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I've seen many times the other use, where a single feat is still necessary. However, knowing that this conversation would go on and on and on, I won't post anymore about this issue. :)
That's fair, but that usage is simply a misnomer. It essentially boils down to the logical proposition "Feats shouldn't exist, because they are all taxes" which is a position which I can appreciate.

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Wild Mage Surge: Seems like a LOT of rolling for little gain. You need a 20 on a d20 to actually activate the ability, so its going to be something the player has to remember, will roll, be disappointed 19 out of 20 times....not great. Also it provides caveats to various spells you roll on the wild magic table....and I'm assuming they wanted that for all uses of the wild magic table, but the way it technically reads, the wild surge you roll for tides of chaos doesn't have these caveats, which is a problem.
I think the Wild Magic Surge ability is little more than a ribbon ability that introduces the concept (which is necessary), and that it is fine, because at the same level they include the accomanying Tides of Chaos ability that lets the Wild Sorcerer have more, renewable control over when they Surge.

Tides of Chaos says once you use it to get advantage on a d20 Test, the next spell you cast with a spell slot results in a Wild Surge (no d20 roll). Then it also says Tides of Chaos recharges the feature after that spell (this bypasses the long rest requirement). As long as you have a reason to roll d20 Tests, the next spell you cast recharges the entirety of Tides of Chaos so you can do it all over again.

Tides of Chaos essentially gives you a regularly rechargeable Advantage on any d20 Test (even multiple times in a combat) as long as you are willing to use spell slots that trigger Wild Surges to recharge it. This also means it is a rechargable Wild Surge. This is a very interactable mechanic. Maybe not for everyone, but for a Chaos Caster? Heaven. Controlled Chaos makes it even better.

Now how often can you roll d20 Tests without using Actions or Bonus Actions? Because this is the true limit to being able to Wild Surge every round, or every other round. Having a spell that lets you make attack rolls every round can trigger it easily.


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Kind of disappointed to see Beast Speech, Eldritch Sight, Eldritch Mind, and Eyes of the Runekeeper gone in favor of adding the ritual versions to the Warlock spell list. I get it, they were fairly weak options and this probably saves page count. But it was fun just being able to cast them instantly without the 10-minute ritual.

I am as well. Wouldn't mind seeing a single invocation that allows you to choose 2 of those 4 (and maybe give 1 or 2 more options) when you take the invocation.


The designers must really regret that 2014 decision to name it the "Attack action" at this point, I mean it was already troublesome when they had to constantly clarify that "attacks" and "Attack action" are two different things, but now the "Attack action" can be used for so many things that it's almost a misnomer.

Listening to it now. The wizards' 'identity' being 'having the biggest spell list in the game' and this being taken as an unbreakable Truth says just... so much.
Despite this being their "thing," and yes it has its own kind of power, the other casters have a LOT going for them luring me to play them as well. The parity is getting better overall and they are feeling different and valid.

Wait what...looks

Wizards...just no. No. The strongman halfling meme?

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I will savage this in the survey
I will praise it. Just watch videos of people wielding greatswords longer than they are tall. A halfling barbarian with a strength of 16 can totally wield a greatsword, but their style may look a little different.

AC 12, 10 HP, 30’ speed, Darkvision (60’), passive perception 7, resistance to acid, cold, fire, lightning, and thunder, advantage on saves against spells and magical abilities. Bite attack +4 to hit, 1d4+2 piercing damage. Tiny size.

I guess its niche is supposed to be that it resists a bunch of stuff? But I struggle to imagine any use cases for it over the others.
You basically get a facehugger/chestburster. Creepy AF. And they'll probably tweak the stats in the MM so that it is competitive with other options.

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