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I have an old thread here where I was developing my Dwarven Lumberjack character and his clan of dwarves whom work related tree industries (lumber, carpentry, charcoal, wheelwrights, etc). Named him Paul Grunyon (Ranger/Fighter axe specialist) with his Rothe (Ox) animal companion, Babe. Complete with flannel, beard shaved down to scruff, and Canadian accent.

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A kobold with delusions of granduer who truly believes himself to be the descendant of a great and mighty dragon (and heir to the dragon's empire).

An awakened monkey mage. I like the idea of a master of the arcane arts being something you wouldn’t expect. Sadly, I’ve never played in a campaign where the character would be appropriate.


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I've always wanted to play a child prodigy -- y'know, the 8-year-old human archmage?

All the power of an archmage at his fingertips, but the emotional maturity and innocence of a child.

I think the dichotomy would be quite fun.

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I've always wanted to be part of a group of wizards with one from each school of magic. Even if the specialists aren't mechanically balanced, I like the concept.

Speaking of tandem characters, once my friend and I tried to get our GM to let us create a two-headed alien race for a Star Wars game we were going to start up. Unfortunately he didn't go for it but I think it would have made for some very interesting situations.

Even though I'm not a fan of Paladins, I'd like to play a Paladin with a terrible bedside manner. Sort of like the doctor from Deadwood. He was (more or less) a good person but was an abrasive, ill-tempered guy.

And for a lighthearted one-shot, a character who is completely starstruck by another character. At our local store during a Free RPG Day dungeoncrawl my friend and I joked about it but shelved it for later since we were already mostly through the session already.


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I once minmaxed a 3e character to have huge spot, listen, and hide checks with as many different types of Hide in Plain Sight as possible, huge run speeds, darkvision, high initiative, and tracking skills (including scent). The perfect scout. Someone with the eyes and ears to hear or see anything and the speed to get out of the way before danger comes near.

I haven't yet found a campaign with a DM amenable to a character based on the concept of invisibly avoiding combat. I don't blame them, it would probably be a severe pain to prep for, or a severe pain for me to play as none of my abilities come into play.


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1) Tandem PCs. I've played one half of a set of identical twins with another player and had a blast. I'd love to try out playing one of a group of siblings of mixed ethnicity, the more mixed the better. Sure, one could play a Human and Half-Orc or Human and Half-Elf, but I want to play one in a tandem of a Half-Orc and Half-Elf siblings. Ideally, I'd probably enjoy messing with gender and class roles to boot-possibly tossing in a Fullmetal Alchemist vibe...think F 1/2-O Sorceress or Artificer with her younger 1/2-E bro Warrior.

Once played in a game were I was and elf (CG), my brother was an half-elf(NG) and his other brother was human(LN). The half-elf was the Youngest and we both wanted to look after him in our own way. The Half-Elfs player had to move away, so his character died in an adventure. After that, his two other brothers blamed themselves for his death and began treating each other as brothers.

Same game, my Elf Wizard/Ranger/Arcane Archer ended up in a relationship with another PCs Human Cleric of Kord. It was quite funny actually. Unfortunately the game didn't last long other wise we probably would have gone for kids.

Teifling Wizard - Play up how mean and evil I am, and yet have a heart of gold! I know cliché, but fun.

Human Paladin of Kord - Beer drinking, roughen, looking for good fights to test himself against.
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I've always wanted to play a Techpriest of Gond, but either I was the one running FR, or the game wasn't suited for a character interested in crafting stuff. I did get to play a dwarven cleric who focused on Weapon and Armour smithing, and made some pretty cool stuff, but unfortunatly he died.


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Well, it's not D&D, but...

I always wanted to play a mech pilot with a maxed-out music skill and a mech-sized vibro-axe key-tar. The missile pods on the shoulders hold the rest of the band and some cage dancers.

I've asked my DM if I could do this 3 sci-fi campaigns in a row, and each time he says, "maybe next time." Basically I'm anticipating the inevitably-coming monty-haul-ization of what will start out as a serious campaign.

*crossing my fingers for the next campaign*


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Sometimes I think it would be really interesting to play as part of a married couple adventuring together. It would be a very different dynamic. Sometimes I think that D&D character backgrounds get too fantastical; bringing in some more real-life elements would make them more interesting.

I've had the same idea, but expanded it to include a child as well. The couple used to adventure, but retired and had kids. The oldest has now grown into a budding warrior/rogue/wizard and their peaceful village is now in danger. They have to break out the old adventuring gear to save their livelihoods. Ideally the child would be a two levels or so below the parents to increase the need for the parents' protection. The child should, of course, be a rebellious teenager, constantly testing the limits and making the parents sick with worry.

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