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I watched it at home on Blu ray. In science fiction and fantasy films I want to be immersed into that world. Here the cinematography was too dark in places and uninspired in others. Many of the non-human races looked fake. These factors pulled me out of the film. Some dialogue was difficult to make out and otherwise needed editing. The acting and story were adequate. I gave it a 6/10.

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I still think there were more "look, it's a D&D world" bits than were strictly necessary -- what was with all the freaking axe beaks, a monster no one has particularly cared about? -- but this is definitely as good as a mid-tier (so better than the most recent phase) Marvel movie, which I think is still a surprising achievement.
The axe beaks were one of my favorite bits of worldbuilding in the movie. Sure, nobody particularly cares about axebeaks in the same way noone particularly cares about Knucklehead trout or giant goats. But it makes for a bit of tasty world building.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Also, when do we get tiny rust monsters like they had in the movie? Little itty bitty ones would probably be more of a nuisance than the dog-sized ones in the Monster Manual, as they could lair in mouse holes and stay out of sight except when they were devouring a party's metal while they're asleep for the night.


Perfectly bland entertainment with a few nice moments but generally let down by odd pacing, a rambling story, and weird little moments where they resolve problems in ways that don't make a lot of sense even within the rules laid down by the story.


I saw it March 26th with the people in my gaming group. If I saw this poll when it was first posted I'd probably give it a 3. I didn't think the story was anything special, and the tone was a little too humorous for me. But the visuals were good. I rewatched it when it came out on VOD but after it dropped in price. I liked it better the second time around but still wasn't WOW'd by any means. So, I give it a five at this point. I'm not saying it was bad or good, I'm just neutral about it I suppose. I'm not a movie buff, I don't always pick up on subtle points of the plot, etc., so I'm a casual viewer at best. That's with most movies. If I came across it on cable or free on streaming, I'd give it another chance and I think it may grow on me if I saw it again. If they make a sequel, I'd prefer a different setting and new cast though.

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