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Post-Apocalyptic Art Thread

Mutant Lord

The Sickle Foot Mutant


This is the actual art from the Sickle Foot free PDF download we made a available at RPGnow.com

Here is a little about this nasty freak:

Sickle Foot
Defense Value: -17
Endurance: 60+3d20
Movement: 9m
Initiative: +2
Attacks: 3: Bite and 2 sickle claws
Strike Value: 01-70
Damage: d12+6 each
Strength: 64
Agility: 82
Accuracy: 71
Intelligence: 12
Willpower: 43
Perception: 69
Valuables: nil
Experience Factors: 84
Morale: Excellent
Size: 2.1m long
Weight: 40+1kg per point of endurance
Mutations: 23% chance of 1 (See description)
Relics: nil
Implants: nil

A Sickle Foot is a nasty, nightmarish pack hunter of about the size of a black bear. Territorial, cunning, and needlessly cruel, this mutant predator can be found in both remote ruin areas as well as along well traveled trade roads and woodland paths. In an attack, Sickle Feet charge out from cover, often from multiple directions, and go directly for the nearest prey animal or person, leaping up at the last second and extending their rear, yellow clawed feet to rend the target open, often eviscerating the hapless victim in the process. Besides attacking with their terrible sickle clawed rear feet, they can deliver a horrendous bite in conjunction with their claws, going for the throat of their intended victim.... read more in the PDF download.
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Mutant Lord

Red Harvester full page color art

This post-apocalyptic creature was first hand drawn in pencil, hand smudged, then scanned and digitally painted in an old version of Photoshop. It is for a a 5 page free PDF in an experimental line of nasty mutant things as a sort of spring promotion while we work on the 400+ page Crossroads Regional Gazetteer book. Been doing these as much for me as for The Mutant Epoch's fan base. Enjoy


The Red Harvester is so named for its ability to appear from seemingly nowhere and reap a bounty of flesh.


Red Harvester
Defense Value: -0 (tentacle -30)
Endurance: 70+d100 (tentacle 26)
Movement: 5m
Initiative: +3 camouflaged or -3 once engaged
Attacks: 3: Bite and 2 Energy Blade tentacles
Strike Value: 01-80
Damage: Bite d8+8+ Digestive Enzyme/ Energy Blades d6+6+ Neurological Affliction
Strength: 72
Agility: 16
Accuracy: 44
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 72
Perception: 81
Valuables: nil
Experience Factors: 120
Morale: Excellent
Size: 2m +1cm per point of END in length
Weight: 200+1kg per point of endurance
Mutations: 17% chance of 1 (See Red Harvester mutation list, page 5)
Relics: nil
Implants: nil

Want the whole thing? Get the free PDF here: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/113406/Red-Harvester:-Creatures-of-the-Apocalypse-2
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Mutant Lord


The Muto-Harpy

This is cover art for a free creature available only to Society of Excavators who sign up to the new Mutant Epoch RPG forum. http://mutantepochforum.boards.net/

I've' always loved harpies as monsters in fantasy games, films and literature, so just had to have one added to the post-apocalyptic world. Thanks to Danny Seedhouse for giving this beast some stats and colorful description.


Mutant Lord

Junk-Mobster:: Creature of the Apocalypse 4

As hated as is it is feared, the disgusting, vaguely humanoid, multi-limbed and many headed Junk-Mobster is here.

Our fourth and most disturbing creature of the apocalypse yet. This thing is the stuff of nightmares. Not only can it eviscerate opponents with its elongated, clawed arms, but it often tries to subdue potential mates with net and club, meanwhile unleashing a barrage of mental mutations. Although terrible, mercenary bands, bounty hunters and excavators alike often seek these mutant monsters out, eager to claim the lucrative bounty on them, as well as free prisoners and loot the Rubble-Gangsta’s trove.

So here is the full art without text and then a close up. I had a lot of fun drawing and then digitally painting this freak. You can see the full pdf, and even download it for free here: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/117198/Junk-Mobster-Creatures-of-the-Apocalypse-4


Mutant Lord

Post-Apocalyptic Communities

Well, over the last year I inked 308 illustrations for a Gazetteer book called The Crossroads Region, due out September 30th. I thought I might share some of my favorites in this thread.

Please feel free to comment, and even better, if you're an artist and have some PA art to share, do so here!

Will McAusland


Mutant Lord

Book Cover Art: The Crossroads Region Gazetteer painting

Oh my it's been since August that anybody has uploaded to this thread. Better kick start things here and nag the other artists I know to add some more PA work!

I'll start off with a full color digital painting I did for The Crossroads Region Gazetteer, a book for The Mutant Epoch RPG which was just released on the 9th of this month. This version is just the artwork, no type, no sales pitch. First hand drawn in pencil, scanned at 600 dpi, then painted layer by layer in an ancient version of Photoshop, then tweaked back and forth, and then done.... I think. Hope you all like it.



Mutant Lord

Citizens of the Crossroads Region

Thought I'd add some images of the interesting people you could meet in a post-apocalyptic setting, especially along the old California Coastline in the emerging cities of Overpass, Newburg, and Steel Hill. Year 2364.

On a side note, for those of you who have been following this thread for quite awhile, I've started a separate PA map thread here at ENworld, too: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?349891-Post-Apocalyptic-Map-Zone&prefixid=maps


Mutant Lord

Scenes of Adventure in the Post-Apocalyptic world of 2364 AD

And some more post-apocalyptic RPG art, showing scenes of either adventure or likely sites where daring deeds take place.
Enjoy... and Please comment or add you own PA art to the thread!


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