Recommend a Virtual Tabletop (VTT), 2022 Edition

Which VTT Do You Use/Recommend? (2022 Edition)

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FG is my first choice. The automation is great, especially for more mechanically complex games like PF and SF where you want to track lots of ongoing effects. It has a bit more of a learning curve for things like coding effects, but most stuff is pretty straightforward. It also has great product support from most major game companies so it is very easy to get up an running with published adventures and such.

Roll20 is fine. It has the biggest user base so it is the best platform for finding groups, especially if you are looking for a very specify system or time. It also has great product support and decent tools. However, even having played on it for hundreds of hours, I still find the interface clunky and hard to navigate. Example: using Roll20 as a player recently to cast fireball I needed to 1) click on the fireball action on my character sheet 2) minimize the character sheet window so I could see the "spell" window that had opened up UNDER the character sheet window 3) click on the spell window to cast the spell 4) go to the sidebar and put it in "chat" view so I could see the damage I rolled.

I have only used Foundry for about a half dozen game sessions so I can't give an in-depth review. It has a great UI but the lack of support for published materials is big drawback.

I have looked at Owlbear Rodeo, and it seems great as a bare bones VTT. Having invested time and money in the more complex platforms I don't see why I would ever use it myself, but I would recommend it to anyone new to VTTs who wanted a no-fuss way to get started.


I chose MapTools from RPTools, since it's a very powerful, customizeable virtual tabletop application and it's FREE - unlike most of the rest. That said, I don't need nor use Virtual Tabletop for my live home games, I design and print large format maps, we use miniatures and play on a live table. I do design VTT maps and map objects as a publisher, but not for my games.


I've used a number of the popular VTTs and haven't yet been convinced to move my preference away from Fantasy Grounds. I've been using it for over 15 years... well, first Fantasy Grounds and now Fantasy Grounds Unity. I keep rooting for all of them to get better so that it will put pressure on the others to improve as well.

Like some folks have mentioned above, if someone just wants a map with tokens, Owlbear handles that just fine. (I've played on it in a weekly campaign that went for a few months.) It doesn't do any of the cool stuff that Fantasy Grounds does, but if all you want is a map and tokens, have at it with Owlbear.

DM Greg

Fantasy Grounds. It is cross-platform agnostic on Linux, Mac, and Windows OS. I prefer playing on a desktop application instead of my web browser. The automation is amazing. The depth is ridiculous. Oh, and their library of the officially licensed content on their web store is incomparable.

If there are two vote options then it should be Fantasy Grounds Classic and Fantasy Grounds Unity. IMO it should only be one since Classic is no longer getting updates.


Fantasy Grounds Unity.

The automation of tracking effects, licensed content, the community and developers are amazing!
Learning curve yes. But well worth it in the long run.

I understand the need for something simple, and browser oriented, but I would urge every DM to at least try FGU and then decide.

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