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This thread is a general dumping ground, for any original Krustian deities people have created, or converted from other systems. To kick things off, I'm posting my all-purpose avatar character, currently on his fourth or fifth incarnation in D&D 3.5 alone. For more about the setting referenced in his backstory, see here. For the Wyrmblade class, click here. For the Half-dragon Paragon class, click here. He uses a variant Epic Spellcasting system, which can be found here; any spells I don't describe were made by Mercucio.

Auric, Son of Aurelious
High Justice of Sanctuary; Bahamut’s Bringer of War
Quasi-deity of Protection and War; Proxy of Bahamut
Male Gold Half-Dragon Human
Wyrmblade-45/Half-dragon Paragon-5/ (ECL 66)

Auric was born on Iokarthel; a world where Dragons reign supreme, where the children of Io are counted among the mightiest gods in Creation. He was born of love between Aurelius, a young adult golden dragon, and Jerleena MacTaggart, a human wizardess. The two lived in a small village on the continent of Crucible, near the borders of a young silver dragon's territory, where Jerleena had been born, and their lives seemed idyllic. But, such happiness never lasts, and theirs was shattered with exceptional cruelty. A cruel and ancient black dragon named Corrodar, who had taken the first steps on the path of the Dragon Ascendant, passed over the village on his wanton path of destruction; Aurelious fought bravely, and his grasp of magic was far superior to Corrodar's, but he was no match for the malevolent elder. Though his sacrifice bought time for the villagers to escape, his Jerleena and their toddler son watched as the noble drake was torn apart and devoured. Corrodar made good his escape, after destroying everything left in the village, and none of the metallic dragons who sought to hunt him down were ever seen again.

Jerleena supported herself and her son by teaching at an academy of magic on the metallic dragon homeland of Sanctuary, and Auric mastered his innate gift for sorcery with astounding speed. However, he had witnessed firsthand that powerful magic can be overcome by brute force, and was determined to attain equal mastery in the way of the sword; here too, his draconic heritage proved a mighty boon, giving him physical prowess beyond his years. Throughout his childhood and youth, he was fixed upon one goal; that no other child should ever be deprived of his parents by the creatures of darkness. When Auric grew to maturity, he joined several other graduates of the academy, forming the core of a group of adventurers who went on to defeat many great evils. Scheming Chromatic warlords, mind-flayer and aboleth incursions from other worlds who sought undermine the decree of Io, a traitorous human mage known as Gellidus Frostrage with more innocent blood on his hands than most lizardfolk sacrificial priests… these are but a sampling of the dangers Auric faced in his long youth.

One of the greatest of these was a being whom Auric once counted among his dearest friends; Solasterros, an Elven evoker, another teacher at the academy of sorcery, who had been a mentor to Auric, and rather more than that to his mother. When visiting the Academy, as he often did between adventures, he entered Jerleena’s chambers… and discovered Solasterros drinking his mother’s blood. Auric drove off the treacherous vampire, and later defeated him with the aid of his companions, but to this day, the event haunts him. Also to this day, Auric has no idea whether his old teacher had been transformed into an undead beast of the night only recently, or had been a monster, masquerading as an agent of good, for centuries. Jerleena herself was pulled back from the brink of death by clerics of Tamara, only to succumb to ravages of age less than two decades later; her son not only grown, but a hero, she let lapse the spells extending her lifespan, and joined her first love Aurelious in Bahamut’s heavenly realm.

After mourning his mother, Auric set out to avenge his father; alone and unaided, he fought his way past Corrodar's brood of wyrmlings and half-dragon spawn, and struck down the mighty black wyrm, in the very midst of the obscene ritual that would have completed his divine ascension. This act earned Auric the eternal ire of Tiamat, who had spent centuries grooming Corrodar as a replacement consort; and the gratitude and favor of Bahamut, who had for centuries been unable to pierce his dark sister's protections over the murdering wretch. For this deed, Auric was named the Platinum Lord’s High Justice and Bringer of War, and gifted with Bahamut’s Roar, a weapon of surpassing power forged by the greatest smiths of the Seven-fold Heavens, and imbued with the Platinum Dragon’s grace. That day was over three hundred years ago, as reckoned on the Prime, and Auric has journeyed the infinite worlds and planes ever since, carrying out Bahamut's will. In that time, he has grown to the utmost heights of mortal power, even ignoring the gifts of his divine patron and draconic heritage. He has altered the course of history on Iokarthel and many, many other worlds of the Prime beleaguered by the forces of Tiamat and other evils. He has led Bahamut’s armies into battles that shook the firmament, and shattered armies purely by his own might.

On the rare occasions when Auric is at rest between crusades, he can most often be found on his homeworld of Iokarthel. Though he dabbles in Sanctuary’s politics, and is officially head of the Order of Knights Arcane, he prefers to spend such time passing on his knowledge and experience at the Academy, or indulging in his favorite pastime; the old, traditional music of his mother’s people. Music is the surest way of easing his weary, warrior’s heart from the eternal strife to which his divine office binds him.

Manifestation of Auric
Medium Outsider (Augmented Dragon, Augmented Humanoid, Human, Native)
Divine Rank 4
Hit Dice:
45d8 + 5d12 + 650 (1074 hit points) (50d20+650, 1650 with Corrodar’s Atonement)
Initiative: +17 (+5 Dex, +4 divine, +8 Superior Initiative)
Speed: 90 ft., Swim 90 ft., fly 180 ft. (average)
Armor Class: 71 (+15 armor, +16 deflection, +5 Dex, +4 divine, +14 natural, +7 shield), touch 42, flat-footed 66
Base Attack/Grapple: +35/+53
Attack: Bahamut’s Roar +80 melee (2d6 + 29 + 2d6 holy + 3d6 sonic/17-20/x2 + 4d6 holy + 6d6 sonic), or claw +73 melee (1d8+18), or by spell +73 melee touch or +64 ranged touch
Full Attack: Bahamut’s roar +80/+75/+70/+65 melee and bite +68 (1d6+9), or 2 claws +73 melee and bite +68
Space/Reach: 5ft./5ft.
Special Attacks: Arcane channeling (full attack), breath weapon, spells, spell-like abilities, spell power +9.
Special Qualities: Acid immunity, armored mage (medium armor, heavy shields), damage reduction 10/Epic and evil, divine aura (150 ft., DC 30), fire immunity, immunity to magical sleep and paralysis, low-light vision, spell resistance 64, virtual size category.
Saves: Fort +62, Ref +49, Will +51
Abilities: Str 38, Dex 20, Con 40, Int 26, Wis 18, Cha 42
Skills: Concentration +74, Diplomacy +81, Gather Information +73, Intimidate +75, Knowledge (arcana) +69, Knowledge (religion) +69, Knowledge (the planes) +69, Listen +63, Perform (oratory) +34, Perform (sing) +34, Perform (string instruments) +33, Perform (wind instruments) +33, Sense Motive +63, Spellcraft +75, Spot +63, Survival +30 (+36 on other planes)
Feats: Amplify Spell, Arcane Strike, Draconic Claw*, Draconic Heritage (Gold)*, Empower Spell*, Eschew Materials*, Heighten Spell, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Purify Spell, Quicken Spell, Searing Spell*, Track
Epic Feats: Automatic Metamagic Capacity x6 (2*), Dire Charge^, Ignore Material Components, Improved Power Attack^, Improved Spell Capacity x11 (6*), Metamagic Freedom*, Power Attack Mastery^, Spell Knowledge^, Uncanny Power Attack^
(*bonus feat; ^Multifaceted)
Divine Abilities:
Divine Spell Knowledge – Auric knows two additional spells of zero through ninth level.
Heavenly Mind – Auric adds his Charisma modifier as a luck bonus to attack rolls.
Inspiring Voice – Auric has the Countersong, Fascinate, and Inspire Courage abilities of a 25th level bard. These abilities are usable a total of twenty-five times per day.
Multifaceted – Auric gains six additional feats.
Regeneration – Auric regenerates 25 nonlethal damage per round. He takes lethal damage only from cold and unholy attacks.
Divine Handicap: Auric takes 150% from cold-based attacks. He gains a bonus divine ability.
Environment: Any
Organization: Unique
Treasure (Artifacts): Bahamut’s Roar, Scales of Varunaurum, Paladine Talisman, Corrodar’s Atonement
Treasure (non-Epic items): belt of many pockets, musical instruments, spell foci
Challenge Rating: 44
Alignment: Lawful Good

You were told to expect a sorcerer, but the individual before you hardly fits the typical image of a spellcaster. Perhaps it's the fact that he is decked out in golden, shimmering full plate mail, and carries a gently glowing longsword with practiced ease. It may be that he stands only two inches shy of seven feet, with a powerful, thickly muscular build. Or, perhaps it could the coin-sized golden scales covering every exposed inch of his body, the razor-sharp claws on the tip of each finger, vast wings sprouting from his shoulder blades, and head that seems more draconic than human. Regardless, he quickly dispels your doubts by scattering a handful of small orbs of light about the room, then shrinking and shifting to appear entirely human. With a knowing grin, he extends a hand, and speaks. "Greetings, friend. My name is Auric; I'm here to protect you."

Auric’s manifestation stands six feet, ten inches tall, and weighs over a thousand pounds, due to his heavy scales, broad wings, and muscular density.


Auric wades into battle forthrightly, employing his spells and blade to the fullest. His first priority is to evacuate any innocent bystanders using greater teleport, and then isolate and destroy the most dangerous opponents present. He uses magic to enhance himself first, and then blast his foes into ashes. He will retreat only if victory is clearly impossible, and will then usually return fully restored, and with powerful reinforcements.

Arcane Channeling (Su): As a standard action, Auric can cast a touch spell with a casting time of 1 standard action or less, and deliver it through a melee weapon with a normal attack. Casting a spell in this manner does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The effects of the spell are resolved after the damage dealt by the weapon. He may also cast a touch spell as part of a full attack, affecting each target he successfully hits in melee that round; doing so discharges any touch spells that normally last longer than one round.

Armored Mage (Ex): Auric may cast spells in light or medium armor, and in heavy shields, with no chance of arcane spell failure.

Breath Weapon (Su): 30 ft. cone of fire every 1d4 rounds. Deals 16d8 fire damage, reflex DC 39 half (6d8, DC 27 without Scales).

Half-Dragon Traits: As a half-gold dragon Auric gains the following benefits
—Str +8, Con +2, Int +2, Cha +2.
—Auric’s natural armor improves by +4 (overlaps with divine bonus).
—He gains darkvision 60 feet and lowlight vision.
—Auric is immune to fire, sleep, and paralysis effects.
—Level adjustment: +3

Protection Portfolio (Quasi-deity)
Shield of Protection: Auric can choose to take half the damage dealt to any ally in his divine aura.
Scion of Protection: Auric gains a +4 bonus to attack rolls, damage, and AC when acting in the immediate defense of a person, object, or cause, against a threat with a CR higher than his.
Unyielding Brethren: Any creatures Auric summons gain DR 4/-.
Compelled to Protect (Weakness): Auric cannot refuse his protection to any non-Evil creature that asks for it, and has a lower ECL than himself.
Anarchic Vulnerability (Weakness): Auric takes 150% damage from chaotic spells and attacks.

Proxy of Bahamut: As a quasi-deity Auric receives the following traits:
—Damage reduction 10/epic.
—Auric adds a +4 divine bonus to: armor class; attack rolls; checks (ability checks, caster level checks, skill checks, turning checks); save DC of all special abilities, spell-like abilities, and spells; initiative; saving throws, and spell resistance.
—Godly Realm: Auric’s godly realm is a single room within the faculty wing of the Sanctuary Academy of Sorcery on Iokarthel, with a radius of 150 ft.; despite the relatively small size, the chamber is still bigger inside than out. Within his divine realm Auric can impose a -4 divine penalty on all rolls to any or all characters (even more powerful deities), and his total hit points are doubled.
—Grant Spells: Auric can grant up to 9th-level spells thanks to the assistance of his patron, Bahamut.
—Avatar: Auric can spend 10% of his total quintessence to create an avatar. His avatars have 25 levels and the Prophet template. All of an avatar’s ability scores are equal to 7+ 1/2 (round down) the same ability score possessed by his manifestation. If Auric gains levels or increases an ability score, so too do his avatars.
—Immortality: Auric does not age, requires no air to breathe, no food or drink, nor sleep.
—Immunities: Auric is unaffected by natural effects such as: ability damage, disease, natural elements (cold, drowning, fire, lava, lightning etc.), poison and so forth. He can still be affected by magical cold, magical disease, magical fire etc.
—Auric possesses spell resistance equal to his level +14.
—Level Adjustment: +13

Spell-like Abilities: Caster level 54, save DC 30 + spell level. At will – antimagic field, blade barrier, commune, divine power, dream, etherealness, flame strike, geas/quest, greater dispel magic, greater teleport, magic jar, magic vestment, magic weapon, mind blank, power word blind, power word kill, power word stun, prismatic sphere, protection from energy, repulsion, sanctuary, sending, shield other, spell immunity, spell resistance, spiritual weapon, tongues; 4/day – wish.

Spellcasting: as 45th level Wyrmblade (CL 54). Auric gains a +9 bonus on caster level checks to penetrate the spell resistance of creatures he has wounded with a melee attack in the same encounter. Save DC = 30 + spell Level. Maximum spell level 16th (31 sp), plus seven free metamagic levels per round. Spells points per day per day: 855.

Spells known: 0 – arcane mark*, dancing lights, detect magic, mage hand, message, prestidigitation, ray of frost*, read magic. 1st – burning rage*, Jerleena’s inquiry, magic missile, nerveskitter, obscuring mist*, shocking grasp, true strike. 2nd – alter self, detect thoughts*, knock, scorching ray, whirling blade*, wraithstrike. 3rd – arcane sight*, dragonskin, energy vulnerability, fireball, haste, spell vulnerability*. 4th – Auric’s lightning lash, celerity, celestial brilliance*, greater wings of air*, orb of acid, solid fog. 5th – cone of cold, dragonsight*, greater blink, greater fireburst, telekinesis, wall of force*. 6th – chain lightning*, chasing perfection*, Solasterros’ burning retort, true seeing. 7th – delayed blast fireball*, forcecage*, limited wish. 8th – discern location*, moment of prescience, polar ray*. 9th – detonate, meteor swarm, time stop*, true dispel magic*. 10th – Forge Destiny. 11th – Ruin (no backlash). 12th – Roar of Desolation. 13th – Wyrm’s Might. 14th – Epic Fire Shield. 15th – Instant Champion. 16th – Rain of Holy Fire.
*from Divine Spell Knowledge

Virtual Size Category (Ex): Due to great strength and muscular density, Auric functions in some ways as if one size larger. His natural weapons deal greater damage, and he gains +4 Con, -2 Dex, +2 natural armor (already factored into above stats).

War Portfolio Traits (Quasi-deity):
Battle Ready (Ex): Auric takes no penalty for wearing armor or carrying a shield.
Scion of War (Ex): Auric gains a +4 competence bonus to attack rolls.
Brothers of Battle (Su): Any creatures Auric summons gain a +4 competence bonus to attack rolls.
Soldier’s Death (Ex): Auric takes a -4 penalty to all rolls for one week after he retreats from a battle.
Lemming’s Wisdomr (Ex): Auric takes a -4 competence penalty to Wisdom.

Unique Non-Epic Spells

Auric’s Lightning Lash
Evocation/Transmutation (electricity)
Level: Druid 5, Duskblade 4, Sorcerer/wizard 4, Warmage 4
Components: V, M, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Effect: A whip of lightning
Duration: 1 round per level

A stroke of lightning shoots from your palm, but instead of striking your enemies, it remains there, hanging in the air, for you to wield as you please. You can already see just how to manipulate the thunderbolt to maximum advantage…

A 10-ft. long beam of crackling electricity springs forth from your hand, which you wield as a whip (including reach and the ability to make trip attempts). Attacks with the beam are melee touch attacks that deal 1d6 points of electricity damage + 1.5 times your primary spellcasting modifier (Wisdom for druids, Intelligence for wizards, and so on). You decide when you cast the spell whether this damage is lethal or nonlethal in nature. You are considered proficient with the lightning lash, and receive Improved Trip and Weapon Finesse as bonus feats for the duration of the spell, regardless of whether you meet the prerequisites.

Jerleena’s Inquiry
Level: Sorcerer/wizard 1, Bard 0
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 round or until discharged
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

As you complete the incantation, you feel your mind open, pointing out obvious ways to make others tell you what you wish to know.

Developed by Auric’s mother (who used it frequently as an adventurer, parent, and professor alike), this spell grants the caster a +5 insight bonus on his next Charisma or Wisdom-based skill check. If he does not make such a check within one round of casting, the spell is wasted. You need not designate which skill receives the bonus at the time of casting.

Solasterros’ Burning Retort
Evocation [Fire]
Level: Duskblade 5, Sorcerer/wizard 6, Warmage 6
Components: V, S, F
Casting Time: 1 standard action, or 1 immediate action (see below)
Range: Touch
Target: One creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes

Your pain and indignation at being struck seem to coalesce in your hand, causing it to burst into flame. You reach towards your foe, eager to deliver his comeuppance.

Solasterros, an Elven evoker and mentor to Auric in his younger days, created this spell to dissuade melee warriors from taking advantage of his physical frailty; Auric, though hardly frail, finds it eminently suited to his own style of fighting. Though the mage later succumbed to the temptations of evil, Auric continues to use the spell in memory of his old friend.

If you cast this spell as a standard action, you make a melee touch attack that deals 1d6 points of fire damage per level (max of 15d6) to the target. However, as a special use of the spell, you may cast it as an immediate action against a target that has just injured you with a melee attack (including another touch spell); if you cast the spell in this fashion, you gain a +4 bonus on your attack roll, and it deals 1d4 points of fire damage per level (max of 15d4). Casting the spell in this fashion counts as an attack of opportunity.

Focus: a ceremonial obsidian dagger, worth no less than 500 gp.

Fëanáro’s True Dispel Magic
Level: Clr 9, Sor/Wiz 9

This spell functions as dispel magic except that the maximum CL bonus to the dispel check is +35. Additionally, true dispel magic can dispel any non-instantaneous magical effect, including antimagic field, forcecage and wall of force.
Finally, the caster may select his targets when using the area dispel option, choosing to exclude his allies from the effect if so desired.

Unique Epic Spells

Epic Fire Shield

Evocation (Fire)
Level: 14
Spellcraft DC: 71
Components: V, S, M/DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 round/level (D)
To Develop: 497,000 gp; 9 days; 19,880 XP. Seed: fire shield (DC 20), acid sheath (fire version; DC 22). Factors: convert 3 damage per CL to 1d6 per CL (+0 DC), increase level cap for damage by 34 dice (+34 DC)
Mitigating Factors: warm shield only (-5 DC)

Crushing the lump of phosphorus between your fingers, your body ignites in flames. You feel no pain from the eldritch blaze, but those that dare strike you will not be so fortunate.

While this spell is active, you take half damage from all cold-based attacks (if the attack offers a save for partial damage, and you makes the save, you instead take no damage). Any creature that strikes you with a non-reach melee weapon takes 1d6 fire damage plus an additional 1d6 per caster level (maximum 50d6). Any other fire spell you cast while this spell is active does 1 additional damage per die.
Arcane material component: a lump of phosphorus

Instant Champion
Level: 15
Spellcraft DC: 80
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: 1 creature
Duration: 10 minutes per level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
To Develop: 560,000 gp; 12 days; 22,400 XP. Seed: heroics (three times) (DC 48). Factors: allow granted feats to meet requirements for each other (+12 DC), allow one granted feat to be Epic (+20 DC).

As you finish the spell, and the sliver of ancient steel evaporates in your hand, your mind surges with the battle ardor and warrior’s training of the one who wielded the blade from whence it came. Whether you choose to keep that knowledge for yourself, or pass it to a comrade, you know it will turn the tide of the battles to come.

This spell grants a single touched creature three feats from the list of bonus feats available to Fighters. Of these feats, only one may be Epic, and the recipient must meet all prerequisites for feats chosen, although the granted feats can be used to qualify for each other (for example, a character could gain Dodge, Mobility, and Spring Attack with a single casting of the spell). Casting this spell, or any similar spells, on a character already under its effects dispels the previous casting.
Material Component: A piece of a weapon, shield, or armor once used by a fighter of at least 25th level.

Rain of Holy Fire
Evocation [Fire, Good]
Level: 16
Spellcraft DC: 87
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 10 minutes; see text
Range: 4 miles
Area: 12-mile-radius circle, centered on you; see text
Duration: 4d12 hours (D); see text
Saving Throw: Reflex negates (see text)
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 609,000 gp; 13 days; 24,360 XP. Seed: control weather (DC 26). Factors: change rain to wisps of energy that inflicts 1 point of fire damage (ad hoc +10 DC), increase damage die 7 steps (+70 DC), add 14 dice of damage (+28 DC), duplicate Consecrate Spell (+7 DC) triple area of effect (+8 DC), dismissible by caster (+2 DC). Mitigating Factor: 32d6 backlash (-64 DC)

As the long incantation nears completion, you can feel the storm’s wrath building to a peak; the fire you have summoned, and infused with the power of your deity aches to break free and rain destruction upon the unworthy. With a final word, you release the magic, and gouts of fire burst from your body and streak into the clouds. You look up as the pain fades, and watch as flickers of brilliant, white flame begin to fall.

This spell summons a swirling thunderstorm that rains fire rather than raindrops down on the character and everything within a two-mile radius of him or her. Everything caught unprotected or unsheltered in the flaming deluge takes 15d12 points of damage each round; this damage is half fire and half divine. A successful Reflex save results in no damage, but the save must be repeated each round. Unless the ground is exceedingly damp, all vegetation is eventually blackened and destroyed, leaving behind a barren wasteland similar to the aftermath of a grass or forest fire. The fiery storm is stationary and persists even if the caster leaves. Channeling this spell inflicts 32d6 backlash damage on the caster.

Roar of Desolation
Evocation [Mind-affecting, Sonic]
Level: 12
Spellcraft DC: 54
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Area: 60-ft. cone.
Duration: Instantaneous, and 1 round/level (see text)
Saving Throw: Reflex half, and Will negates (see text)
Spell Resistance: Yes
To Develop: 378,000gp; 8 days; 15,120 xp. Seeds:
cone of cold (sonic) (DC 22), crushing despair (DC 20).
b]Factors:[/b] increase damage die by one step (+10), increase maximum damage by 10 dice (+10 DC), increase morale penalty by 5 (+10 DC). Mitigating Factors: Reduce duration to 1 round/level (-10 DC), 4d6 backlash (-8 DC)

Summoning your anger and magical power, you unleash a terrible roar of fury, with power enough to tear flesh and bone asunder. The foes who survive this battering ram of sound are left trembling in fear.

This spell deals 1d8 points of sonic damage per caster level to all creatures in a 60 ft.-long cone (maximum 25d8); a Reflex saving throw is allowed to halve this damage. All creatures in the area of effect must also make a Will saving throw; those who fail this save take a -7 morale penalty to all attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls, for one round per caster level. The caster takes 4d6 backlash damage, as the force of the roar rattles his flesh and bones.

Wyrm’s Might
Level: 13
Spellcraft DC: 62
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal.
Target: You.
Duration: 11 minutes (D)
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
To Develop: 434,000gp; 9 days; 17,360 xp. Seeds:
giant size (DC 26), cat’s grace (DC 16). Factor: spell from Wu Jen list (ad hoc +10 DC), dismissible by caster (+2 DC), increase duration by 1000% (+10 DC). Mitigating Factors: reduce Dexterity enhancement to +2 (ad hoc -4 DC).

You complete the incantation with a triumphant shout, which turns into a deafening roar. You look down upon your foes, who now seem small as ants; they have no chance against your newfound strength!

This spell makes the caster as large and strong as the greatest dragons. Upon completing this spell, the caster and all of his equipment grows to Huge, Gargantuan, or Colossal size (caster’s choice). A medium creature growing to Colossal gains +32 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +12 Constitution, +12 Natural Armor, -8 to attack rolls and AC, and a space and reach of 30 ft. The caster also gains a +2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity (negating the size penalty).
Material Component: The scale from a dragon or hair from a giant. Auric uses his own scales.
Note: Auric’s total benefits are +8 to melee attacks and damage (+12 two-handed damage., +4 secondary), -8 to ranged attacks, +400 hit points, +4 AC, -8 touch AC. His sword deals a base of 8d6 damage while colossal, his staff and claws deal 4d6, and his bite 2d8.


Bahamut’s Roar: This holy flare sonic blast longsword +7 grants its wielder the Improved Critical feat. The blade and hilt are inlaid with orichalcum, increasing its weight by a factor of eight and base damage by 1.5, and requiring a minimum Strength score of 25 to wield. In addition to its enhancements, the wearer receives the benefits of a constant detect evil and can use heal and zone of truth as spell-like abilities three times per day as a 54th level cleric; unlike normal spell-like abilities, these require the sword to be used as a focus component.

However, like all power, that of Bahamut’s Roar confers great responsibility on its wielder; it is as much a badge of office as a weapon. While wielding the blade (and not merely carrying it sheathed), Auric suffers a cumulative -1 penalty to all ability scores any time he commits an action of which Bahamut would not approve (DM’s discretion). This penalty remains for 24 hours, or until he performs an act of piety appropriate to his transgression; slaying an evil-aligned dragon or fiend, or taking damage while protecting innocent beings, is always considered appropriate. Bahamut’s Roar is an instrument of sacred vengeance; once drawn, it cannot be sheathed or willingly dropped until it has dealt damage to an evil-aligned creature.

Paladine Talisman: This sacred relic of Bahamut grants the bearer the divine abilities of Adjuration (celestials and metallic dragons only), Heavenly Soul, and Improved Damage Reduction (evil), provided he meets the prerequisites. It also holds a reserve of pure, divine energy, supplying 2,000 xp that Auric can spend in place of his own for purposes of spells with xp costs; this reserve can be split into multiple uses, and renews itself every sunrise.

The Scales of Varunaurum: The Scales are an intelligent suit of glamered soulfire full plate +7 of heavy fortification, with Int 32, Wis 33, Cha 32, and Ego 56. Varunaurum can speak all languages and read magic, but prefers to communicate via telepathy. The spirit within the armor has 20 ranks in Sense Motive and Diplomacy, may cast bless on the wearer and his allies 3/day, and heal 1/day. In addition, if the wearer is a half-dragon, his breath weapon increases in power, dealing 1 die of damage per 3 HD, with half class levels stacking with racial HD to determine the save DC. Varunaurum’s spirit can animate the armor for brief periods, allowing it to be donned or removed as a full round action without assistance, and without incurring penalties for being donned hastily. The Scales have an armor check penalty of -2, and are treated as medium armor for the purpose of proficiency and spell failure.

Corrodar’s Atonement: This cloak whips about of its own accord in battle, intercepting blows aimed at the wearer, granting a +7 shield bonus to AC. Unlike a normal shield, this bonus applies to touch AC, and as a bonus on any checks Auric makes to resist a bull rush, disarm, grapple, overrun, or trip attempt. It also bestows qualities similar to those of a Black Dragon; immunity to acid damage, and a swim speed equal to the wearer’s base land speed. The power of the cloak resonates with Auric’s own draconic blood, granting him incredible bodily toughness, changing all of his hit dice to d20s while it is worn.

Non-epic Items

Masterwork musical instruments: bagpipes, fiddle, dulcimer, mandolin, horn
Belt of many pockets
Foci for non-Epic spells

Adventure Ideas
Sub-Epic (Evil PCs):
Auric’s Avatar (Wyrmblade-25, Prophet) would be ideal as a climactic encounter for evil player characters on the cusp of divine ascension.
Sub-Epic (Non-evil PCs): The PCs have been drafted into Sanctuary’s military in preparation for inevitable war against the Chromatic homeland of Bastion. Due to critical personnel shortages, Auric (or an avatar) is their commanding officer.
Low-Epic: Auric has recovered a powerful evil artifact, but he cannot perform the long ritual to destroy it without leaving himself vulnerable to any number of foes. Will the PCs agree to protect him, or take advantage of his lowered guard?
Mid-Epic: Bahamut is dead, and his former Proxy stands accused of the heinous crime… but the PCs witnessed Platinum Dragon’s murder, and know Auric is innocent. Can they clear his name?

Skill points were calculated using his final Intelligence modifier, because I am lazy, and because I think it makes sense.

Wyrmblade (and Duskblade) uses the Bard column for spell points:
144 + 11 + 13 + 15 + 17 (ISC 6-9) + 242 (Cha 1-9) + 19x3 + 21x3 + 23x3 + 25x2 + 27x2 + 29x2 + 31x2 (ISC 10-16) = 855

The Quasi-deity template can be found in Upper_Krust’s Immortal’s Handbook: Ascension.

Ability scores:
14   11   16   14   12   17    (base, 5d6 drop two). 
+8       +2   +2         +2     half-dragon
         +2              +2    half-dragon paragon
+8   +6   +8   +6   +8  +10   divine bonuses
+5   +5   +5   +4   +2  +5   inherent bonuses
+3        +3             +6   level advancement
    -2     +4                         virtual size category
38  20    40   26  22   42

Item Pricing:
Bahamut’s Roar: +24.8 (26.6) equivalent.
Treat restriction as granting SLAs.
+23.8 (17x1.4 total bonus)
+1 Improved Critical
-1.8 for inherent bonus

Paladine Talisman: +22.8 (26) equivalent
+6 Adjuration
+6 Heavenly Spirit
+6 Improved Damage Reduction
+4.8 XP reserve (650 * 1.25 split * 1.5 secondary)
-3.2 for inherent bonus

Scales of Varunaurum: +25 (26) total bonus.
+7 (enhancement bonus)
+6 (Intelligence and all it brings with it)
+2 (Epic Dragon Breath feat)
+5 (Heavy fortification)
+4 (Soulfire)
+1 (Glamered, fast donning)
-1 for inherent bonus

Corrodar’s Atonement: +22 (26) total bonus.
+6 (shield bonus)
+1 (Shield Specialization)
+1 (Shield Ward)
+6 (acid immunity, divine ability)
+2 (swim speed, comparable to 1-2 feats)
+6 (Divine Toughness)
-4 for inherent bonus
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Attached is the Feanmerc Epic Spellcasting system based on the Improved Spell Capacity feat, Auric (and Mercucio when I post him) both use system in place of the normal Epic Spellcasting rules found in the ELH/Epic SRD.


  • Alt_Epic_Spells_a.pdf
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And here are the spells I had to split into a seperate file because of attachment size constraints.


  • Alt_Epic_Spells_b.pdf
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the Dreaming Prince, Ghost-Eyes

Human Male Quasi-deity
Age: approximately 3,200 years. Mercucio has focused on increasing his native prowess (i.e. class levels) instead of gathering the quintessence required to advance in divine rank. Nonetheless he remains a challenge most demi-deites are uncapable of defeating.
Aliases: Numerous
Allies: Leriste Iomedes, Lia, Vincaysa Roh
Enemies: Jibril Al-Aswad Amad, Nis-Ebon
Home Plane: Mercucio is a native of both Prime and Ethereal planes, and maintains his godly realm on the Ethereal plane.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (with Good tendencies)
Pantheon: Independant
Portfolios: Destiny, Trickery (?)
Relatives: Ananke (half-mother), Mosheh (father, deceased), Ysis (mother, deceased)

Age: Approximately 3200 years (appears late 20s) Eyes: Constantly changing Hair: Copper-brown. Build: Muscular. Height: 6’0” Race/Sex: Human/M. Skin: Light Tan. Demeanor: Friendly, curious. Dress: Practical but well made. True Attitude: Self-concerned.

What Comes Before
Ysis of Rhone of was an unwitting but vital pawn of Fate who, once her use her usefulness was ended, was cast aside without a second thought. Mosheh, Lord of the Fourth Temple, called the Unsanctified, was a terrible sorcerer-priest who blasphemed against the gods and destiny itself.

Cunning and ancient in wisdom, for he had put aside death millennia ago, Mosheh ruled his empire from the cathedral-fortress known as the Fourth Temple. This was not a temple to the gods, nature, or fate, but to the belief Mosheh could master all these forces and so one day reign supreme over all of creation. It seemed that Mosheh might one day succeed in his dreams for as the centuries passed he defeated each avatar sent against him, along with countless heroes and villains seeking to destroy him in the name of their divine masters. Yet Fate, with her patience and cunning, laid a trap for Mosheh.

Enter Ysis of Rhone. While Mosheh’s might was such that no divine power could observe his presence from afar it could not prevent him from being observed in person. Ysis of Rhone was the result of 1000 years of careful breeding and selection, directed by Fate for one purpose: to capture the heart (and thus the secrets) of Mosheh.

For all his cold calculation and dearly-bought wisdom Mosheh was as powerless to prevent himself from falling in love with Ysis. This subtle dance of introduction, seduction, and consummation took 10 years to accomplish but in the end Fate’s will was done: Ysis and Mosheh were joined together in matrimony. Their love would span another two millennia as Mosheh granted his beloved life eternal. Over these centuries Mosheh slowly and sparingly revealed some of his secrets to Ysis, and eventually told her how his power was anchored to the six Hearts of the Multiverse.

With the revelation of that knowledge Fate’s design was at last revealed. While no god could watch Mosheh from a far and he would sense and destroy any avatar sent to face him, he could not detect the spirit of Fate had hidden itself within Ysis’, lying dormant for two millennia while Mosheh unwittingly reveal his secrets.

Armed with this knowledge Fate put into motion the events that would sever Mosheh’s links to the Six Hearts of the Multiverse and the destruction of the Fourth Temple. The telling of that tale would take a volume all its own but no volume can contain all the truth of those days.

Histories claim that Ysis died the same day as her husband, her mind and will broken by her hideous betrayal of Mosheh. With his protections destroyed and his powers broken Fate took full control of Ysis’ body, relegating her to the role of helpless observer as Fate pronounced his doom and then plunged her dagger into his heart and ended the life of the multiversal tyrant and husband she loved above life itself.

Ysis did not die that day, though she should have. Broken and helpless she would have died in the collapse of the Fourth Temple, save for the intervention of Leriste Iomedes, an ancient ghost-king that was a sometimes part of Mosheh’s court. Mosheh was not the only who had fallen in love with the beautiful and vibrant woman who had become his wife. Leristes had fallen in love with Ysis the moment he had met her centuries previous. So ancient and powerful was Leriste’s spirit that he could manifest in the world of the Quick for a period of time, though the longer he remained manifest the weaker he became. On that day he weakened himself nigh on to dissolution but was able to bear Ysis out of the cathedral and away to safety.

Leriste’s act of love that day saved not one life, but two. For Ysis was pregnant, though neither she, Mosheh, Leriste, and perhaps even Fate herself were aware of the fact.

Nine long months passed. Ysis’ condition became apparent as the weeks progressed. Leriste brought Ysis to his ghostly mansion, where he could watch over her as night fell and his domain co-mingled with the lands of the Quick. As Ysis’ time grew near he summoned one of the scores of ghost kerns who bore him fealty to midwife the child’s birth. Born a clear night beneath the autumn stars Leriste named the child Mercucio and swore he would raise him in a manner befitting his heritage. Ysis’ sad tale comes to end only a few months later. Despite the best efforts of Leriste and his ghostly court she died and passed beyond the reach of his unrequited love.

Mercucio experienced a childhood like no other. What other child has been fostered by ghosts, confined to the mists of the Ethereal plane for half the day and only allowed to play and roam in the wild night of the Prime once the sun has set? For all the eeriness of his upbringing Mercucio’s childhood was a happy one, for he knew no other way of life. During the day he would be tutored in lore both forgotten and new by the astute and ancient ghosts who served as Leriste’s councilors while at other times he would be drilled in sword and mail by some of the greatest masters who ever lived. During the night he would escape the confines of his tutors to play with the corpse-candles, wisps, and fey who were inevitably drawn to haunt the environs of the Pale House wherever it manifested.

He grew from a thin slip of the child (while the ghostly fare of his foster-father’s kingdom sated his hunger and nourished him, it did so in ways that were not entirely natural at the expense of his strength) to a tall youth of comely looks and bright eyes whose color always seems to change from one moment to next—and how could they not, for his vision reflected the events of two worlds.

Mercucio spent his childhood ignorant of his heritage, if not his mother. While portiats of Ysis adorned the walls of serveral galleries Leriste feared if he revealed the circumstances Mercucio’s birth and his parents’ death the boy would be either driven mad or become obsessed with revenge. To insure the boy possess the skills necessary to survive in the lands of the Quick Leriste used exercised his control over the Pale Woods to slow the passage of time while the boy dwelt there, so that by his eighteenth year nearly a milennia had passed on the prime—a milennia which Mercucio would spend being tutored beneath watchful eyes of many ancient spirits considered masters of their chosen professions.

Leriste knew he could not keep the boy confined to the safety of the Pale Woods for eternity, but not even he could have anticipated the events that would draw Merucio out from the safe haven of the Pale Woods and onto the path of the muckramir and his introduction to the Game of Time.

In many ways a dutiful son to his adoptive father, Mercucio yearned to explore the Mists beyond the confines of the Pale Woods. His greatest joys were those nights when Leriste would allow his realm and the lands of the Quick to co-mingle and allow the young Mercucio to ramble over fields and woods previously unknown to him. As Mercucio grew and his skill in arms and sorcery increased Leriste slowly relaxed his restrictions on Mercucio’s ramblings by made his swear never to room the Deeps unless accompanied by one of his tutors or a member of the Revenant Knights.

A week after his eighteenth birthday Mercucio decided he was experienced enough to ignore his father’s warnings and take his first trip into the Ethereal Deeps unaccompanied. Taking only a few possessions Mercucio told his tutors that he would spend the next few days hunting the Border for nilshai and ethereal filchers, which at the time had been plaguing the Pale Woods.

After a day of (successful) hunting Mercucio felt confident that none would detect his ruse and so began his tentative exploration of the Deeps.

After spending three days wandering the endless depths Mercucio learned what Leriste had been unwilling to teach him: In order to get anywhere within the Deeps you must first have some idea of the location you wish to travel. Only when he began wishing he could return to the Pale Woods did he learn this simple truth. Elated by his discovery but aware that to linger any longer risks his father sending out his vassals to find him, Mercucio made his way back in haste.

A haste that would prove to be his undoing. Focused inward on possible places to try reaching when he made his next excursion to the Deeps, Mercucio had the incredible misfortune to run across the path of a reconnaissance team composed of six Red ethergaunts.

Crossing paths at the edge of the divide between the Border and the Deeps after a successful scouting mission the Reds were full aware that revelation of their return could not be allowed before the Blacks deemed them ready they quickly fell upon the unsuspecting Mercucio.

Materializing out of the Mists they unleashed a barrage of rays from their etherlances, expecting the lone insect to die within seconds of their ambush. When they ceased their assault Mercucio had vanished beneath the fire of their etherblades. Two of the ethergaunts advance at the ready as the churning mists settle, intent on carrying his remains back for dissection. Just as their senses register there is nothing where the insect’s body should be one of their comrades calls in an alarm—a cry that is suddenly cut off.
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Fighter 8/Wizard 5/Phantasmal Harrier 35

Medium Outsider (Augmented, Human, Native)
Hit Dice: 8d10+64 plus 5d4+40 plus 35d6+280 (697 hp, 1394 in godly realm)
Initiative: +27 (+15 Dex, +8 Superior Initiative, +4 divine)
Speed: 190 ft. (38 squares)
Armor Class: 83 (+12 natural, +15 Dex, +15 circumstance, +10 armor, +10 dodge, +7 deflection, +4 divine), touch 61, flat-footed 68. 30% miss chance..
Base Attack/Grapple: +30/+37
Attack: Runewhisper +74/+69/+64 melee (1d8+25/12-20/x2 plus 10d6 plus steal spell); or by spell +65 melee touch or +65 ranged touch
Full Attack: Runewhisper +74/+74/+69/+64/+59 melee (1d8+25/12-20/x2 plus 10d6 plus steal spell); or by spell +65 melee touch or +65 ranged touch
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: cozen, phantom strike 14/day, sneak attack +10d6, spells, spell-like abilities, steal spells
Special Qualities: ananke’s rebellious son, anyfeat, bend chance, destiny portfolio, elusive defense +8, ghost-eyes, haladin traits, hide in plain sight, human traits, improved uncanny dodge, nescient, spell resistance 66, superior mirage step, unpresence.
Saves: Fort +35(50), Ref +43(58), Will +32(47)
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 40, Con 26, Int 40, Wis 20, Cha 24
Skills: Balance +25, Bluff +60, Climb +25, Concentration +60, Craft (painting) +45, Decipher Script +45, Diplomacy +25*, Escape Artist +70, Hide +70(90), Jump +84, Knowledge (arcana) +65, Knowledge (history) +40, Knowledge (planes) +45, Knowledge (religion) +45, Listen +60, Move Silently +70, Open Lock +60, Ride +30, Search +60, Sense Motive +30*, Sleight of Hand +65, Spellcraft +60, Spot +60, Swim +25, Tumble +70, Use Magic Device +45.
Feats: Arcane Strike, Amplify Spell, Bounding Assault, Darkstalker, Dodge, Empower Spell, Exotic Weapon (thinblade), Heighten Spell, Melee Weapon Mastery (slashing), Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Rapid Blitz, Spell Mastery, Spring Attack, Telling Blow, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (longsword)
Epic Feats: Automatic Metamagic x3, Consume Magic, Improved Spell Capacity x7, Improved Weapon Finesse, Metamagic Freedom, Self-Concealment x3, Spell Stealer, Superior Initiative, Superior Mirage Step, Tenacious Spell
Divine Abilities: Anyfeat, Bend Chance, Cozen (Anyfeat), Nescient, Sealed Life
Divine Weakness: Death-touched
Environment: Any
Organization: Unique
Treasure: Anharion’s tear, runewhisper, sash of swift lightning, Selene’s favor.
Challenge Rating: 42
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Good tendencies

The sandy-haired man standing before you is of above average height, dressed in finely made robes, and bears several expensive looking pieces of jewelery. Belted at his waste is an oddly shaped, silver-hilted sword in a sheath of dark gray leather.

Just because you have a destiny does not mean it is your only destiny.”

Ananke’s Rebellious Son: Child of Mosheh and Ysis and spiritually the bastard child of Ananke, Mercucio has inherited a fraction of their combined powers, granting him the following benefits:
—Damage reduction 10/epic.
—Mercucio adds his Charisma bonus (minimum 1) as a deflection bonus to his AC.
—Mercucio adds a +4 divine bonus to: armor class; attack rolls; checks (ability checks, caster level checks, skill checks, turning checks); save DC of all special abilities, spell-like abilities, and spells; initiative; saving throws, and spell resistance.
—Godly Realm: Mercucio’s godly realm has a diameter of 1.7 miles and Mercucio has ruled it for 3200 years. Within his divine realm Mercucio can impose a -4 divine penalty on all rolls to any or all characters (even more powerful deities).
—Mercucio can grant spells of up to 7th level.
—Mercucio can spend 10% of his total quintessence to create an avatar with 24 levels and the Prophet template. An avatar’s ability scores are equal to 7+ 1/2 (round down) the same ability score possessed by his manifestation. If Mercucio gains levels or increases an ability score, so too do his avatars.
—Immortality: Mercucio does not age, requires no air to breathe, no food or drink, nor sleep.
—Immunities: Mercucio is unaffected by natural effects such as: ability damage, disease, natural elements (cold, drowning, fire, lava, lightning etc.), poison and so forth. He can still be affected by magical cold, magical disease, magical fire etc.
—Mercucio possesses spell resistance equal to his level +14.
—Level Adjustment: +13

Ghost-Eyes (Ex): Raised in the Pale Woods amongst the shades of the dead, Mercucio’s enviroment has changed him in many subtle ways, granting him the following benefits:
—Lowlight vision, can see five times further than a human.
—Darkvision 180 feet.
—Mercucio can see any objects or beings that are invisible within his range of vision, as well as any that are astral or ethereal, as if they were normally visible.
—Mercucio is a native of both the Ethereal and Prime Material Plane. Unlike other native outsiders Mercucio is not automatically proficient with all simple and martial weapons.
—Mercucio suffers a -2 penalty on all Charisma-related checks (except Intimidate) when dealing with mortal creatures.

Haladin Traits: In addition to the normal traits humans receive, Haladin also receive the following benefits:
—+2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Wis.
—Natural Prowess (Ex): Mercucio receives an additional bonus feat from the fighter bonus feat list at 1st level and every ten levels after that (10th, 20th, ect).
—Level Adjustment: +2

Anyfeat (Divine): Mercucio gains any two feats he meets the prerequisites for. Once per round as a free action per feat Mercucio can change the feat granted by this ability to any other feat he could qualify for. Mercucio cannot change the Anyfeat while he has a previous use of the Anyfeat in effect.

Bend Chance (Divine): As the renegade child of the Ananke, Mercucio possesses incredible chance-altering abilities, allowing him to do the following:
—Reroll a roll he has just made and keep the better of the two results. Activating this effect doesn't take an action; Mercucio can even activate it on another character's turn if needed. This an extraordinary ability.
—As an immediate action Mercucio can force another creature to re-roll a roll it has just made and use whichever result he prefers. This is an supernatural ability

Cozen (Divine): Any time Mercucio successfully sneak attacks an opponent, he may steal one of their divine abilities. Mercucio can posssess up to 4 stolen abilities at any one time and stolen divine abilities are either returned by him voluntarily or upon his death.

Death-Touched (Divine Weakness): Mercucio registers as a undead creature for spells and effects that sense undead. Spells or effects that deal additional hit point damage to undead deal their increased damage to Mercucio. He does not, however, suffer any additional non-hit point related effects.

Destinty Portfolio: Mercucio possesses the Destiny portfolio, granting him the following powers:
Secrets of Destiny (Su): Mercucio can sense the presence of any creature with a luck bonus with the area of his divine aura as if he possessed the blindsense ability.
Serendipty (Su): Mercucio do not treat the roll of a “1” on a d20 as an automatic failure.
Self-Conviction (Ex): Once per round you can add a luck bonus equal to your divine rank to any die roll or your Armor class against a single attack.
Kin of the Chosen (Ex): Creatures you summon add your divine rank as a luck bonus to attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks.

Divine Aura (Su): Mercucio’s divine aura has a radius of 145 feet and once per round as a free action Mercucio can choose from one the following effects (Will save DC 36 negates):
Daze: Creatures within the aura’s area of effect must make a Will save or be unable to act, other than defend themselves.
Fear: Creatures within the aura’s area of effect must make a Will save or be shaken and suffer a -2 morale penalty on attack rolls, saves and checks.
Heroism: Allies within the aura’s area of effect gain a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves and skill checks.

Elusive Defense (Ex): Mercucio receives a +8 dodge bonus to AC and gains a +70 bonus to his land speed. Mercucio suffers no penalty to his AC or melee attack rolls when kneeling, sitting, or prone. This ability only works if Mercucio wears light or no armor and carries no more than a light load.

Familiar: Mercucio gains one additional metamagic feat at 1st level in place of a familiar.

Hide in Plain Sight (Su): As long as Mercucio is within 10 feet of some sort of shadow, he can hide himself from view in the open without having anything to actually hide behind. He cannot, however, hide in his own shadow.

Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex): Mercucio retains his Dexterity bonus to AC even if he is caught flat-footed or struck by an invisible attacker and can no longer be flanked, except by a 36th level or higher rogue.

Nescient (Divine): Mercucio ignores all feat prerequisites.

Phantom Strike (Su): Up to 14 times per day Mercucio may use a swift action at the beginning of his turn to resolve all melee attacks he makes that round as touch attacks. While this ability is active his attacks gain the ghost touch property.

Sealed Life (Divine): Mercucio is immune to ability damage and drain, death effects, and negative levels.

Sneak Attack (Ex): When fighting an foe whom he flanks or who is denied their Dexterity bonus to AC againt his attacks, Mercucio inflicts 10d6 extra points of damage on a successful melee attack. Creatures without a discernable immunity or immune to critical hits are immune to this damage.

Spell-like Abilities: At will—augury, astral projection, bestow greater curse (DC 44), blink, choose destiny, commune, delay death, dispel magic (greater), dream casting, etherealness, freedom of movement, geas (DC 42), moment of prescience, omen of peril, plane shift, rope trick, see invisible, screen, sending, shadow walk, stalwart pact, teleport (greater), tongues, warp destiny; 4/day—miracle (DC 45). Caster level 52nd. The save DCs are Charisma-based.

Spell Resistance (Su): Mercucio possesses a spell resistance score equal to 15 + his phantasmal harrier class level.

Superior Mirage Step (Ex or Su): Mercucio’s ghostly nature grants him the following benefits:
—Mercucio ignores all terrain-based penalties to movement. This is an extraordinary ability.
—Mercucio can travel through the air as if under the benefits of an air walk spell. If Mercucio does not move at least 10 feet each round he loses the benefit of this ability at the end of his turn. This is a supernatural ability.
—Mercucio can turn incorporeal. Each sqaure of incorporeal movement taken counts as 2 sqaures of normal movement. If Mercucio does not move at least 10 feet each round he loses the benefit of this ability at the end of his turn. If Mercucio is within solid matter when this ability ends he is shunted to the closest open space, taking 1d6 points of damage per 5 ft. square travelled.This is a supernatural ability.

Unpresence (Su): Any creature attempting to use a divination spell, clairsentience power, or similar effect to locate Mercucio must make a successful caster level (in the case of spells, spell-like abilities, and powers) or level check (in the case of extraordinary or supernatural abilities) against a DC of 67.

Weapon & Armor Proficiencies: Mercucio is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, and shields.

Wizard Spells Per Day: 4/7/6/6/5/6/6/6/6/5 and 3/3/2/2/2/2/1 or 796 spell points per day. Caster level 52nd. Save DCs are 44 + spell level.

Epic Spells Known
10th spiritual awareness.
11th unseen.
12th ghost ring.
13th rune of cancellation, wondrous reflection.
14th knights of mist and shadow.
15th none.
16th five steps ahead.

Anharion’s Tear:
Appearing as a tear-shaped diamond with a bluish tint, legend hold this relic to be the crystalized tear of an elder one of magic. Once affixed beneath its bearer’s eye Anharion’s tear may only be removed by the bearer or once the bearer is slain. Anharion’s tear grants the bearer the following benefits:
Anharion’s tear functions as 2000 point experience reserve Mercucio can draw of of instead of his own when casting spells. Mercucio can divide this reserve between multiple spells and it automatically refreshes every 24 hours.
—Any bearer who meets the prerequisites gains access to the following feeats: Automatic Metamagic Capacity x3, Eschew Materials, Improved Spell Resistance x2, and Spell Stowaway (time stop).
—Any bearer who meets the prerequisites gains the Cunning Soul and Cunning Spirit divine abilities.

Caster Level: 48th.

Runewhisper: This ancient blade resembles an elven thinblade but is too austere to be of elven make, with only a dusting of precious inlays and none of the decorative hilt and pommel-work elven smiths are so fond of. Runewhisper is a mithril ghost-touch keen sure-striking elven thinblade +6 that grants Divine Sneak Attack, Greater Critical (thinblade), and Silent Spell to any wielder who meets the prerequisites.

Runewhisper can cloak its bearer in absolute silence whenever the bearer desires. While this ability is active the bearer automatically succeeds Move Silently checks as if he were an incorporeal creature and is immune to any effect that requires the bearer to hear it. Conversely the bearer automatically fails any Listen check while cloaked in silence and cannot cast any spell with a verbal spell component (barring Silent Spell).

Caster Level: 48th.

Mantle of Swift Lightning: This suit of beautifully crafted armor is made from the skin of an abomination slain by Mercucio. The mantle of swift lighting appears to be made from the finest suede leather in shades of dark gray and mithril reinforcements and reinforcement. The mantle of of swift lightning has the same statistics as a mithril chainmail, however it also grants the Blinding Speed, Light Armor Mastery, and Light Fortification feats to any bearer who meets the prerequisites. The mantle retains much of the divine power of the abomination it was take from, granting the bearer immunity to electricity, the Quickness divine ability, and a +20 competence bonus Hide checks.

Caster Level: 48th.

Selene’s Favor: This pin takes the form of thin silver band of elaborate silver knotwork. Selene’s favor grants a bearer who meets the prerequisites the following divine abilities: Cunning Body, Cunning Mind, Divine Spell Preparation, Energy Immunity (cold).

Caster Level: 48th, Cost: 6,250,000gp.

Other Equipment: +2 Dex graft, +20 points of inherent bonuses.
Designer Notes

1. Merucio (and Auric) were designed using the quasi-deity templates without the extra wealth levels. The current divine wealth system, however, does not account for buying epic spells, ect. As a result we agreed allow each character to possess NPC wealth equal to their non-divine ECL that could be spent on epic spells, inherent bonuses, grafts, epic magic items, ect.

2. In cases where a PC has left over fractions of +'s for magic items they are allowed to convert that to gp and add that to their total wealth.

3. Haladin is a human sub-race created by Feanaro of Dicefreaks in conjunction with his Middle Earth d20 conversion.

4. Phantasmal Harrier is a new PrC I wrote. Consume Magic is also a feat I wrote. Tenacious Spell is an adaption of the normal Tenacious [X] feat found in the SRD and has a +6 spell level adjustment.

5. Portfolios are Destiny (see the main IH thread) and Transitive.
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Interesting, though I could have sworn that the foundation for the epic spell system you're using was contrived by someone else... wasn't it the guy who also did the Middle-earth conversion?


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Pssthpok said:
Interesting, though I could have sworn that the foundation for the epic spell system you're using was contrived by someone else... wasn't it the guy who also did the Middle-earth conversion?

Where do you think the Fean in Feanmerc came from? Or the Merc for that matter ;).


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It should be noted that the two authors of the system have differing opinions on certain parts of it; if you get a copy from each of them, you will have two slightly different products.


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Pssthpok said:
That's why I asked. I wasn't sure.
Np, I was teasing you :). My sense of humor tends to be hard get *le sigh*. Yes, Feanaro and I developed the system from an off-hand remark of U_K's. Funny how everything seems to work in a circle :).

WD is correct as well, Feanaro and I do have differences of opinion on the system, but honestly most of those are different feelings on how things should be costed. Enjoy and modify to fit your own needs...but please let me know if you find any horrible gaping holes.

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