Our final session tonight...


Well, that was fun
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This evening we will finish playing through WotBS. Two years, and tonight the heroes will confront Leska.

It's a bit weird knowing this campaign is coming to an end. I want to take a short break from DMing, so we won't be delving into ZEITGEIST immediately; we'll spend some time playing around with other stuff.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Well... we failed to finish the fight! It took longer than expected to descend the chasm and reach Leska, and those blue crystal things are proving quite resilient!


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Oof. Ending mid-combat for the finale? Tough. When are you picking back up?

Or did rocks fall, and everyone died?

Next Thursday evening.

It is a seriously underpowered party, though. It was always leader-heavy and striker-light, which meant it put out little damage but stayed up for ever - result being lots of really long combats. We've lost a number of players since we started, so it's in worse shape than it began in, with a couple of new people with very un-optimized characters.

I do try to to fudge things to compensate - not always successfully. But it's a tricky party to balance encounters against on the fly.


Ragged idiot in a trilby.
Come on Russ. Nobody's reported being killed by Leska yet. Who would blame you?

(I'm one of the players)

She started reading a book mid-fight as an expression of her contempt, and she's an easy 3 rounds and 2-3 walls of fire away from me.

Also, *how* much regen?? It's now 8 hours later and I'm still freaked out by her!

Razzin' frazzin' cauchemar summoning sassephrazz...

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