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Planestrider's Journal

Level Up (A5E) Planestrider's Journal: A New Cosmology for 5E & A5E!

Mike Myler

Have you been to LevelUp5E.com yet?
As I've said before, I was quite impressed with @Mike Myler 's work on the planes that he previewed last year and which makes up a large portion of this book. I'm looking forward to seeing what else will be in there.
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Mike Myler

Have you been to LevelUp5E.com yet?
How involved are spiders in planar travel and in the fiction of the mechanics? Are there lots of spider art pieces?
There are several arachnid statblocks in the book, 3 of the 8 ships are one or another variety of webjammer, and they figure heavily into 1 of the 30 locales. I think that's about it for the spiders.

Given their history, I imagine primarily funding it. Morris does crowd funding right, avoiding stretch goal bloat and delivering fast.
The mere fact that another Level Up product is being crowdfunding as is, is enough for fans of Level Up to back them. It also helps that he gives everybody sneak peeks of what a Level Up product is going to look like before the Kickstarter launches. ;) How many other RPG companies who are trying to 'sell' us their products via Kickstarter do that?

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