D&D Movie/TV Polygon: Who is Hugh Grant playing in the D&D movie, and is it secretly Dagult Neverember?

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Dire Bare

Here's the link to the FR Wiki on Dagult Neverember.

Here's the relevant bit, with the source being the "junior" novelization:

But for all of his power, Lord Neverember suddenly took ill, and the previously unknown Forge Fitzwilliam waged a political campaign for lordship of Neverwinter financed with his own ill-gotten gains. He would describe Neverwinter's leaders as "corrupt and inept".[8] He was aided by the wizard Sofina, his advisor,[99] but it was rumored she'd caused Neverember's sickness with her magic.[100] In the late 1490s DR, Neverember yet lived, but purportedly in a vegetative state. Meanwhile, Forge revived the High Sun Games that Dagult had previously banned,[77] turned against the Emerald Enclave, and ordered destructive logging of Neverwinter Wood and reprisals against the elves there.[45][46]https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Dagult_Neverember#cite_note-TDC-46

And then there's this bit just below:

In Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Dagult Neverember is played by actor Richard Croxford.

Dire Bare

Another interesting Realms connection, is that Simon, the half-elf wild sorcerer, is the descendent of Elminster Aumar! Which is why Simon feels a lot of pressure to be good at magic, and is frustrated with his difficulties.

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