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Rain falls from the sky. Rivulets of water run down the surfaces of the towers and trace familiar patterns on the unusual architecture of Sharn. The rain and wind obscures vision, making anything but pinpoints of everbright lanterns difficult to make out and making the complex and seemingly random latticework of bridges, walkways, and towers even more difficult to navigate to the uninitiated. In other words, a typical night in the City of Towers.

The events that will take place this night are less typical. The machinations that will be set in place this night are even less so.

A small group of people will find themselves united in a common cause for but a moment, and this moment of unity will propel them forward in a way that few could foresee.

As you make your way through the upper areas of this unique city, will you turn away from the ill-fated skybridge? Or will you be one of those that converges on this spot, for good or ill?

This is a 3.5 Edition Dungeons and Dragons game set in the Eberron Campaign Setting.
There's still a lot of material that I have for this edition that I wanna use, so if you're one of the players planning on completely dumping all of the old stuff for 4th Edition, this probably isn't the game for you.

This game will use the published Eberron modules, "The Forgotten Forge," Shadows of the Last War, Whispers of the Vampire's Blade, and Grasp of the Emerald Claw.
It's fine if you're already familiar with these adventures, but please watch out for metagame knowledge use. I plan to modify most of the encounters at least a little bit anyway.

The game will start in Sharn, the City of Towers and the largest metropolis in Breland (or indeed, in all of Khorvaire). It begins in the Upper City, near Morgrave University, so you should describe why your character is there at the end of his/her/its backstory. Reasons such as "She got lost," "He was exploring," "She's just walking past the university on her way home," or "He felt like taking a walk," are perfectly acceptable, I just need to know where your character is and what he/she's doing to describe it correctly when we start.

[sblock=Character Creation Information]
1st-level Eberron characters
Standard core and Eberron races are fine. Other LA 0 races will be considered. LA +1 races may also be considered, but would start out with one level in an appropriated NPC class, to be upgraded to one level in the PC class at ECL 2.
Ability Scores: 32 point-buy
Alignments: This is a game for heroes, so no Evil characters, Good somewhat preferred to Neutral. Alignment restrictions for classes can be bent and broken in many cases.
Material Allowed: Lots! PHB, PHB II, MM, MM II, MM IV, DMG, DMG II, ECS, XPH, Magic of Incarnum, Tome of Battle, Tome of Magic, Heroes of Horror, Comple Arcane, Complete Adventurer, Complete Divine, Complete Warrior, Complete Psionic, Complete Champion, Complete Mage, Complete Scoundrel, Dungeonscape, Cityscape, Sharn:CoT, Races of Eberron, Lords of Madness, Libris Mortis, Weapons of Legacy, and Dragon Magic
(Just because a book is listed as allowed doesn't necessarily mean that anything at all is acceptable. If there is a certain non-core item that is important to your concept, ask me ahead of time so that I can look it over.)

Please note on your character sheet where non-core material is from.[/sblock]

[sblock=Some brief house rules and notes]
Classes, such as cleric, that have access to all of the spells/soulmelds/vestiges/whatever on their lists become more powerful if they are allowed to use material from other books, due to having more different things that they can do. Disallowing these classes from using non-core material isn't fair either, though. My compromise: Characters of these classes may use non-core material, but must replace items on their normal list.
For example, a cleric player may wish to use the nimbus of light spell from Complete Divine. To do so, he removes bless from his cleric's spell list, so that the cleric still has the same overall number of spells as a core-only cleric--they're just different spells.

No wildshape, for a number of reasons. I suggest the Shapeshift variant from the PHB II which has the same flavor as wildshape, from level 1 and with far simpler mechanics.

I'll allow Divine Metamagic, but you may not use it to augment a spell so that you wouldn't be able to cast it normally.

I don't own any Eberron books that aren't listed above. I will fill in blanks myself as needed, so everything might not match up perfectly that with material that was expanded on in other books.

When narrating for warforged NPCs, I'll always use the most appropriate pronouns for them. Feel free to have your character get it wrong anyway, if there aren't any IC clues.

I won't always strictly follow character creation rules for NPCs. The point of this is actually to make the average person weaker so it shouldn't be an issue. (Yes, you may say that the 1st-level blacksmith has too many ranks in a skill, but really she would have had those ranks anyway. By the RAW, I would have just had to make her higher level to account for the skill, giving her extra hit points, BAB, etc.)

We'll use partial BAB and Base Saves.
Multiclassing penalties are removed. Half-elves get a bonus skill point per level to compensate.
Death will be at -10 or -Con score for PCs, whichever is better.
We'll use Will, Reflex, and Fortitude defense, because I think it'll be a little easier for PbP (You know whether a spell or effect is likely to be effective without waiting for me to roll monster Saves). Add 11 to your normal Saving Throw modifiers. For abilities with Save DCs, subtract 10 and treat it as a modifier for a roll you make when using the ability.
I'll roll reactive rolls, like Spot and Initiative, for you. If you have an ability that allows you to reroll or somesuch, please set a guideline for when I should use this ability, for simplicity's sake.
We'll use Action Points.[/sblock]

I think I covered anything, but let me know if there's something else you need to know.
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Pinnacle, I know I'm in another version of this game, but would it be ok if I put together a character for this one? I've got an idea I want to try out and I'd love to run through the whole adventure path.


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Go for it.
The other game has a good head-start and seems to be moving a bit faster than this one likely will, so there shouldn't be an issue there, either.


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I might want to play a Seren barbarian. Wanting to be in a game I'm DMing feels weird. And renau1g I wanted to do the rest of the adventures after you finished the Forgotten Forge.


I'd really like to get involved in this game, if you're willing to take an Eberron newbie. I've just gotten the ECS and I'm about 50 pages into it, and really liking what I'm reading. I'm thinking along the lines of a human rogue.


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pathfinderq1 said:
So I see Complete Arcane on the list, but not Complete Mage- what are your feelings about the Warlock class?
I do have Complete Mage; leaving it off the list was an oversight on my part.

Warlock's a fine class. You can ignore the alignment restriction if you want to, and I have no problem with reflavoring the abilities to fit different backgrounds better, if needed.

Are there any spots left? I'd like to play... I've played in several Eberron games via PBP that never made it beyond the first or second encounter, and one tabletop Eberron game that ended in a TPK at about 6th level. I like the setting and would really like to explore it more.

I'm thinking either an elven rogue from either House Phiarlan or House Thuranni, or a Warforged bodyguard... perhaps of one of the other PCs or an important NPC. Another idea I had was a shifter barbarian, but I'm not sure how to tie that character into the city, and the first two I'm more interested in playing.

Let me know if there is a spot left, or how you are picking characters. I'd be glad to write up more on any of the above if there's interest in me possibly playing.

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