D&D 5E Predictions for D&D 2024?

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It does has precedent, it was done with 4E's online tools and the 3E tools. At some point, the 2014 books will no longer be usable with the builder.
Not necessarily, particularly since they are fully compatible with the revisions and long term any sort of major change is unlikely. Servicing an evergreen population is in WotC's interests, and seems to be what they are working towards.

WotC should look into doing something with the USO something similar. There's a lot of military folks who love to play D&D. Well the U.S. military, I can't comment on other militaries.


I predict that WoTC will lobby for a new law that gives personhood to AI.

They will then forcefully remove all of their artist with assistance from the Pinkertons, and hire an AI to do the illustrations (that can now be legally regarded as a person), allowing them to technically keep their promise...

:D ;)
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B/X Known World
WotC will have several major scandals and the vast majority of fans will simply shrug and keep buying their products regardless.

The OSR and NuSR scenes will continue to put out far better and far more creative works than WotC ever has. The vast majority of the industry and fans will continue to ignore it all. Old-School Essentials and Dungeon Crawl Classics will continue being the big dogs of the OSR scene. Borg games will continue to dominate the NuSR scene.

More heartbreakers will be published by companies big and small. Their diehard fans will latch on and maybe make a few converts. But the black hole at the center of the RPG industry will continue to hoover up all the light.

Critical Role will have a scandal and the fanbase will split.

Critical Role will end Campaign 3 and start Campaign 4…using Daggerheart. This may or may not cause the scandal and fanbase split mentioned above.

Chaosium will continue to be radio silent about Cthulhu by Gaslight. Only announcing its release a few seconds before sales go live.

The Fallbacks are the band of Adventurer protagonists in an upcoming intro novel from Penguin Press in a few months, "Bound for Ruin". Apparently the characters were designed by the D&D design team and given to Penguin to make a novel as part of some broader campaign.

PR stuff:

View attachment 342264

"Licensed by Wizards of the Coast, The Fallbacks: Bound for Ruin introduces a new Dungeons & Dragons adventuring party, The Fallbacks, whose encounters with classic Forgotten Realms locations, villains, and monsters will be chronicled across multiple publishing initiatives. Someday, The Fallbacks might be Faerûn’s finest adventuring party. Right now, they’re the backup plan."

"Designed by the Dungeons & Dragons team, these five adventurers and their monstrous mascot honor the game’s founding classes while putting a contemporary spin on fantasy archetypes. They’re the perfect party for newcomers looking to explore the Dungeons & Dragons universe and for fans seeking new escapades in a beloved setting."

"“We’re so excited for fans to discover these compelling and innovative characters,” enthused Paul Morrissey, publishing lead at Wizards of the Coast. “With The Fallbacks: Bound for Ruin, Jaleigh Johnson wrote a blockbuster novel that serves as a brilliant introduction to The Fallbacks, and a fantastic on-ramp to the world of Dungeons & Dragons.”"

And the book summary:

"The Fallbacks: Bound for Ruin
Tessalynde is an ambitious young rogue who dreams of leading Faerûn’s foremost adventuring party. While the crew she’s gathered isn’t the stuff of legend yet, she’s confident her guidance can get them there."

"The team: Anson, a fighter too stubborn to stay down, even when the odds are stacked against him. Cazrin, a self-taught wizard determined to test her theoretical mettle against the real world. Baldric, a cleric who refuses to tie himself to a single deity when he can trade favors with them all. Lark, a bard with as many secrets as songs. And, of course, Uggie, a monstrous pet otyugh who loves giving hugs and eating trash."

"Their first job: recovering a mysterious spellbook from a lost temple for a hefty payout. Tess hopes this assignment can turn her group of fledgling freelancers into a true team. But when their client is killed, their coin and his murderer both vanish, leaving the party to take the fall."

"Stuck with a sentient, bloodthirsty grimoire and pursued by mercenaries and the undead, this is hardly the mission Tess envisioned. Her crew must save the day, get the gold, and clear the party’s name—which they haven’t even agreed upon yet! With the threats against them mounting, a single mistake will see this party over before it even begins."

"Can this band of mismatched misfits stay together in the face of danger? Or are they bound for ruin?"

Anyone else think Baldric looks like a Dwarf Cleric Mr. T?

"I pity the fool who doesn't believe in the Gods!" 🤣

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