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Recruiting More Players for "Legacy of the Silver Dragon" PbP


Greetings all. I have been running a slow and leisurely PbP, the beginning of which can be seen here:

OOC: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?310155-Legacy-of-the-Silver-Dragon-(Swords-and-Wizardry-Core-4th-Ed)
IC: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?310474-Legacy-of-the-Silver-Dragon-(S-amp-W-4th-ed)

I've been enjoying it, but there's been a bit of a push and pull between the campaign being mostly Dungeon crawls (the original goal) and a bit more open with intrigue and mysteries. As such, I think I want to create two groups in the campaign world. These are the:

Dungeon Delvers (4-5 players)
Whatever Seems Interesting (2-3 players)

Characters will not be required to stay in their initial group, and they may band together (or perhaps even work at cross purposes at some points).

Character generation rules can be found in the OOC thread, but basically are the classes from Swords and Wizardry, 4th edition (not the 'Complete' rules), The basic rules for character generation are in post #2.

If you're interested, post here first and say which group you want to join. I'll note that there's likely only room for one player in the WSI group as we have one Elf, and a Dwarven Cleric. If you're willing to take over a former player's PC, there's a Fighter called Stellan who has been basically NPCed since the start and would be in the WSI group.

We have a Halfling in the Dungeon Delvers group.

One other complication is that we also have a Human Cleric who may not be returning, but if he does I'm not sure which group he will prefer. For now I will fill slots and assume he won't be coming back, but will then let him decide where he wants to go.

If you aren't sure whether you would like this campaign, my basic philosophy is old school. Dice are not fudged. If your character dies, well, it's a decent sized town and there are probably other adventuring types willing to join in (in other words, you can roll up a new character). My combat style is fairly loose. You tell me what you want to do, I tell you when it happens and what happens based on your die rolls (using the S&W combat rules of course). If you read through the two IC threads, you can get an idea of how things have gone previously...

I will hold this open until May 1st, and hopefully the campaign will continue with new players then!


Still any openings available? I'm new to pen and paper rpgs, but I'm very interested. Either group would be fine by me, I own the 4e player book and can make a character to join in the adventure


Alkaline13, I think if you want to make up a character, feel free to do so. Let me know if you need more information than what I posted in the OOC thread for the character generation rules....


Thanks! Looking forward to getting started... I'm new to this hobby, but excited to try something different. Need to work out a PC stat line and a back story!


ok, I've rolled my 3d6 and have come up with the following:

11 STR - 11 = 0
13 CON - 13 = +1
16 DEX - 18 = +4
9 INT - 9 = -1
11 WIS - 11 = 0
8 CHA - 10 = 0

so... he's not very bright or good looking. Sounds like someone will need to wear a mask and keep quiet. I haven't decided on a race or class just yet, but I thought I'd see what the group needs at the moment - and some advice as this is my first time playing a game like this. I'm using the 4e book for reference.

I've decided I'm going to play a Halfling Rogue. (+2 DEX, +2 CHA) I can't figure out what my "hit die" would be though so decide my starting HP.
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Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
so... he's not very bright or good looking. Sounds like someone will need to wear a mask and keep quiet.
:) Remember that 10 is the average for the population at large, so he's an otherwise average fellow with a solid constitution and olympic class dexterity.

I've decided I'm going to play a Halfling Rogue. (+2 DEX, +2 CHA) I can't figure out what my "hit die" would be though so decide my starting HP.
Do note that Gambler allows us to swap two stats with each other at character creation if we want. So you could shift that 18 to another slot if you preferred.

Thieves roll 1d4 for their Hit Points (it's in the stat block on page 14 of the rule book). Then you can roll for your gold and buy your starting equipment.

Re party composition, as Gambler noted above, the Anything Goes party has a dwarven priest of secrets, an elven magic-user/fighter (though so far much more the former than the later ;)) and an NPC'd human fighter (which you can take over if you want to go that way). We are soon to be joined by a human priestess of defenders/fortifications as well, if you're following events in the OOC thread. On the Hack and Slash group (Hack and Loot?), there is so far a Halfling thief -- which could make for some interesting questing and strategizing (two Halfling thieves together, I mean).


My 18 DEX is just a result of the bonus from being a Halfling should be nice ducking in and out of shadows and doing flips around traps :cool:

My starting hp is 2+ roll (4/2 = 2) + CON bonus (1) = 5hp

So now I have my race, class, and HP... now I need to come up with the important info like a NAME! haha.

Is it 3*d6 for everyone's gold? or is there something I missed? if that's the case, I rolled (6,4,5)x10 =150gp
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Not sure where you're getting the +2 Dex or +2 Cha. We're using Swords & Wizardry Core Rulebook (4th printing) which doesn't have any additions based on race.

If that changes where you want to place your stats, let me know. It's 3d6 x 10 for gold (as indicated in the rules).


Oh, I was going from the d&d4e rulebook - I don't have that other one. :confused: sorry for the confusion.

Ok, so are those rules posted for free anywhere? Or know of a torrent floating around?

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
The rules are short, and free (please don't ask about torrentz, it's... generally considered bad form). Anyways, you can find the link as well as character creation guidelines in the first two posts of the official OOC Tread.

It's a different, earlier world than D&D 4E, as you'll see, one where I personnaly got my start, actually. :) OSR (Old School Renaissance) games aim to re-create the excitment and danger of early gaming, before we got buried in stats and rules. I'd actually recommend it for a first time player, as it will allow you to master the basic concepts before moving on to more complex, tactical systems like 4E. YMMV, of course, but that's my fifteen bucks right there (inflation's a b***h, you know :)).

Oh, and thanks for the reputation, much appreciated.

EDIT= Re background, just a suggestion here, but maybe you could be the brother of our current hafling thief if you want, irrespective wether you join the anything Goes or the Hack and Loot groups? It would get you a strong in, either to be recruited by Bosco, or to contact Antares (who'se presently staying as a semi-freeloading guest at the halfling's house until he can his finances in order (been kicked out of his rich parent's house for liking the academic side of things a bit too much (read: not even starting to pull his own weight at the elvish equivalent of 18 :D)).
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I downloaded the PDF last night, and luckily today starts my summer vacation from my studies. Now I will have time to relax and read through this rulebook :) I'll page through it and post an update soon


So it's basically a less complicated version of d&d? That sounds great! I hate to pad my post count with another little tidbit, but I plan to sit down tomorrow and knock out some info for my character.


Alkaline13, the S&W core rules are basically a cleaned up version of OD&D (the original D&D rules). It relies a lot on the DM to make rulings. There aren't rules for everything a character can do, and so that means you're free to ask if you can do something, and then I decide if you can do it and what roll (if any) you have to make and what the consequences of success or failure are.


How realistic do you run the game? If I buy 20 arrows and take a shot, will I need to keep track of the total number? How do you count gear? (Do I need to keep track of my weight?) taking a look in the rule book to decide on my gear... now that I'm looking at the right rulebook. Lol


Character Name:Wilben Milner, aka Wil
Class: Thief / Rogue
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Deity: gold
Age: 18

STR: 11
DEX: 16
CON: 13
INT: 9
WIS: 8
CHA: 11

Saving Throw: 15

Items purchased:
Backpack (30 lb) x1
Bedroll x1
Candle x10
Chalk x10
Fishing Net (25sq ft) x1
Flint & Steel x1
Grappling Hook x1
Hammer x1
Ink pots x2
Ladder (10ft) x5
Latern, bullseye x1
Oil, lamp (1 pint) x5
Parchment (sheet) x10
Rope, hemp (50ft) x2
Sack (15lb) x3
Torch x20
Waterskin x2
Tent x1
Iron pot x1
Rations, trail x4
Spike, Iron x5
(49.00gp spent)

Leather Armor
(5.00gp spent, weighs 25lbs)

Dagger x4
Sword, Short x2
Sling x1
Stones, sling x1stack (20)
(24.20gp spent, weighs 24lbs)

Gold Pieces remaining: 71.8 gp
Weight carried 56lbs

Wilben grew up in Port Osvale, to the far west, as the son of a fisherman. Even from a very young age, he could remember seeing noble warriors in plate armor, mysterious sorcerers with flowing robes, holy priests with chains and relics around their waists and necks... all passing through their port. As he grew older, so did his curiosity for life beyond the fisherman's duty.

As he "matured," he honed his craft... albeit not much, but years of working on a ship helped his coordination on land. His sense of balance, strength, and general dexterity were his area of expertise. Tired of being just the son of a fisherman, he decided to take his skills to the streets. Wil figured with his quick hands and quick tongue, he could make a small fortune off of the visitors of the port. But like all young men who get greedy, stealing coin from the local tourists became too simple - and to push the envelope he began to take small trinkets, which then became larger trinkets... and so went the pattern until one day Wil was stopped by a mysterious person, dressed in black leather.

The mystery person grabbed Wil's hand, just as it was about to slip a very shiny broach from a woman's dress as she was looking the other way. The person spoke in his ear quietly, "are you looking to get caught? I've watched you perform this thievery in the same area of the market place! Are you trying to go to jail for something so cheap? If you want to make more money, follow me to the pub... we have much to discuss..." Wil removed his arm quickly, turning away from the woman who still had no idea what just happened.

Wil barely noticed the man wearing black seated in the far corner until he was waved to the table. There he found the mysterious stranger sipping an ale and a funny little halfling smoking herbs and blowing smoke rings to amuse himself. "How would you like to make more money and see the world? We are looking for another person to join our little band of thieves... and a young person like you is just what we need... we leave town tomorrow. Bosco here and I will give you the proper training you need to not be so damned obvious and stupid! We don't need you getting caught if you're with us! We are staying in the Inn here, if you are to join us... we leave at sun rise, rather your equipment and burial money and meet us here. Hope to see you then."

He found the stranger and the halfling the next morning at the Inn, and the three set off on their journey together.
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Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
Nice character, Alkaline!

In terms of comments, I think you forgot to add the basic 10 pounds for standard equipment, plus 7 pounds for the 70+ gold coins in your purse (top of p.23 in the rules). Gambler might possibly also wish to put a weight on the fishing net and the tent - as those are fairly bulky/weighty items - but other than that it seems fine.

27 seems old for him though, if I might say, perticularly in a medieval setting (fantasy medieval, but still :)). At 27 most people in this time will have a wife, kids and at least 10 years+ of experience in their chosen profession (if it's not 15+ years). Given his apparent lack of overall experience (from his background and the fact that he's level 1), I would suggest dropping it to 17 instead?

Re background, you'll have to work out the details with Gambler and [MENTION=11760]Whizbang Dustyboots[/MENTION] (Bosco's player), of course. I'd suggest putting "suggested background" as the title until then as adding or substracting from another character's background usually requires permission/prior consultation with his or her owner? I'm personnaly a bit disapointed you didn't choose to be a local, as the 'rise from humble origins' and 'becoming fully realized adults/heroes' themes (which are sort of inherent to the Starting From Level 1 experience), to me, work so much better/have so much more impact when they are lived in a community that you care about and with adventuring partners that know you and that you know (and, as we've found out, there is plenty of wilderness close by (sometimes much close than you think) to live out exploration themes anyways, without having to add the PCs base town to the list as well). Ah well, different strokes, right? Speaking of, I take it you've chosen to join Bosco in the Hack and Loot party? Should make for some interresting reading. :)