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Okay so Gnolls, no prob. Clerics..okay, probably undead..totally expected But a Dragon? Yeesh and me without any resist energy, with a crappy reflex and lower then average HP.

Sounds fun! Hopefully we wont have to take them on all at once.


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Wishful thinking, kids. ;) My big bad mean dragon'll eat you all up for lunch! Muahahaha. Ahem. Ahahahaha. Ok. Done now.

What was Jayla trying to figure out with her knowledge nature?


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Stuff about blue dragons - what energy they're associated with, good or evil(fairly certain evil), if they like their Totemist grilled or fried. ;)


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Yeah, Vendan also has Skill Focus (Knowledge Religion), so his knowledge mod for religion and arcana are pretty high (+10 arcana, +13 religion). If the game lasts that long he's gonna become a Divine Oracle then Loremaster.

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