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Welcome to the Oriental Adventures Collector's Guide!

This is one of a series of Echohawk's D&D Collector's Guides, each of which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to D&D products published for a particular setting or era of the game. This particular guide focuses on Oriental Adventures.

The first Oriental Adventures product was the AD&D Oriental Adventures hardcover. This was followed by four adventures in the "OA" series. In 1988, the Kara-Tur setting described in the hardcover became part of the Forgotten Realms, with the publication of the Kara-Tur boxed set. The remainder of the "OA" series carried the Forgotten Realms logo, as did the Kara-Tur Trail Map.

When Wizards of the Coast decided to publish Oriental Adventures for D&D 3rd edition, they opted to use the Rokugan setting instead of Kara-Tur. The new Oriental Adventures hardcover was followed by nearly two dozen books published by Alderac Entertainment under license which carried the "Oriental Adventures" logo. In 2005, Alderac decided to stop publishing d20 material for Rokugan. This guide covers both the Kara-Tur setting and Rokugan setting products which carred the Oriental Adventures logo.

Two final notes: Test of the Ninja (an AD&D gamebook) isn't set in either Kara-Tur or Rokugan, but in 13th-century Japan. It seemed to fit the Oriental Adventures theme of this guide, so it's included. Also included is The Complete Ninja's Handbook, one of very few oriental-themed books published for 2nd Edition.

This was the eighth installment when the Collector's Guides were initially published. The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here.

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[h=1]AD&D 1st Edition products[/h]

[h=2]Hardcover books[/h]
Oriental Adventures (October 1985, also published as a miniature reprint in 2000)

[h=2]Boxed sets[/h]
Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms (October 1988)

OA1: Swords of the Daimyo (February 1986)
OA2: Night of the Seven Swords (December 1986)
OA3: Ochimo the Spirit Warrior (January 1987)
OA4: Blood of the Yakuza (July 1987)
OA5: Mad Monkey vs. the Dragon Claw (December 1988)

[h=2]Related material[/h]
REF3: The Book of Lairs (Hu Hsien, October 1986)
REF4: The Book of Lairs II (various lairs, April 1987)
REF5: Lords of Darkness (Oriental Spectres, January 1989)

[h=1]AD&D 2nd Edition products[/h]

[h=2]Softcover books[/h]
PHBR15: The Complete Ninja's Handbook (August 1995)

[h=2]Monster collections[/h]
MC6: Monstrous Compendium Kara-Tur Appendix (June 1990)

OA7: Test of the Samurai (December 1989)
OA6: Ronin Challenge (May 1990)
FROA1: Ninja Wars (December 1990)

TM5: Kara-Tur Trail Map (December 1989)

[h=2]Related material[/h]
FR7: Hall of Heroes (various NPCs) (February 1989)

[h=1]D&D 3.X products[/h]

[h=2]Hardcover books[/h]
Oriental Adventures (errata; October 2001)
Rokugan Campaign Setting (October 2001)

[h=2]Other books[/h]
Magic of Rokugan (January 2002)
Creatures of Rokugan (March 2002)
Way of the Samurai (March 2002)
Way of the Ninja (May 2002)
Way of the Shugenja (July 2002)
Fortunes & Winds (August 2002)
Secrets of the Lion (October 2002)
Secrets of the Mantis (December 2002)
Secrets of the Phoenix (February 2003)
Secrets of the Scorpion (April 2003)
Secrets of the Crab (June 2003)
Secrets of the Crane (August 2003)
Secrets of the Unicorn (October 2003)
Secrets of the Dragon (December 2003)
Bloodspeakers (December 2003)
Secrets of the Shadowlands (February 2004)
The Complete Exotic Arms Guide (April 2004)
Way of the Open Hand (June 2004)
Live-Action Roleplaying (August 2004)
Way of the Daimyo (October 2004)
Way of the Thief (December 2004)
The Hidden Emperor (September 2005)

[h=2]Related material[/h]
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (Various minor references, June 2001)
Unapproachable East (Spirit Folk and other references, May 2003)
The Grand History of the Realms (Various timeline entries, September 2007)

[h=1]D&D 4th Edition products[/h]

[h=2]Related material[/h]
Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (Various minor references, August 2008)

[h=1]Other products[/h]

[h=2]Game books[/h]
AD&D Adventure Gamebook 5: Test of the Ninja (November 1985)
1 on 1 Adventure Gamebook 7: Warlords (December 1986)

[h=2]Clan War novels[/h]
First Scroll: The Scorpion (July 2000)
Second Scroll: The Unicorn (September 2000)
Third Scroll: The Crane (November 2000)
Fourth Scroll: The Phoenix (March 2001)
Fifth Scroll: The Crab (June 2001)
Sixth Scroll: The Dragon (September 2001)
Seventh Scroll: The Lion (November 2001)

[h=2]The Four Winds Saga novels[/h]
Prelude: The Steel Throne (March 2002)
First Scroll: Wind of Honor (August 2002)
Second Scroll: Wind of War (December 2002)
Third Scroll: Wind of Justice (June 2003)
Fourth Scroll: Wind of Truth (December 2003)

[h=2]Miscellaneous novels[/h]
Empires 2: Dragonwall (August 1990)
Once Around the Realms (April 1995)

[h=2]Prepainted Miniatures[/h]
Dragoneye 15/60: Copper Samurai (January 2004)
Dragoneye 17/60: Drunken Master (January 2004)
Dragoneye 58/60: Red Samurai (January 2004)
Giants of Legend 8/72: Young Master (June 2004)
Aberrations 5/60: Dragon Samurai (October 2004)
Deathknell 6/60: Dwarf Samurai (March 2005)
Deathknell 17/60: Dragonblade Ninja (March 2005)
Underdark 3/60: Earth Shugenja (November 2005)
War Drums 15/60: Brass Samurai (March 2006)

[h=1]Magazine articles[/h]

[h=2]Dragon Magazine[/h]
Dragon 3, p25, Samurai (October 1976)
Dragon 13, p11, The Japanese Mythos (April 1978)
Dragon 16, p7, The Ultimate NPC: Ninja — The DM's Hit Man (July 1978)
Dragon 24, p8, Chinese Dragons (April 1979)
Dragon 26, p20, Chinese Undead (June 1979)
Dragon 30, p13, The New Improved Ninja (October 1979)
Dragon 31, p23, Armor of the Far East (November 1979)
Dragon 32, p6, Weapons of the Far East (December 1979)
Dragon 36, p14, Honorable Designer Speaks! Samurai (April 1980)
Dragon 36, p31, The Mongols: History, Weaponry, Tactics (April 1980)
Dragon 40, p44, Bazaar of the Bizarre: Oriental Magic Items (August 1980)
Dragon 49, p18, The Samurai: An Honorable NPC (May 1981)
Dragon 54, p16, The Righteous Robbers of Liang Shan P'o (October 1981)
Dragon 104, p20, Oriental Opens New Vistas (December 1985)
Dragon 110, p44, Dragon Damage Revisited (June 1986)
Dragon 118, p8, The Fighting Circle: Gladiatorial Combat in the AD&D Game (February 1987))
Dragon 119, p54, Henchmen and Hirelings (March 1987)
Dragon 119, p59, The Game Wizards: My Dinner with Elminster (March 1987)
Dragon 121, p16, "Whaddya mean, Jack the Samurai?" (May 1987)
Dragon 121, p20, Sage Advice (May 1987)
Dragon 121, p26, The Deadliest Perfume (May 1987)
Dragon 121, p32, The Life and Death of a Castle (May 1987)
Dragon 121, p38, The Geisya (May 1987)
Dragon 121, p42, The Genin (May 1987)
Dragon 121, p45, Sun Dragon Castle (May 1987)
Dragon 122, p18, A Step Beyond Shogun… (June 1987)
Dragon 122, p20, …And a Step Beyond That (June 1987)
Dragon 122, p42, Sage Advice (June 1987)
Dragon 122, p46, Marshalling the Martial Arts (June 1987)
Dragon 123, p42, Lords & Legends (July 1987)
Dragon 123, p60, Just Making Time (July 1987)
Dragon 124, p40, Kicks and Sticks (August 1987)
Dragon 126, p16, Hearts of Darkness (October 1987)
Dragon 126, p50, Bazar of the Bizarre: Treasures of the Orient (October 1987)
Dragon 127, p48, A Menagerie of Martial Arts (November 1987)
Dragon 129, p66, "Who's in Charge Here?" (January 1988)
Dragon 130, p16, Arcane Lore: Magic from East t West (February 1988)
Dragon 130, p65, The Oriental Sea (February 1988)
Dragon 133, p40, Wards Against Evil (May 1998)
Dragon 134, p72, Role-Playing Reviews (June 1988)
Dragon 136, p66, New Kicks in Martial Arts (August 1988)
Dragon 139, p58, Hand-to-Hand Against the Rules (November 1988)
Dragon 139, p66, Sage Advice (November 1988)
Dragon 140, p44, Roll On! Expanding Unearthed Arcana's Character-Generation Method V (December 1988)
Dragon 144, p6, Sage Advice (April 1989)
Dragon 145, p14, A Castle Here, A Castle There (May 1989)
Dragon 146, p80, Arrows of the East (June 1989)
Dragon 150, p8, Sage Advice (October 1989)
Dragon 151, p8, Sage Advice (November 1989)
Dragon 151, p15, The Ecology of the Kappa (November 1989)
Dragon 151, p19, Soldiers of the Law (November 1989)
Dragon 151, p23, Earn Those Heirlooms! (November 1989)
Dragon 151, p28, The Dragon's Bestiary: Wang-Liang (November 1989)
Dragon 151, p32, The Ecology of the Yuan-Ti (November 1989)
Dragon 157, p32, Where There Is One Sumotori… (May 1990)
Dragon 157, p33, …There's Bound To Be Another (May 1990)
Dragon 158, p18, A Spell of Conversation (June 1990)
Dragon 158, p24, That's Not in the Monstrous Compendium (June 1990)
Dragon 159, p74, Rhythm Warriors: Martial Arts Beyond Kara-Tur: The Battle Dancer (July 1990)
Dragon 161, p88, Sage Advice (September 1990)
Dragon 162, p32, Sage Advice (October 1990)
Dragon 164, p10, Flying Feet and Lightning Hands (December 1990)
Dragon 164, p14, Things Your Sensei Never Taught You (December 1990)
Dragon 164, p18, Bonds of Brotherhood (December 1990)
Dragon 164, p26, Born to Defend (December 1990)
Dragon 167, p77, Lords of the Warring States (March 1991)
Dragon 181, p30, Bazaar of the Bizarre (May 1992)
Dragon 189, p28, The Other Orientals (January 1993)
Dragon 195, p10, So, You Want to be a Samurai (July 1993)
Dragon 198, p83, Soul-Swords & Spirit-Slayers (October 1993)
Dragon 206, p22, Part Dragon, All Hero (June 1994)
Dragon 229, p55, Campaign Classics: The Wu-Jen (May 1996)
Dragon 232, p29, A Flurry of Swords (August 1996)
Dragon 239, p86, Sage Advice (September 1997)
Dragon 248, p80, Dragon-Kin (June 1998)
Dragon 255, p50, The Shadow Way: The Deadly Combination of Psionics and Ninjutsu (January 1999)
Dragon 266, p40, Humanimals (December 1999)
Dragon 289, p36, The History of the Ninja: Black-Clad Assassins (November 2001)
Dragon 289, p46, Three New Ninja Classes: Silent Warriors (November 2001)
Dragon 289, p60, Flying Leaps, Deadly Silks (November 2001)
Dragon 289, p66, Thunder and Fire: The World of the Kaiju (November 2001)
Dragon 289, p76, Playful Phoenix Fist Vs. Four Scholars Boxing (November 2001)
Dragon 289, p80, Class Combos: Oriental Adventures Class Combinations (November 2001)
Dragon 289, p126, PC Portraits (November 2001)
Dragon 292, p60, Cities of the Ages: Edo (February 2002)
Dragon 303, p54, The Iron Path: Martial Arts Styles for Fantasy Cultures (January 2003)
Dragon 308, p37, Dweomered Dragon Scales (June 2003)
Dragon 308, p62, Psychic Boxing: Psions of the Orient (June 2003)
Dragon 309, p38, The Art of D&D: Apply Sun Tzu's Strategies to Your Game (July 2003)
Dragon 309, p62, New Martial Arts Styles (July 2003)
Dragon 310, p33, Specialist Fighters: Variant Fighter Classes for Your Game (August 2003)
Dragon 310, p40, Variant Fist: New Monk Variants (August 2003)
Dragon 315, p60, Kara-Tur: Ancestor Feats and Martial Arts Styles (January 2004)
Dragon 318, p24, The Ninja: Masters of the Silent Shadow (April 2004)
Dragon 318, p32, Oriental Adventures Update: Eastern Flavor (April 2004)
Dragon 319, p68, Warriors of the Animal Fist (May 2004)
Dragon 323, p42, Samurai Vs. Knight: Who Would Win? (September 2004)
Dragon 326, p99, Class Acts: A Matter of Style (December 2004)
Dragon 330, p90, Class Acts: Monk Styles (April 2005)
Dragon 334, p89, Class Acts: Wordly Styles (August 2005)
Dragon 336, p103, Class Acts: Pressure Point Attacks (October 2005)
Dragon 337, p97, Class Acts: The Metered Style (November 2005)
Dragon 342, p84, Class Acts: The Art of Kuji-in (April 2006)
Dragon 351, p46, Cham Fau and the White Tiger Monastery (January 2007)
Dragon 351, p86, Class Acts: Historical Ninjas (January 2007)
Dragon 354, p86, Class Acts: Elements of Surprise (April 2007)
Dragon 404, The Seven Styles (October 2011)
Dragon 404, Class Acts: The Assassin - Secrets of the Ninja (October 2011)
Dragon 404, Class Acts: The Runepriest - Runepriests of Kara-Tur (October 2011)
Dragon 404, Character Themes: Fringes of Kara-Tur (October 2011)
Dragon 404, Character Themes: Samurai and Yakuza (October 2011)
Dragon 404, Monk Basics (October 2011)
Dragon 404, The Ecology of the Hengeyokai (October 2011)
Dragon 404, Unearthed Arcana: Honor System (October 2011)

[h=2]Dungeon Magazine[/h]
Dungeon 5, p28, The Kappa of Pachee Bridge (May 1987)
Dungeon 7, p37, Samurai Steel (September 1987)
Dungeon 8, p46, The Flowers of Flame (November 1987)
Dungeon 9, p35, The Golden Bowl of Ashu H'san (January 1988)
Dungeon 10, p9, The Artisan's Tomb (March 1988)
Dungeon 15, p24, The Dragon's Gift (January 1989)
Dungeon 17, p31, The Waiting Room of Yen-Wang-Yeh (May 1989)
Dungeon 18, p32, Crocodile Tears (July 1989)
Dungeon 27, p40, Bride for a Fox (January 1991)
Dungeon 33, p54, Mad Gyoji (January 1992)
Dungeon 89, p12, Honor and Eta (November 2001)
Dungeon 130, p32, The Palace of Plenty (January 2006)
Dungeon 195, The Five Deadly Shadows (October 2011)
Dungeon 195, Backdrop: Xiousing (October 2011)

[h=2]Polyhedron Newszine[/h]
Polyhedron 36, p32, The Critical Hit (July 1987)
Polyhedron 41, p9, Wedding Party (May 1988)
Polyhedron 43, p25, New Rogues Gallery: Hodgepodge (September 1988)
Polyhedron 51, p18, Do You Speak Togo? (January 1990)
Polyhedron 56, p18, Bookwyrms: Building Troy Denning's Dragonwall (November 1990)
Polyhedron 69, p7, Sea of Fire, Part 1: River of No Return (March 1992)
Polyhedron 70, p8, Sea of Fire, Part 2: The Sea of the Problem (April 1992)
Polyhedron 120, p23, A World of Your Own (June 1996)

[h=1]Electronic releases[/h]

[h=2]Web articles and downloads[/h]
Product Spotlight: James Wyatt (October 2001)
Oriental Adventures Art Gallery (October 2001)
Mahasarpa Campaign: A Campaign Option Web Enhancement for Oriental Adventures (October 2001)
Oriental Adventures character sheet (PDF, March 2002)
Epic Insights - Oriental Adventures Core Classes (August 2002)
Oriental Adventures errata (Zip file, October 2002)
Bards of the Orient (June 2003)
Random Encounters: The Legacy of Aramitama Yurei (October 2003)
Class Chronicles: Eastern Classes (September 2007)
Converting Your Character, Part 9: Oriental Adventures (August 2008)


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