D&D 5E Quick question about fighter/warlock multiclass


I'd love a reality check. If I have a fighter 5 (getting an extra attack) / warlock 10 with the pact of the blade and the thirsting blade eldritch invocation (attack twice instead of once with your pact weapon), does the warlock attack twice or three times with the pact weapon? I've now talked myself into and out of both options, so could use a neutral opinion.

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Twice. I'd follow the extra attacks don't stack rule.

In any case, I don't think RAW you could get to three. You have two different ways to get to 2 attacks...


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I'll echo Brehobit and say "Just two."

Much like how things that change how your AC is calculated don't stack, the same goes for attacks.

So you could take your two attacks from the Fighter's Extra Attack feature, or the two attacks from the Warlock feature, but the two don't play together.
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