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D&D 5E Running "Night of the Walking Dead" with the new rules

Night of the Walking Dead is one of my favorite adventures from my favorite pre-5E D&D edition. So, when I looked for a classic adventure that I could easily run and that would also be a good fit for a small group of low-level characters, it was my first pick.

Since I have only two players for this endeavor, I decided to create a NPC fighter to follow them around. I remember running this adventure with three characters in the past, and 5E characters are much stronger than their 2E counterparts anyway. We’ll see if they manage to survive just fine.

Currently, we have an elf ranger with the noble background and a human wizard with the sage background. I decided to use the ranger’s background as an excuse for the fighter, so we also have an elf fighter with the soldier background whose duty is to follow the elven lord around and avoid any threats to his life.

I decided to let the players create their characters at level 3. The adventure is for 4-6 characters of level 1-3, totalizing about 9 levels. With three characters at level 3, I won’t have the suggested number of adventurers, but at least we’ll have the other needs covered.

We started yesterday with the three of them traveling through a swampy area in their own home world, before being pulled into Souragne by the mists of Ravenloft. We managed to play the first part of the adventure, and the session ended as they headed to Marais d’Tarascon, followed by Luc.

I intend to go through the whole adventure in three or four sessions. For our first session, I did conversions on the fly, and the giant frog and giant lizard (using the stealthy option) in the playtest bestiary played ok for the combat encounters in the swamp. We’ll have named NPCs in the sessions that follow, and I expect them to require more attention.

For this first part, though, what I find more interesting is that I could just have run the monsters directly from the adventure, maybe increasing their hit points by 50-100% and keeping everything else the same. The monsters from the bestiary play a lot like the 2E versions, and I like that.

Well, that’s it. As they move through the adventure, I’ll keep reporting what I do to adapt it. I'm thinking about using the interaction rules in the playtest document to build the relationship between the players and the NPCs from Marais d'Tarascon, I always thought that this part could use some work in the published adventure.

Finishing it should be a good pastime while we wait for the upcoming PHB, maybe just in time to make the necessary changes for those same characters and continue the campaign with Touch of Death.

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I'd like to hear how the rest of this goes ... I tried to do a 4E conversion of that adventure and because of the constraints of 4E, it was nothing like the original. If you can play this very close to the original with 5E, I'd be quite impressed.

Thanks for the links [MENTION=6701422]Plaguescarred[/MENTION], they'll save me some time, for sure. I'll probably just use your conversion notes instead of trying to do everything myself. I still don't know if I want to use the save or die effects of the Zombie Lord, but I'll probably use them to keep with the spirit of the original adventure.


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Feel free to use any of it if you want!

I did keep the save or die effect from the zombie lord's vile stench too.
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Night of the Walking Dead was the first RPG product I even bought. I didn't even have the player's handbook.

The 5e zombies will be dangerous as all get out.


Thank you for the conversion notes. I look forward to running this one.

By the way, if you convert anything else, please let us know. :D


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Sure will!. I did a few conversions of D&D modules during the playtest the last 2 years and posted them on WoTC forums in the Dungeon Master Playtest Feedback section before i joined EnWorld.

Here's a few i could find since they change their forums layout;

The Burning Plague 3E Adventure Conversion Noites
Cave of Shadow 3E Adventure Conversion Notes
Dry Spell 3E Adventure Conversion Note
A Dark and Stormy Knight 3E Adventure Conversion Notes
Night of the Walking Dead 2E Adventure Conversion Notes

So, today I run the second session in this small campaign. We had a third player building his own fighter to take the place of my NPC, and the group went around Marais d'Tarascon speaking to the NPCs and trying to understand the situation in the village. I used the conversion notes created by [MENTION=6701422]Plaguescarred[/MENTION], but most encounters up till now have used exploration and interaction.

During the second night, they went to the graveyard, looking for clues after Marcel attacked, and we had the fight against the ghouls that were trying to release zombie Jeremiah. There are two ghouls in the original encounter, but the conversion notes said to use four of them, and I went with this second option. It was a good choice, because two ghouls would have been no challenge for the group. Even four didn't represent a particularly tough fight, in fact.

Unfortunately, they decided to investigate the plantation at morning, and not a lot of action happened there, but I allowed the group to find the dead bodies anyway. This helped the group in earning the trust of Constable Gremin and Shaman Brucian.

Players already know that the Tarascon family is related to the whole thing, but they also give Mordu more credit than he deserves with his stories about the cult of the ancient swamp god. I don't know if we'll be able to finish in the next session, I expect Jean d'Tarascon to be a tougher fight, but being outnumbered by the characters will certainly make him go down quickly.


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Night of the Walking Dead

I stumbled across this post, and I know it is very old. Much to my disappointment, the community links no longer work (Wizards shut this down it seems). If anyone still watching this thread, does anyone (or plaguescarred himself :)) know if Plaguescarred has the notes uploaded any other location? Thanks.