Perfect edition update (kinda + thread)


The page space is better spent on interesting classes if we're building the perfect edition.

Maybe with useful discussion and tips on playing and building characters instead of making bad 'starter' content.

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1. Make equipment choice matter
2. When costing a limited resource such as feats make combat and non combat options be purchased with separate pools.
3. Add to non caster classes at the same rate through the edition as caster classes. eg Not book after book with spells but nothing for non casters.
4. Do not treat Fighter design like nerd revenge on jocks.
5. Tilt more to upcoming generations with design philosophy do not be held hostage by grognards.
6. For once and for all put spellcaster supremacy to bed.

1. Organize the books (in particular the DMG) with an eye towards making it easier for new player, DMs, and groups as a whole to pick up the game, avoid pitfalls (particularly those that might make someone quit before they really experience the game as it will play out once they have learned the ropes), and get a foundational basis into modes of play the system supports.
2. Include sidebars discussing the reasons for specific rules, what purposes they serve, and how they can be modified (including potentially otherwise unforeseen consequences of doing so) to achieve specific ends.
3. Include (and focus on) generalized task resolution -- physical, social, mental, combat, non-combat, long- and short-term. Give examples, but make clear that these should be extrapolated outside the set boundaries. Special focus on the things most often resolved in D&D with a spell cast, or actively boring when performed in current 5e (especially by those most likely to be engaged in such actions, such as someone playing a ranger with wilderness activity).

Greg K

  1. PHB
    1. Coverer levels 1-10 or 1-12 with higher levels covered in a separate book
    2. Races
      1. add Tasha's race customization as a sidebar in the PHB
      2. Decouple biologicall aspects of race from non-biological
        1. Choose ace (or whatever they call it is one choice)
        2. Choose an environment from Aquatic (underwater), Coast, Desert, Forest, Grasslands, Hills, Jungle/Rain Forest, Mountains, Tundra, Wetlands, Underground
        3. Chosse a culture: Hunter/Gatherer, Nomadic (foot), Nomadic (river), Horticulture, Agrarian, Urban*
        4. Special: Mageocracy, Martial, Monarchy, Monastic, Theocracy, Street
      3. Remove alignment from most races
      4. rereintroduce 3e Night Vision and Dark Vision split
    3. Classes
      1. add class variants at first level: Martial Bard, Urban Barbarian, Cloistered Cleric, LIght Armor Fighter, Iron Body Monk, Urban Ranger, Wilderness Rogue. These would have variant class features at first level (including modified skill list and save proficiencies) and possibly at some additional levels
      2. Bararian
        1. Replace Berserker exhaustion with a new less serious fatigued or winded condition
      3. Bard
        1. Keep full caster
        2. add a College of Cantor (divine), a folklore college (either Brother's Grimm or Disney Princess), College of Troubador (Roguish 1/2 caster), College of the Sea (Ariel, Sea Shanty Bard, etc.)
        3. make College of Valor a half-caster
      4. Cleric:
        1. Move to a Warlock chasis. So
          1. At first level choose between Monastic/Cloistered, Mendicant/Beggar, Itinnerant/circuit, Templar/Martial Priest that determines armor and weapon proficiences instead of tying armor and weapons to domain.
          2. Choose Domain or Deity
        2. smaller shared Cleric base spell list: e.g., Bless, Bestow Cure, Remove Curse, communicating with deity (Augury, Divination), Planar Ally
      5. Fighter:
        1. add the new Fightting options from Tasha's
        2. more Fighter Subclasses
          1. subclasses: Archer, Bodyguard, Brawler/ Pugilist, Commander/Strategist, Corsair/Pirate, Duelist/Fencer, Gallant, Gladiator, Hoplite, Horse Archer, Lancer, Kensei, Musketeer, Swashbuckler, Templar (Divine version of Eldritch Knight).
            1. get tailored selection of Battlemaster type maneuvers + tailored subclass abilities
      6. Monk
        1. add some maneuvers choices to differentiate fighting styles
        2. add more ki options and choices
        3. somethings that require ki should not.
        4. maybe introduce ki dice mechanic.
      7. Ranger:
        1. I would change the Ranger to a non mystical/ non-spell casting class similar to AgenderArcee's Martial Ranger with spellcasting Ranger as a subclass.
      8. Rogue
        1. add subclasses: Acrobatr, Charlatn/Swindler, Mastermind, Scout
      9. Sorcerer:
        1. add expanded spell lists for all Origins
        2. add more Origins: Arcane Bloodline Fey Bloodline
      10. Warlock
        1. Fiend Patrons: Each Arch-Devil and Demon Prince as a patron
        2. Fey Patrons: Titania, Oberon, etc as individual patrons
        3. Great Old Ones: Cthulu entities (Cthulhu, Hastur, etc.) as patrons.
      11. Spellcasters:
        1. Dial back full casters to be balanced with battlemaster fighter. I think it was Treantmonk and/or Dungeon Coach that mentioned the need to dial back spellcaster power and I agree (I wanted this back when the Next playtest was announced).
        2. Smaller shared base list for each base class
      12. New Classes
        1. Alchemist as its own class distinct from Artificer
        2. Arcane Warrior: Arcane counterpart to Paladin and Ranger
        3. Scholar: non-magical base class but may have a 1/2 caster subclass.
        4. Shaman: on a warlock like chasis.
        5. Warlord
        6. Witch
    4. No Prestige classes, Paragon Paths or Epic Destinies in base rules (can be options in DMG)
    5. Feats:
      1. Keep optional
      2. Revise some feats
    6. Equipment
      1. add some armor and weapon properties to further differentiate
    7. Combat
      1. Critical Hits: the base damage die is maximum and bonus die from crit is rolled
    8. Spells
      1. Rebalance/ Revise various spells for balance
    9. Conditions:
      1. add some new conditions: e.g. Bleeding, Dazed, Fatigued, Shaken, Staggered, Swallowed, Weakened Abilities, Winded (or move these to DMs Guide as options to keep simple for beginners)
  2. DMG
    1. add a skill point variant in the DMG
    2. add armor as DR variant, wound/vitality point, and glancing blow as variants in the DMG
    3. touch ac, flat-footed
    4. revised Death Save to eliminate wack a mole healing.
    5. add expanded downtime rules from supplements
    6. dials for resting
    7. dials for exhaustion
    8. dials for petrification
    9. dials for Death Saves
    10. add the sidekick rules
    11. optional Travel mechanics
    12. actual guidelines for running low magic and low fantasy: Class/subclass selections, spells to include/exclude, and other options

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