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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...

Generating a thread to see if folks here at EN World have an interest in a Music League. What's that you say? Glad you asked and here is the site page with the deets. All you need is a Spotify account (free and un-subbed is just fine) to make your submissions.

The skinny is each week (or determined time frame) a question will be posed to the league.

Stage 1 you pick the song you think best answers that inquiry within the time limit. Could be anything from Best soundtrack single or best song released year you were born, etc.. You can write a little submission for your selection, or not.

Stage 2 is the voting. Once all submissions are in, or the submission time frame expires, a randomly ordered Spotify playlist populates. You will have a certain amount of points you can distribute amongst the submissions (excluding your own). Best answers the inquiry? Made you chuckle? Made you mad? The criteria is up to you on how you vote and comment (or not).

Stage 3 is the voting reveal. Here you will be able to see who submitted, read each submission commentary (if any), and all voting commentary (if any).

Stage 4 rinse and repeat until season complete.

A season is a determined amount of rounds. Once complete, the votes are tallied and the list of savviest music heads remains. Bragging rights and pride are on the line folks. On. The. Line.

I'll start by gauging interest in the league and see if it is even viable. Folks can PM me for a league invite. Feel free to comment here on what you think are good round ideas, length of seasons, etc..


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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
Best song from year you were born is always a fun round. I am thinking for this league a good twist might be best song from the year you joined EN World!

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