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4E [OOC] The Seeds of Chaos

OOC Thread for

The Seeds of Chaos

Feel free to make your OOC comments regarding your characters, real life stuff, in game stuff that isn't fluffy, or "talk shop" here. This will help keep the main thread much cleaner than our other games have been. We at FlameWielder Enterprises understand that you have many options for your DMing needs, so we'd like to take the time to thank you for choosing us! Have a great game, and see you IC!
Woohoo! I get to make the first OOC comment!
[MENTION=85946]Goldhammer[/MENTION] : I noticed that your character Torqua has gained 2,888 XP. As such, she should actually be a level 3 (three) character, not level 2. Please level her up right away and let me know when you are done so that we can get you some approvals! If you need help with the Wiki scripting of your character sheet, let me know and I'll be happy to work on it for you. Just update your excel character sheet and I'll be happy to take care of the rest for you (Only if you want. I happen to like that part of character creation...but I'm a bit of a computer geek, lol).


Really? I thought characters leveled up at 3000 xp. Alright, I try to get all the details filled out as soon as possible
Here's a chart for the 1st 10 levels:

Level...XP Required


Aalright, I've updated my character sheet wiki. Torqua can now breathe poison gas.

BTW does Will AC protect against going mad in anyway?

Edit: Forgot to add my gold
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Your Will defense does not directly contribute to whether or not you go mad, but it IS a defense, and some of the effects may target that defense. In that way, a high Will can prevent madness points in the same way that a high AC Reflex or Fortitude defense can prevent hit point loss.


[MENTION=85946]Goldhammer[/MENTION], I reviewed your sheet (you need two approvals before you can apply any experience you gain) but it seems a little incomplete. I added an Approvals section and left some notes on there for things you should look at.

[MENTION=6684473]CrimsonFlameWielder[/MENTION] I answered your questions from when you reviewed Haaku. I wrote them in the Approvals section, so I didn't know if you saw them or not. :)
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[MENTION=69684]WEContact[/MENTION] wheres the approvals section? I've had a look around the wiki but I can't find it
[MENTION=69684]WEContact[/MENTION] : I did see that! You're right that it is much more flavorful.
[MENTION=85946]Goldhammer[/MENTION]: The approvals sections is part of your Wiki character sheet.


The lack of an applicable feat bonus is a problem, though. Between Tempest Technique and Two-Weapon Fighting I can ignore it through heroic tier, but come L11 the bonus will be impossible to justifiably ignore. Worst case scenario is that I have to spend two feat slots on Weapon Focus.


Alright I see it now. Wasn't coming up for me for some reason.

Edit: Alright, I've fixed my wiki page. However I can't get to my google doc for some reason. BTW what are Background and Themes? I can't find anything about on the wiki. Is there like a list you can choose from?

Edit: manage to fix my google doc sheet as well. wasing loading for some reason.
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Wife Of Meepo

let me know if you need another die roll for putting thing back in place. [MENTION=78756]Son of Meepo[/MENTION]
I think you have encounter heals that we could use and then get this man back out to the Lieutenant. It didn't seem we had gotten too far in before finding this man.
[MENTION=6687049]Wife Of Meepo[/MENTION]

You are correct. You were not very far in (maybe a few hundred yards) when you found the man. Also, I'm not in need of another heal check, but please see my response in the main thread for the Diplomacy check.


The Madness points acquired came from failing the dungeoneering check? Is that right?

But it was somehow related to the animal noises we heard, is that right?
[MENTION=75065]jbear[/MENTION]: Yes, it was because you failed the checks and it ...might be related to the animal noises...
[MENTION=85946]Goldhammer[/MENTION]: You are absolutely correct. Sorry about that. I've updated your madness threshold in my notes. Good catch.

Wife Of Meepo

I guess having beat you to a post would not have changed the outcome. I got to read Torqua's response but didn't get to post. It appears that Fhargrim and Ilex are unconscious. Do we need to roll something to get them to snap out of it?