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1) Tandem PCs. I've played one half of a set of identical twins with another player and had a blast. I'd love to try out playing one of a group of siblings of mixed ethnicity, the more mixed the better. Sure, one could play a Human and Half-Orc or Human and Half-Elf, but I want to play one in a tandem of a Half-Orc and Half-Elf siblings. Ideally, I'd probably enjoy messing with gender and class roles to boot-possibly tossing in a Fullmetal Alchemist vibe...think F 1/2-O Sorceress or Artificer with her younger 1/2-E bro Warrior.

This is a really cool idea. Actually, it would be fun to play a whole party of siblings but of different races- perhaps the chldren and relatives of an eccentric mage (now dead) who really played around in his lifetime. A half-elf, a half-orc, a warforged (perhaps a relative that was a bit accident prone and got his life essence transferred like Full Metal Alchemist), human, and/or planetouched/half-outsider of various sorts, all offspring of the mage. Very unlikely, but would be fun.

Some of my ideas (some of these might work better as villains):

1. a misguised Eberron Elven necromancer that thought the Elven people had been dominated by the Undying Court for too long and uses necromancy to try to get the living out from the heels of the dead.

2. a naive elven cleric of the Undying Court: a bit misguised here again, thinking that because all of the various Deathless creation spells have the Good descriptor, it is best to create as many soldiers for good as possible.

3. Human Rogue/Ftr: A nondescript, husky and nerdish appearing man, complete with spetacles and dressed like a bureaucrat or merchant, but really a superb detective/investigator/bounty hunter. Because of his unassuming appearance and mundane demeanor, he can pass relatively unnoticed in most situations. High ranks in Search, social and perception skills, and stealth.

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Concepts i've played but never seem to get old:
1) Kinky Druid, who sees wildshaping, a thousand faces, and timeless body (and the shapechange spell, if not banned) for their "adult" uses. Also, tends to give off a bondage feel with heavy use of spells like Kelpstrand, Entangling Staff, Entangle, etc... I just love these guys (well, I usually play them as females)! Either the other players love it and go along, or get really creeped out, which is fun too. Last one of this type I had was a VoP human, who loved and married another PC. She was very monogamous and downright shy around others and...totally not shy with him. ^_^
I've yet to go full out dendrophiliac/phytophiliac like I've always wanted to. The druid "who loves the trees a tad bit too much."
2)Playing a character that mounts or is the mount of another character. ...No, not like that! I don't know why, but it's always such fun synergy. Whether it was the game where I was a Knight mounted on a centaur, both with lances; or the game where the I was a TWF Ranger and the other player's reduced kobold "dragon" would ride on me to get good breath weapon angles and save me from dying with wings of cover; I just love it.
3) Flamboyant and flashy, possibly-gay-but-no one-can-tell-for-sure nobleman/dandy, who uses the DMG hireling rules to always have servants and attendants. The kind of guy who stops mid batle to enjoy a glass of wine and reflect on the day. The kind of guy who looks down on everyone not also a noble and speaks eloquently but with very painful barbs. Like thanking the cleric for healing by saying, "Ah, how pleasing it must be for someone of your stock, to have the honor of saving the life of one such as I!" Last time I did this with my friend (who also played one of this type; the two were "dear friends" and had exchanged rose brooches as symbols of their ties), most people enjoyed it, but one player got VERY pissed off, ruining the game. So I have to be careful what group I try this in.

Cocepts I'd like to play some day for the first time:
1) Blind monk or swordsman. Originally, I wanted to make it like a template: no sight; free blindfight feat and hightened listen with eventual gaining of tremorsense or something. Now with MIC, I suppose I could just go blind for no counter benefit and pay 9k on a blindfold. *shrug*
2) This would require a whole new class. A sort of anti-druid, but not in the typical sense. A builder class like artificer that specializes in despoiling nature and paving it over with "civilization." It'd get urban-based spells instead of nature, and instead of an animal companion, you'd get a construct. Mine would be a bulldozer named "Progress."
3) A warchanter. But specifically, as part of an all-bard group, where we each cover a different role. Hence, one goes Sublime Chord, another Fochlurian Lyricist, etc... We all take Leadership and play a different instrument. As the Warchanter, I would probably be the guy shouting random angry things in German over the music. We're a band, and our cohorts are our roadies, the followers our most devoted fans. Together, and with some lyres of building, we're an unstoppable army, out to conquer the world with music (and violence).
4) A gestalt Ninja/Pirate. Just cause.
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I always liked playing reworked superheroes in fantasy games, so I forked a thread from another one dealing with just that.

However, it was a 4Ed thread, and the forked thread wound up in the 4Ed forum.

Since I don't care for 4Ed, my builds were all 3.X and seem to be keeping people away from the thread in droves, even though I explicitly welcomed 4Ed contributions.

So...here's a link:


I haven't played many of the ones posted in that thread, though I have played a Cap build (as mentioned in the thread from which mine was forked).
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Flamboyant and flashy, possibly-gay-but-no one-can-tell-for-sure nobleman/dandy
I did this, and recommend against it. I played a CN half-elf bard (100% foppish dandy) who enjoyed silk cloaks and shouting, "I'm the Crimson BLAAAADE!!!" at every opportunity. I found out later that the rest of the party (including the VoP LG wizard) were plotting my death.

I got a bad draw on a Deck of Many Things and wound up getting stuck with a new LG alignment. A rough transcript of the event follows:

ME: "My gods... what am I wearing???"
GROUP: "Crimson Blade, you ok?"
ME: "What? What are you calling me that for? My name is Douglas!"
GROUP: "Wait... does this mean you're straight, now?"
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D'ya mean like Dragon Half's Dick Saucer at the Brutal Killer Martial Arts Tournament?
No idea what that is, actually. I didn't think I would be the only one with the idea though...

I always liked playing reworked superheroes in fantasy games...
I've had Captain America, Cable, and someone I didn't recognize (wizard with a golden monkey). I have a player planning to play the Green Lantern as well.

The kind of guy who looks down on everyone not also a noble and speaks eloquently but with very painful barbs. Like thanking the cleric for healing by saying, "Ah, how pleasing it must be for someone of your stock, to have the honor of saving the life of one such as I!" Last time I did this with my friend (who also played one of this type; the two were "dear friends" and had exchanged rose brooches as symbols of their ties), most people enjoyed it, but one player got VERY pissed off, ruining the game.
Someone got fed up with being talked down to? By two players? Imagine that...

And he ruined the game?
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A kobold rogue/paladin.

Hear me out.

This little guy was a specialist in his nest. A sniper, a sneaky little bastard, like any other kobold. And then the Accident. He was caught in a cave-in, or some other situation, and he received a Vision from Bahamut (but of course, it could just be a bonk on the head), and somehow he survived. The kobold interpreted this sign that kobolds were actually spawned from Metallics, meant to be the Hands of Bahamut, and his people had been corrupted by the chromatics lies.

So he becomes a paladin. But focuses on ranged weapons. And becomes a sort of holy sniper - using subdual arrows, sleep poison, etc, to take out guards and other non-evil guardians. All about sneaking past the henchmen to get to the "Evil Head Man" to take him out.

His ultimate goal is to convert kobolds, and build himself a nest devoted to Bahamut.

Another concept I would enjoy would be an Aasimar, but using the 4e notion of angels more. A person of Raw Will, utterly devoted to their cause. The "Yeild, move out of my way or I will pave my path with your bones" uncrushable personality.


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An awakened monkey mage. I like the idea of a master of the arcane arts being something you wouldn’t expect. Sadly, I’ve never played in a campaign where the character would be appropriate.

We had one of those in 1e. In Dungeonland the Red King cast Alter Reality on our mage, turning him into a monkey and taking him out of the fight. Afterwards we used our scroll of Limited Wish to give him back his M-U abilities (DM ruled we couldn't undo the AR, since the LW was lower level than the Rred King). So we had spider monkey blaster mage that lived in the pockets of the Vest of Holding.



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Instead of an awakened animal mage, one of the NPCs in a current campaign is a Raven familiar to a high-level wizard who is currently 'elsewhere' (Imprisoned, actually). The familiar retains most of his familiar abilities, including the power of speech, as well as a Ring of Invisibility that his master gave him, and runs a local spy organization among the beggars and low-lives of the city as a 'voice from the shadows.' He's managed to pick up three levels of wizard, from the leftover books he stole from his master's tower before it got pillaged.

I've also played 'twins,' once in a science-fiction game (a character and his clone) and once in a vampire game (a vampire who had made his twin brother a ghoul to handle his daytime affairs). I wouldn't mind trying out a pair of Thunder Twin dwarves in the Forgotten Realms setting, but never got around to it.

Love, love, love to play monster PCs. We've had party members who where Wemics, Giff, Krynnish Minotaurs, Ogres, Ogre Magi, Thri-Kreen (with a Halfling riding on it's back, throwing weapons), a half-Ogre Mage (using the Ogrima, from Al-Qadim, as a base) and a Gnomish Giant Space WereHamster...

While we never got around to it, a Council of Wyrms-style game could be totally cool, with each of the players running a dragon, in the style of a birthright lord or vampire elder.


I just remembered a Mutants and Masterminds character that's almost to silly and high-concept even for me:

Yoko Sokko and her Giant Robot Performance Artist (named Fluxus). She was an angry young Japanese art school student who's senior thesis was an enormous piece of "conceptual sculpture" that was also a robot with a powerful confusion attack based on the way it looked.

Basically, she was Yoko Ono + Johnny Sokko.

[edit] And her nemesis was an evil composer who could trap people in empty cages made from solidified sound waves. His name? John Cage... (shame, I don't has it).
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