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Pathfinder 2's New Alchemist Class Previewed!

Following up on the fighter and the rogue, Paizo has posted a preview of Pathfinder 2nd Edition's Alchemist class!

Following up on the fighter and the rogue, Paizo has posted a preview of Pathfinder 2nd Edition's Alchemist class!


By Wayne Reynolds

  • Alchemist Class Preview --
    • Alchemist and oracle are the most popular character classes.
    • Alchemist features --
      • Alchemical Crafter (it's Crafting skill feat, but the alchemist gets it for free)
      • Four bonus formula (plus the four from the Alchemical Crafter feat) + 2 each level.
      • Quick alchemy action.
      • Spend resonance to create alchemical objects on the fly.
      • Empower Bomb (3rd level) -- multiples bomb damage. Multiplier increases with level to 6x at 19th level.
      • Mutagens (5th level).
      • Craft free poisons each day; can also heal and disable traps.
    • Class Feats --
      • Efficient Alchemy (4th level) -- create more items during downtime.
      • Enduring Alchemy (4th level) -- improves Quick Alchemy by making items last longer.
      • Calculated Splash (4th level) -- Int mod smash damage rather than 1 splash damage.
      • Powerful Alchemy (6th level) -- increase effect DC of items.
      • Precise Bomb (6th level) -- hit enemies only with splash damage.
      • Debilitating Bomb (6th level) -- inflict conditions; has greater versions a 10th and 14th level.
      • Feral Mutagen (8th level) -- gives teeth and claws, boosting Intimidate checks.
      • Stalker Mutagen (10th level) -- enhances stealth, allow movement at full speed.
      • Improbable Elixirs (18th level) -- create potions.
      • Perfect Mutagen (18th level) -- ignore mutagen drawbacks.
  • There's also an interview about the Alchemist with Paizo's Stephen Radney-McFarland over at TechRaptor.

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First Post
Seems pretty clear they’re not frontloading the classes so much anymore. We’ve seen this now with several different class blogs with class feats pushed back to later levels then their equivalents in PF1. This should give more of a distinction to non caster classes in different tiers of play since gone will be “get all class features by level 2/3 and then just increase numbers on them”. Good idea anyway, I just hope they make them powerful enough to offset non frontloading non caster abilities. The magic weapon changes and iterative attacks on level one do help with that I guess now that I think.

Edit: Also seems one level multi class dips are much weaker. Many people would dip alchemist one for mutagen and free stats. This obviously won’t be possible anymore.
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Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
The most interesting tidbit to me in there was that Alchemists use Intelligence instead of Charisma for their Resomance. So for folks who were worried about the charming fighter being able to use more magic items than the cumudgeonly wizard, this opens the possibility of that not being the case. I wonder how many classes will use non-Charisma Abilities for Resonance.

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