PC concepts I'd love to play...

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Someone got fed up with being talked down to? By two players? Imagine that...

And he ruined the game?

Yes. Our characters were played comedically, not straight, and we made that clear from the start. No one else had a problem with us, and we didn't even talk down to his character much, after he threatened to brutally murder us near the beginning of the one shot if we didn't "leave [him] the :):):):) alone." Ultimately it wasn't even the disrespect towards other PCs and NPCs that got him angry so much as the in game time we wasted on what would be considered trivial crap, like deciding on what kind of wine to celebrate our latest victory with. In his case, he even went on some political rant, talking about how he'd gone to school with some rich well to do kids and he couldn't stand them and so on. The DM even told him, "I think you're taking this too seriously" at one point.

Finally, in my defense, I was a Bard / Aristocrat, so any amount of annoyance I added to the game was countebalanced by my boosting of the party and being the only healer other than said angry player (dwarf cleric). :p


I've always pictured barbarian elves as being similar to native american warriors, war paint and all. I think it's quite a cool concept, either way. :)

Yeah, I picture Wood Elves in general to be the fantasy version of Native Americans, mostly cause of their flavor in Warhammer Fantasy. I always preferred Wood Elf to High Elf as the default style of elf, too.


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A character who's a dead spot for magic - he can't cast spells, magical effects can't affect him, any magic item he uses is treated as mundane. Enemy spells and arcane abilities would be useless against him, but he also can't use magic to heal himself or enhance his combat abilities, etc.
You want to play Bink from The Source of Magic? Well, at least I'm not the only Piers Anthony fan. :lol:

Lord Xtheth

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1) Tandem PCs.

I once played in a group of Identical twins with the rest of the other players... we kinda surprised the DM seeing as how we came up with the idea while he was in the can before the game.
Our names were

That was a totaly fun campaign!

The Green Adam

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So you should game with me...


Most of the characters you are all describing sound awesome and I've had similar ones in my games over the years. The following PC concepts have been seen in my campaigns at one point or another...

Dungeons & Dragons
Talking animals, Cannibal Kobold/Hybrid Wizard Experiment thing (He's a cannibal but doesn't eat Humans - only Kobolds, Goblins, etc. Things like him basically), Displacer Beast/Elf/Hybrid Wizard Experiment thing, Horse Sized Dragon, Sentient Golem/Medieval Android (long before Warforged and much more Human looking), Twins where one was Human and the other an Elf (Older Brother is a Half-Elf), Android from a SF/Hi Tech Future World crashed and believes he is an Elf trapped in cursed armor, Many other strange creatures including Centaurs, Faerie, Cat People, Wolf People, Chaos Cursed Beings and more.

Star Wars
Assassin Droid with a damaged memory core (Can't recall target), Primitive Sand Person who thinks some of the other PCs are gods, Kowakian Lizard Monkey and more.

Star Trek
Mostly weird not-exactly-Star Trekish-aliens and a Half Human/Half-Vulcan Doctor raised on Earth (Why is that Vulcan...smiling? Sorry, bad habit).

Really is any idea too weird in a genre that puts a wizard like Doctor Fate fighting side by side with a Russian military officer in hi-tech powered armor (Rocket Red)?


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