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Saera Duraston

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Saera checks the information that Lorain had given her. . o O (Alright, seems all here. I hope this works, for their piece of mind if nothing else... )

Reward: 5000 in Gold!

For capture of a dangerous villain who attacked a man without provocation and tried to kill him.

The attempted murder occurred in the CrossRoads Tavern of Ford Keep today. There were several witnesses.

The villain is a halfling with black hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in a grey shirt and grey trousers beneath a black cape with hood.

When others tried to intercept him, the villain was able to disappear, presumably by means of magic.

The victim does not know the fellow and had no reason to expect such an attack.

Should you see this halfling, be very wary of him! Should you capture him, apply to the Lady Bhryn of Celestia for the reward.

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Drogo moves to the corkboard, praying. He realizes that his prays are in vane as he spots the bounty note, and as he reads, his face turns red in anger. He quickly tacks one under it.

Without provocation? I was attacked by the man! He tried to hug me, and through the witnesses didn't notice, he tried to squeeze me without oxigen. He was the one who attacked without reason, I just defended myself.

Under the writings, there seems to be a drawing, a symbol, but it is covered by tint, as if had been tried to be erased. To those with keen sight, the symbol is a leaf divided in two, one half green and one half silver, and a large, clawed purple hand behind.


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*A man seemingly Elven and obviously not Rucaro reads the note scribbling a response*

Be ware the halflings, a woman was attacked by a demon of sorts under the guise of one of these small llitle folks. Be on your guard if you seek this bounty, for I would hate to see another victem fall prey to his attacks.

*the note is left signed with a large A, and a drawing of a large Oak tree*

Saera Duraston

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The added notes catch her eye and she bites at her bottom lip for a while as she composes an answer.

Unto the halfling villain, for it appears that the explanation of actions is from you:
The Lady Bhryn is a [something is heavily crossed out] person who should be counted on to seek the right and truth to any matter. If you go to her yourself, this may be straightened out without harm to you, if you indeed have the right of it.

Unto the one giving warnings:
Nothing and no one in this tavern can be counted on to be what they appear to be, and you are wise to warn others of this. May they take added caution from your words.


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Below the others, comes a note pegged by slender dirk. A flash of red hair, and the bold writing indicate only one person is the author of such words..

I believe that we all speak of the same..

The halfling calls himself The Ghoul, and he is the menace others would claim.

He is allied with others of the halfling kin, a gnome, and at one time a kender.

And my intent is not his capture, but his rather permanent demise.

~Kyra, of the House Kell


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Having only just gotten to the point where she can write a half decent message, posts under Kyra's

Get in line, sunshine. He stabbed my fiancé, I get to stab him back.

Paragon of Celestia


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Pins a small note up

Perhaps if you all left him alone he'd leave all of us alone?

Xanto did go a little too far, afterall. The little man warned him several times?

Besides, it's a halfling! It's like beating up a child.


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*A bold drabble of ink crosses under Bhryn's scrawl.*


Ah ah ah.. he sent his assassins on a chase for me, and they will also be dealt with.

Welcome to the race..

.. I am back, to the Hunt..

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James V

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As James moves by, a sudden grin curls upon his lips around a lit cigar

What a pathetic cause, to harm the flesh of the innocences, yet again innocences only defined on the popular view of the majority. Hunt for bounty...nay, Hunt for greed, nay, simple for the pleasure to see a man beg before me, spilling the knowledge, obliterating the flesh of a man nay be satisfying to me, a complete mind extraction to gain the knowledge of his being, his thoughts and entity, I couldn't pity the fact you wait to burn the flesh Bhryn, nay the fact you shall hunt with another, I wish to know why such happens, the imbalance of his entity, the ticks, the concept of this being, if I catch him, expermentations of his being will be brought to the benefit of the order, Bhryn, you and your friend may have the remains to do what you wish..

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