I'm thinking of commissioning some token artwork for the PCs, which naturally leads to wondering what their uniforms -- and Risuri uniforms in general -- should look like.

About all I can find is that Risur soldiers wear tan with gold trim, going by the IatAotW token pack (aside: is there any possibility of getting the artist to make more for the other adventures? I'd gladly pay for such). I'd imagine though that the police, RHC, and armed forces would want to be easily distinguishable.

(Of course, with their wildly varying classes and equipment and growing array of magic items, no two constables will look alike for long, but there should still be enough uniform to establish their authority.)

Is the person on the cover of The Age of Reason a soldier?


Depending on what you are looking for, and what platform you want the tokens for, a google search followed by running the images through tokentool could be sufficient.


Generally in my group, the players just tend to wear suits that look like something like a mix of clothes from the Victorian era and Pirates of the Caribbean- vests, ties, loose fitting button up shirts, top coats, buckled shoes or boots, cravats, derby and tricorn hats, ect. That's if they bother to take all their armor off. They did have an RHC dress uniform of sorts that they only wore a few times that I can think of....whenever Saxby summoned them to her office, Sechim's funeral, and the peace treaty dinner. That one was a bit like a fancy version of the dark blue 'bobby' uniform you see the cops of that era wore, but with fancier ribbons and a cloak.


Yeah, our Team usually dresses in plain clothes as well and only use the uniform for official RHC events, like the audit or a promotional celebration. We got badges to show our suspects and witnesses who we are and don't want to be identified as agents on first sight while on duty. So for clothing it is in most cases a suit, white shirt and top coat for Mr. Carlyle, a victorian "working woman" ensemble for Margit (like what Dr. Meredith or Rosalind Lutece from Bioshock:I wore) and colorful elven/elfaivaran (either indian- or brazilian-style) clothes for Auryn.

For the uniform, we envisioned something akin to what Price-Hill or Saxby wear on their portraits: black or dark-hued with golden trims and buttons, rather form-fitting and fancy and a crossover between 18th century french military and police uniforms.
The RHC feels more like the CIA to me than like a uniformed service, so in our campaign constables are indicated by a badge rather than a uniform. It's led to some great scenes in which the PCs are infiltrating somewhere and suddenly whip out their badges to put someone under arrest.

Also, we're sure playing 4e, so although it'd be super interesting to make people fight without armor once in a while, it'd be a pain to recalculate (and reprint) everyone's sheets. So we just let everyone wear all their gear, all the time, and don't worry about dress uniforms.


During my aborted Zeitgeist campaign, I also went with the idea that the RHC officers went plainclothes. I think my exact words were "Think FBI more than NYPD."

The posing of Saxby makes it hard to tell if that's a uniform or just high-collared clothing. I can't remember Price-Hill's backstory, but I always quasi-consciously chalked up his very obvious uniform to him having some sort of military background or role (he retired from the military to work in the RHC, his job includes some kind of military liaison function that comes with a formal rank, or the like).


During my aborted Zeitgeist campaign, I also went with the idea that the RHC officers went plainclothes. I think my exact words were "Think FBI more than NYPD."
Speaking of aborted Zetigeist campaigns.....maybe this should go under a separate thread?.....when and how did yours end? My group got to the end of Adventure 5, saved the city, and did that thing to that one thing to make it go to that one place......then my players asked to end the campaign or at least do a long hiatus since we've been playing weekly for the past two years. Sounds like they may not be interested in returning, as one player put it....'obscurati fatigue' and 'RHC burnout'.... It HAS been TWO years after all playing the same campaign.
Dude, one of the groups who played War of the Burning Sky got to 2/3 through the final adventure, then before they entered the ultimate dungeon, scheduling conflicts put the game in hiatus for months.

They never finished. Oy!