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PH2- The Darque Portal (B4cchus judging)


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
OOC: The portal does not look any more open or dangerous than any other time you've seen it. If it was open, one or both of you could go right through it and if its not open then you'll both just bounce off harmlessly. I'll let you decide if you want to revise your action or not, Stonegod.
OOC: So its not a giant blur of dangerous-looking proto-open-portal? Bummer. Not like my Str checked looked great anyway. Xir will just attack then a miss with that 8 I rolled above.

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First Post
Periwinkle flourishes her wand dramatically, and the familiar blue sparkly glow appears at its tip. She hesitates before applying the wand, however, seeing Xir in need as well. Impulsively she turns and hustles toward Xir, still holding the charge.

[sblock=ooc]Crap, I thought I'd already posted for this round. Sorry! Periwinkle casts CLW from the wand but holds the charge. She moves her full speed toward Xir. Intent is to get two charges into him next round.[/sblock]


First Post
-Peladus casts again, but misses his target.

-Xir slashes again at the druid, but his arm is tiring and he can't bypass the druid's defenses.

-Periwinkle charges the wand in her hand and moves towards Xir, but doesn't get to him yet.

-Kona'i strikes twice more at the wolf before him, hitting it once and bringing the beast down. It quickly dissolves into smoke as its summoning ends along with its life. Kona'i moves towards the portal to help Xir finish the druid if possible.

-Balthazar growls in defiance but his blow seems weak as well, clanging off of Xir's armor without much force.

-Dair and the Hunter continue to hold off the horde of goblinoids at the corner.

-Peladus, Xir, and Periwinkle again...[sblock=Init/Status/Map]19- Balthazar (-26 hp)
19- Wolf 3 (-25 hp, dead)
17- Kona'i (1/10 hp)
16- Peladus (8/11 hp)
12- Xir (10/31 hp)
10- Periwinkle (11/11 hp, +4 AC from total defense)
Kona'i flurry of blows at W3. (1d20+3+1=13, 1d6+3=4, 1d20+3+1=16, 1d6+3=9)
Balthazar staff attack at Xir AC21. (1d20+5+1=9, 2d6+3=9)


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First Post
Down to his last spell, Peladus hesitates for just a moment, then chuckles to himself.

"Won't do me much good against the goblin hordes," he thinks.

His fingers move through the practised motions and a blue-white beam of glistening frost lances towards the druid. Grunting in satisfaction as it hits home, he proceeds to reload his crossbow.

[sblock=OOC]Ray of Frost against Balthazar (all relevant modifiers included): (1d20+3+1+1-4=20, 1d3+1=4)[/sblock][sblock=Today’s Spells]Spells per day: 4/3

Acid Splash
Acid Splash
Ray of Frost
Ray of Frost

Level 1:
Color Spray
Magic Missile
Magic Missile[/sblock]


First Post
Periwinkle pats Xir approvingly on the shoulder as she comes up behind him. "Well struck! We've got him on the run no, mister no-good meany-pants!" To punctuate her eloquent dismissal, she taps Xir with the wand again. It sputters and fizzes, nearly spent, but emits healing energy one more time.

[sblock=ooc]Move behind Xir in D4. Touch him, discharging the held charge of CLW. Cast CLW from the wand again. 2 charges heals 10. The wand has one charge remaining.


First Post
Peladus hits Balthazar right in the chest with his ray of frost, leaving a frozen over spot that Xir plunges his mindblade into the center of. The druids eyes go wide in shock as he drops his staff to the floor. Mouthing something inaudible as blood runs out of his mouth, Balthazar finally falls lifeless to the ground in front of Xir.

The battle at the far end of the corridor escalates for a moment as there is more shouting and confusion. This quickly changes to shouts of triumph and congratulations though as the people of Haven come into view led by their Captain.

"And now, I can finish this properly instead of stalling further..."
Alahastor says from beside the gate.

OOC: More complete wrap-up coming as soon as possible. Probably a day or two though as I need to get everything together and typed up.


First Post
Peladus' eyes widen at Darque's comment.

"I didn't know you could stall a spell once you'd started it," he thinks, and watches Darque with great interest.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Xir breaths in heavily, releasing his green blade. After a moment, his breathing steadies.

He turns, nods to the wizard opening the gate, and waits.


First Post
Content that he's got a handle (after a fashion) on what Darque is doing, Peladus goes over to Periwinkle, and twirls her in an impromptu victory dance which ends with him gathering her into his arms for a brief but passionate kiss. Grinning like a fool in reaction to the adrenaline rush, he then claps Xir on the shoulder and proceeds to loot Balthazar's body, in fine Dair fashion.


First Post
Periwinkle claps her hands with glee when the druid drops, forgetting her wand and crossbow, both of which go clattering to the floor. "I knew we could do it! It's just like when Sister Anemone told me that I couldn't eat five bowls of cinnamon ice cream but I just knew that I could and I kept at it and it was just sooo tasty that I couldn't stop, and so what if I spent the rest of the day curled in a ball holding my tummy? We did it! Whee!"

She giggles with glee as Peladus spins her around but when he kisses her, she stops, blushes head to toe and back again. She opens her mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. She tries again, but remains speechless. Clapping her hands -- thankfully sans crossbow -- to her burning cheeks, she stammers something incoherent about wounds, whirls, and finds a way to keep herself busy on the far end of the tunnel for a few minutes.


First Post
After a few minutes of arcane mutterings, Allahastor finishes with a flourish of the gem-topped staff and a powerfully spoken final word. The gate flashes sapphire blue and begins swirling like water in a pond. Finally responding to Peladus, the old wizard says with a wide grin "Well of course you can't stall a spell like that, but you can pretend to be casting while not actually doing so!"

Meanwhile, Peladus searches the fallen druid in full on Dair fashion and is amazed to find a beltpouch stuffed with 50 pieces of platinum. Even more thrilling is when he finds the two gems hidden away inside Balthazar's mouth! It seems that he knocked out two teeth and managed to jam the gems into the sockets and between the remaining teeth. Each gem appears to be a golden yellow topaz.[sblock=Final fight XP and treasure]Balthazar XP = 1,800 divided by 3 = 600 XP to Xir, Peladus, and Periwinkle each.

The 50 PP = 500 GP and the two topaz gems are worth 500 gp each.[/sblock]Handshakes and slapping of backs proceed with enthusiasm as everyone congratulates everyone else. Luther the Hunter gives a big hug to his nephew Allahastor and a happy family reunion proceeds from there. Captain Niko walks up to the portal and touches the surface with his gauntleted hand. His fingers disappear into the surface of the blue light and he quickly pulls his hand back out. He snaps out of his small trance and decided to get things moving. "You sure this is safe, Darque? No knowing if there are more creatures coming through the tunnels." he says.

Once Allahastor assures him that it is indeed safe, Captain Niko has Allahastor and Luther go through first to prove it before he starts the line of refugees from Haven moving forward and into the shimmering blue portal. Dair and Kona'i go in after Niko himself finally braves the portal. At the last, Periwinkle, Peladus, and Xir step back into the light and emerge once again in the basement of Darque's house. Verminar the pseudodragon has already found his master and is happily wound around the mans neck and across the back of his shoulders.

The havenites are milling around the basement area, while Niko is peaking up the stairs of the pantry at the golden light pouring in from outside. He squints as the brightest light he's ever seen bathes his smiling face. Luther Darque steps past the Captain and goes outside to sit on the grass of the back yard.

Allahastor brings the three heroes up to his tower a bit later to speak with them privately. Dair and Kona'i ran off somewhere in all the confusion of Havenites wandering around, so they are not available for the meeting. "You three have all exceeded my wildest hopes." the old wizard begins. "You helped free myself, Uncle Luther, and all those other trapped people. I apologize for tricking you into entering the portal when it was only a one way trip, but once I was on the other side and had studied it, I knew I'd be able to get it working again with that staff and gem. As Verminar promised though, I will reward each of you handsomely for your help." He hefts three sacks up from the floor and places them on the table before Xir, Peladus, and Periwinkle. "Inside each of these is the worth of 400 gold pieces in reward for your extraordinary services performed. Peladus, as you are a man of arcane studies like myself, if you would like a scroll or two of new spells instead of money then I would be happy to oblige. Again, I thank you all for your efforts and wish you well in the future."[sblock=Allahastor's reward]So that is 400 gp for each of you three that made it to the end of the adventure. Boddynock, if you want spells instead of cash, you can pick any 1st or 2nd level spells using the values of the scrolls on page 239 of the DMG. Just post any of them that you want up to a total value of 400gp and take the leftover in cash.[/sblock][sblock=Total list of rewards]
X, PR, D, K, PL   100gp Retainer fee from Verminar
X, PR, D, K, PL   2 potions of Cure Light Wounds each (100 gp value each)
X, PR, D          33 XP each (Skeleton)
X, PR, D, K       75 XP each(2 orcs)
X, PR, D, K       1/4 of 2x Studded Leather, 2x Falchion, 8 sp, 24 cp (value 25 gp, 2sp, 6cp each)
X, PR, D, K       113 XP each (Orc and Grimlock)
X, PR, D, K       1/4 of 20gp (value 5 gp each)
X, PR, D, K, PL   +1 magic item each (1,000 gp value)
X, PR, D, K, PL   1/5 of 28gp (value 5 gp, and 6 sp each)
X, PR, D, K, PL   120 XP each (Choker)
X, PR, D, K, PL   100 XP each (Roleplaying)
X, PR, D, K, PL   100 XP each (3 traps)
X, PR, K, PL      125 XP each (4 goblins)
X, PR, K, PL      1/4 of 36sp, 4 morningstars, 4 Lt. Shields, 8 javelins, 4 small studded leather armor (value 23 gp, 9 sp each)
X, PR, PL         150 XP each (Goblin and Hobgoblin prison guards)
X, PR, PL         1/3 of 12 gp, 20 sp, 2x 50gp gems, 3x small leather armor, 3x Lt. Shield, 3x morningstars, Studded Leather Armor, Longsword, 2 javelins (value 151 gp each)
X, PR, PL         200 xp each (Bugbear)
X, PR, PL         1/3 of 150 gp, 3 gems x20 gp (value 70 gp each)
X, PR, PL         600 XP each (Balthazar)
X, PR, PL         1/3 of Balthazar treasure (value 500 gp each)
X, PR, PL         400 gp value each from Allahastor

Time XP given on 31 July, 2009 for time from 4 Aug 08 to 4 Aug 09:
Xir          1,200
Periwinkle     600
Peladus        525
Kona'i         300
Dair           225

Time XP given on 12 Nov 2009 for time from 4 Aug 2009 to 4 Nov 2009
Xir: 3 months of Time XP (3 x 50 XP x lvl 3) = 450 XP
Periwinkle: 3 months of Time XP (3 x 50 x lvl 2) = 300 XP
Peladus: 3 months of Time XP (3 x 50 x lvl 2) = 300 XP

Name          XP          GP          SP          CP          Magic item value

Xir          2,066      1,279         17           6              1,100

Periwinkle   1,916      1,279         17           6              1,100

Peladus      1,695      1,249         15           0              1,100

Kona'i         633        153         17           6              1,100

Dair           533        135          8           6              1,100

There is also an everburning torch that someone can take and the wand with 
whatever remaining charges it has (I think it only has a couple left. Do you have 
the current count on that, Covaithe? If not, I can go back and count it up.) 
Each pc was given 2 potions of cure light wounds by Verminar at the start.

Magic items
Xir - Heavy Shield +1
Periwinkle - Chain Shirt +1
Peladus - Cloak of Resistance +1
Kona'i - Bracers of Armor +1
Dair - Leather Armor +1
[/sblock]OOC: I think that about covers it. If anybody notices any discrepancies or has any questions, let me know about it. If B4cchus could approve these awards and see about DM credits being awarded, that'd be great.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Xir nods, his duty discharged. He bows slightly to the others, and then wanders off without a word.[sblock=OOC]Thanks, PH! It was fun, but I'll likely be retiring Xir unless something exciting comes up. I'm pretty much done with 3.5 these days.[/sblock]


First Post
Peladus thanks Darque for his generosity, and, after due consideration, asks for scrolls of the following spells: Detect Secret Doors, Expeditious Retreat, Floating Disk, Hold Portal, Magic Weapon and Ventriloquism.

He happily receives the balance of his reward in gold (OOC: 250 gp), thinking of the scribing he will be doing later on.

First, though, he offers his arm to Periwinkle, and says, "And now, dear Peri, what about a drink to celebrate? I believe Joe, at the Red Dragon, keeps a fine cellar."

[sblock=OOC]P8, thanks for this adventure. It was awesome! :D Any time you want to call on a young wizard, please look Peladus up!

By the way, does anybody know if he can take 10 on his Spellcraft check to copy the spells on the scrolls into his spellbook?

Periwinkle might as well keep the wand.

Since you're finished with 3.5, stonegod, do you mind if Periwinkle and Peladus split the torch between them? covaithe, does PW want the torch? PL would rather have the money, since he's got all that scribing to do. Either she could pay him out or they could sell it and split the profit.

Actually, another way to do it would be for her to keep the torch and for PL to sell her old chain shirt (which Dair salvaged when she abandoned it, and which PL could always snitch off of Dair. :lol:[/sblock]
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First Post
"Well, of course we'll have a drink to celebrate," Periwinkle exclaims. "But I'll stay over here, thanks. I remember what happened last time I got too close to you, mister!" But there is a twinkle in her eyes, taking the sting from her words.


First Post
"Oh, now you've hurt my feelings," says Peladus, managing to look heartbroken.

"Never mind. I'll promise to behave myself if you'll promise to forgive me."

With that he gently but firmly entwines his arm in Periwinkle's and parades with her to the Red Dragon Inn.


First Post
"Well, if you promise to behave yourself, that's different, then," Periwinkle says. It's not clear whether she is teasing Peladus or if she actually believes this, but she allows herself to be led to the Red Dragon.


First Post
[sblock=OOC]Good game everybody! And thanks to you three for sticking in there until the end. I wonder what its like to DM a game where all your players are there from beginning to end? :.-( Now to wrap things up with the quick adventure summary.[/sblock]
[sblock=Adventure Summary]The heroes were hired by Verminar the pseudodragon to destroy a skeleton that had appeared in the basement of its masters house. After destroying the undead, the heroes found a note tied to one of its bones. They took the note to Verminar who found that it was from his master, the Wizard Allahastor Darque! Allahastor was trapped on the other side of the portal in the basement and wanted the adventurers to bring a certain gem-tipped staff through the portal to him. The heroes agreed to do this and set out through the blue portal.

Once on the other side, they found themselves in a network of rock tunnels inhabited by various goblinoids and a few other random monsters. Not to mention an injured dog who Periwinkle named 'Mr. Snuffles'. They fought their way through the tunnels and found a walled city of humanoids called Haven. They were detained by Nikodemus, the Captain of Haven's guards. It seems Allahastor had been getting people riled up with his stories of escape from this place when everyone knew that it was impossible. All the people of haven were descendants of adventurers who had come through the gate and then found themselves stuck here because the portal only goes one way.

While in detention, they witness the dog Mr. Snuffles steal an important magical item of the town and run off with it. As it flees, the dog changed into a man right as he escaped the guards and fled into the tunnels. It seems that Mr. Snuffles was actually Balthazar, the evil druid leader of the monsters trapped in this place. After a contingent of guards were sent after him and did not return, Captain Niko asked the group to go after the crown and see if they could return it. It was the key to the defense of Haven and they needed it back badly. If they could return it, he promised to let them and Allahastor go free to try their scheme for escaping this place.

Leaving Have with the gift of a magic item each, the party made its way through the back tunnels and encountered The Hunter. He was a more recent arrival through the portal that did not choose to live in Haven. Once the party mentioned Allahastor, The Hunter relented and invited them into his cave. It turned out that The Hunter was actually Luther Darque, Allahastor's uncle! The group rested in his cave before pressing on to the back gate of the monsters compound.

Making their way past the back gate, they found the compound mostly deserted. They found a prison where the survivors of the guards sent after the crown were locked up. Defeating the guards, the group freed the prisoners and escorted them towards the back gate so they could follow the tunnels back to Haven. Balthazar's second in command, a large bugbear named Grax, blocked their exit though. The party slew the monster and found the crown in a bag on his person. With crown and rescued prisoners recovered, the group set out for Have once more through the back tunnels.

They returned to Haven to find why the monster compound had been deserted. The monsters had massed and attacked Haven while its crown was gone. They beat them back mostly, but Balthazar managed to steal Allahastor and the staff away with the intention of making Allahastor open the gate to free him from this place.

The party made its way to the gate while Captain Niko made preparations to move all the remaining Havenites toward the gate in the hope that Balthazar could be defeated and the gate could be reopened by Allahastor. Reaching the gate chamber, the party fought Balthazar and his wolves while Allahastor worked on the spell to open the gate. First his wolves fell, then the evil druid was brought down in the end just as reinforcements arrived for both sides. The Hunter and Dair held off the rush of goblins and then the people of Have flanked and atacked the remaining goblins till they were obliterated.

With all the enemies defeated, Allahastor stopped faking his arcane workings and cast the spell to actually open up the portal. Allahastor and his uncle, the heroes, and all the people of Haven made it back through the portal an into Darque's basement safely. The heroes were thanked and rewarded by a grateful Allahastor Darque as the adventure came to a close.[/sblock]

Halloween Horror For 5E