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Rise of the Necromancer IC


The sky has darkened and the lightning strikes light up the night, the bonds of friendship are being stretched as the old alliances crumble.


The golden age of Dakar is fading and a dark force is arising out of the east.

The world of Dakar has had peace for almost a century; the Kingdom of Men has learnt to live alongside the many different races of the world. As men have prospered in peace the gods of old have faded from sight and fewer and fewer men are able to channel their power. With the power of the clerics fading a dark presence has risen in the east. The dead have begun to rise and serve in the armies of the Necromancer King.

It is in Crevasse City, the fortified mountain pass that serves as the gate way to the east that you have been summoned by Lord Severus, a mysterious figure that is rumored to be in the service of the Necromancer King.

The last light of day filters in the floor to ceiling window of the great hall of the Baron Von Crevasse’s keep. Two guards are stationed at both the doors to the North and South entrance to the great hall.
The remaining wall is made of the living rock of the mountain. Dressed in black tunics trimmed with purple, the guards stand silently in their leather armor with their shortswords sheathed at their side.

No one had said anything to the four people who had been summoned to this room except the servant who had instructed you to make yourself at home, while you wait for Lord Severus, but to not speak to the guards. In the center of the 100ft by 50 ft hall is a long table covered with food, ale, wine and several bottle of Von Crevasse bourbon.

This is a good opportunity to introduce yourselves and describe your general appearance and the like. Feel free to have small talk or whatever else you what to do to set up your characters. The four people that are posted in the RG are already in the room, when the other two post they will be lead into the room by a servant whenever they are ready to get going.

RG http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?555082-Rise-of-the-Necromancer-Rogues-Gallery
OOC http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?549922-Rise-of-the-Necromancer-OOC


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First Post
Boros immediately goes to sit at the head of the table, or the center of it, whichever makes him look more important. He sits there not saying anything for five uncomfortable moments like he expects something to happen. When nothing seems to he ponders aloud.

"Oh, self-service I see. Well I'm not above such exertion. When in the Crevasse do as the Crevassians do."

He pours himself copious amounts of wine into whatever the largest cup he can find is. He then gestures a mock toast to the guards. "I like the trim."


Queen of Everything
Lola wandered around the large room for a moment, looking it over for any clues as to why she could possibly be summoned here. She assumed it was because of her family, as it usually was, but she wasn't above entertaining offers. She walked up to a guard and looked at him critically, but decided not to push those buttons just yet.

Eventually she went to the table, poured herself a large glass of wine, grabbed some grapes then slid back onto the top of it.

Swinging her legs like a schoolgirl, she grinned at the others, "It's so warm and welcoming in here, I wonder what they do when they don't like you?"

She swung her long red hair over her shoulder, popped a grape into her mouth then asked, "Anyone know why we're here?"

A door opens and a servant leads in a small, pale, sweaty-looking man with deep dark bags under his eyes, as if he has been many nights without sleep. He is dressed well, however, and he pours himself a cup of Von Crevasse Bourbon and pulls out a chair. He moans slightly, as if the effort of moving the chair is a lot of trouble, and he sits down slowly, a pained expression on his face.

Perhaps he is suffering from some sort of malady? Or an injury of some kind? He sips his bourbon as if it gives him a small comfort.

When he is settled, he squints around the room at the others. When he spots Boros in an important-looking chair, he says in a pinched voice, "I am Kaleban. Are you Lord Severus?"

Lothoc stood at the far end of the table, looking at the others gathered in this room. "damned humans." he thought to himself. After having recieved his summon he had hoped fora more... Diverse crowd, instead he found himself surrounded by Humans.

Beeing the only one allowed in he had send his Squire and servants to a near Tavern. He just hoped they wouldn't het into to much trouble, wouldn't want to risk the position he has now.

He turned his attention towards this small red headed woman and walked towards her, taking a Seat at the table.
"I am in no hurry to find out." polite yet threatening a low deep draconic voice booming from his throat.
"I do not know why we have been summoned, no doubt to... Complete some task he dares not risk his own men for."
He the went on to fill his plate with different kinds of meat and added a good sized mug of ale.

"I am Lothoc Stalnox, and who might all of you be?"


First Post
OOC: If anyone has watched Silicon Valley I think I'm pulling ideas from Erlich Bachman for this character.

Boros tries to be as smug and overconfident as possible. "Greetings all. Thrilled to meet you all. I'm not Severus, I've not spent much time on these eastern fringes. The name is Boros. Boros the Bold. Boros the Brave. Boros the Brain. I'm sure you've heard of me. Perhaps our host will greet us soon. Hopefully he brings the servants. Such exertion to... carve one's own food."

In a completely unskilled and slovenly way he cuts of huge chunks of mostly meat that's available, some bread, and piles it on top of each other with copious amounts of any sort of sauce or gravy. Like a clumsy hungry careless slovenly child.


When the doors slowly open, a few curious watch from the corner of the eye who is coming. Certainly a random mercenary summoned by Lord Severus. But the shadow cast by this massive armored silhouette makes some jaw drop. The figure does not enter immediately. Throwing his head back and nose pointed to the ceiling, the creature sniffs the air multiple times before growling deeply.

"Cooked meat... Yark."

Hidden under an heavy wolf-shaped helmet, his race remains unclear until the curious look down and find his paws. without doubt, this creature is a Gnoll. A heavy fighter in a blood-spattered armor, adorned with trofies from previous combat. Then, he moves swiftly, whitout making a sound. It took him only a few of his long strides to reach the table and sit. He take of his helmet, letting his half-burned hyeana head appear. Looking at all those dishes, he searches in his bag and takes out a limb of unclear origine and starts ripping big chuncks of meat and gulping them down.


One of the original four that were there had wandered around the hall. He listens as the others introduce themselves. He seems to be interested in the decor, great tapestries on the wall depicting the history of Crevasse City. He had just finished the last tapestry when the gnoll entered. He proceeded to the table with a disciplined and crisp manner before sitting down. His heard is neat, though long, with a well trimmed goatee. He smiles at everyone as he sits "Greetings fellow sojourners. I am Casca. I see out host has provided the best Crevasse can offer. The brandy is quite good. Despite not having the best wine here, our brandy is quite good." Casca pours himself a small glass before taking some meat, cheese, bread and fruit onto his plate.


Queen of Everything
"Lola Longane, of Goa. Yes, those Longane's. Yes, I know the Duchess. Yes, they know I'm here. Yes, Goa is all you've heard it to be. Anymore questions? I didn't think so," she laughed before finishing off her wine.

"Bourbon is better you say?" She reached over and poured herself a generous glass.

"Have any of you met Severus before?"

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Still chewing...

"I've heard of him. That's why this chit-chat gathering seems very nice but what's counting here is: are we in competition or associates?"

Then the gnoll bite on the limb and growl if someone stares at his burn marks.
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Lothoc shrugged at Lola's remark, he had heard of Goa, and of the Duchess. But everything else fell on deaf ears.
He was more interrested at the Gnoll that just walked in, whilest still a Gnoll it was good to see that he wouldn't be surrounded by Humans alone.
The Gnoll looked battle scarred enough for Lothoc to deduce that he would be quite strong.
"Competition or associates?" Lothoc grinned at the remark.

"I too have heard of him, and am curious to meet him."
He then averted his gaze from the Gnoll and looked as Casca.
"And ofcourse as to why."

Kaleban looked troubled at the idea of a competition. He had enough trouble just keeping himself at peace to challenge others. To distract himself from the thought, he began to make small talk with Lola on the subject of the court. It was quickly obvious to Lola that he had a common perspective, and he had no first-hand knowledge. He was halfway through repeating a baseless rumour concerning the Duchess's late father's mistress, when he stopped short as if he had choked on something. His pale, moist face reddened and his cheeks seemed to swell.

"Shut up and eat, you fool." he said suddenly in a voice very unlike the pinched, nasal tones of before. He quickly grabbed a hunk of meat and a loaf of bread and began alternating between them, all conversation ended.
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Queen of Everything
"Boys, boys, I'm sure they'll be plenty of time for fighting later. Why don't you at least pretend you can get along for now?"

Lola raised her glass to the others in toast before taking a sip of the bourbon. She kept her real thoughts about these ... people... to herself.

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Lothoc grinned at the sudden outburst of Kaleban, eager to see what this human is made out of.
He then turns his towards Lola and raises a cup towards her and with a smirk replies
"But ofcourse. Maybe, thats exactly the reason we were gathered. Right?"
he then gives a small glance towards Zhul

After consuming a ludicrous amount of food for his small frame, Kaleban will turn to anyone who will listen and beg, "Please excuse my... outburst. I am prone to... fits."


The doors on the north end of the hall opened slowly and a tall slender form entered the room. Clothed in a black hooded clock with royal purple trim over a black robe, little could be seen of the man himself. Under his hood is what appeared to be a black mask in the shape of a skull with just the lower jaw of the man visible.

Walking at a moderate pace he crossed the room he poured himself a glass of bourbon, the group looked almost like their dossiers had said they would he thought to himself, except Kaleban, he looked a little worse for wear.

After he took a drink of his bourbon the man sat down at the table, “I am Lord Severus, and I have called you all here today to dine in the Baron’s glorious great hall, a privilege the Baron himself most likely never would have afforded you.”

Severus takes another drink and savors the slow burn of the bourbon, “I’m sure you all have many questions, and feel free to ask, but don’t let that keep you from enjoying the fine spread I have taken from the Baron’s pantry, for our enjoyment.”


Queen of Everything
"Dare we ask where the Baron is?" Lola chuckled, while taking another sip of the bourbon. She could only imagine.

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