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OUT OF THE ABYSS Has Derro - Check Them Out!

WotC has sent along a Derro-themed package today. This is a page from Out of the Abyss (the upcoming adventure, September 15th), plus an additional piece of Derro-tastic art. Derro, as you may know, first showed up in 1982's The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. Degenerate dwarves, they are evil and sneaky, and often feature powerful magic-wielding savants in their midst. Not only that, though - this page also shows an index of all the new NPCs and monsters in the adventure, sorted by Challenge Rating!

For my previous coverage of Out of the Abyss, including lots of other previews, click right here!



Russ Morrissey



I think it is just new monsters and NPCs, no existing MM creatures are on the list. And we might not get Demon Lord stats. I mean, maybe, I dunno, I never thought PCs were supposed to fight them but maybe so.


That hooked spear is terrible.
Just using the trip action promises more success...
if it was a finesse weapon it would make remote sense...

Of course you can use it against larger than large creatures... but chance of success is still low.
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That hooked spear is terrible.
Just using the trip action promises more success...
if it was a finesse weapon it would make remote sense...

Of course you can use it against larger than large creatures... but chance of success is still low.
Not a spear, it is a very crooked staff is all.

Looks good. Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth was the first published adventure I can remember playing in, so I've always had a soft spot for the derro.


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Yes, they're adding the evil vampire manta ray clerics.

Also there was a preview of a mongrelfolk entry done up in the MM fluff style. I'd been worried that it would be appearing here instead of in a dedicated monster book, but it seems to be absent from the list. Perhaps we can hold out hope for a fiend folio or MM2?

Weird Dave

Derro can be a lot of fun. Crazy Underdark-dwelling dwarves? With repeating crossbows and hooked shortspears? I can't wait to see what kind of fun stuff they get up to in the adventure!

Are these all the new creatures in the adventure? We're not getting stats for the demon lords?
They've already showcased Zuggotmoy (sic) (see second post above from top for link) so we know we're getting her stat block for sure. Based on prior conversations I think it's safe to assume we'll see at least four demon lords statted in the book.


DC 9 strength saving throw to resist being tripped? I mean, I know that's 8+prof+STR, but that's really lame. Your average Wizard will make that 3 out of 4 tries. I'd have to let one Derro 'help action' another to add 5 to that DC, or maybe use DEX to make it a 12. Or both.


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I think it's also possible that the book is separated into sub-adventures with level ranges, and this is an appendix only for the first low-level sub-adventure. I admit, having a bunch of appendixes strewn throughout would be a weird decision, but I guess it's possible.

As others have mentioned, I assume the demon lords will either be included in their own appendix, or inline with the parts of the adventure where they are encountered.


Steeliest of the dragons
I would definitely allow the derro to make Help actions to each other. I also disagree with the "hooked spear/trip" thing. I want the Lost Caverns hooked...clubs I guess with spikes on them...that ARE thrown weapons, with the tethers attached, so they can attack, at range...I would say getting hit requires the save or you loos an attack/use of one arm, maybe...hit by 2 or more you are restrained? 3+ you are incapacitated. Or vice versa...something like that. So, I'll be changing those.

BUT, the BIG thing I notice...anyone else see the entry on the table that says "Duergar SOULBLADE"??!!!

I, personally, hate that particular type, but the larger/broader implication of "Looks like we're gonna be getting some option(s?) to implement psychic powers aside from "Psionic Magic" makes me very happy.

P-sionics! P! P-SIONICS!

And Ix...tax..ilssplat...Mr. Mantselplix [you know what I mean!] make me happy too. ;)

PS: The image is of a Derro "savant", their magic-users. So yes he's carrying a staff. That isn't supposed to be one of their hooked spears.


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While I don't like the idea of having appendices spread throughout the book (makes stuff harder to find in a pinch, particularly since we are confined to physical books), I do hope there are more monsters & stat blocks than are mentioned here. Where is my awakened gelatinous cube NPC?!

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