain-level activities while henchmen pick up the adventuring slack.

I will be making all rolls, including those for character creation. I'll provide three sets of ability scores that you can chose from. I'm looking for players that can post once per day, have a good grasp of English and punctuation, and are willing to track logistics (we'll use the wiki for that).

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