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Ryan Dancy live stream about WotCs surprising change.


I crit!
It's crazy. Per Bob World Builder, they're allowing up to an hour long interviews, with no WotC approval over questions or release of the video required. All they want is to see the list of questions in advance so Kyle can prepare.

I don't know who Kyle Brinks is, but he must have balls of steel to be doing this. As someone on the outside, I'm intrigued and glad they are doing it, but if I was a publicist, I'd be grabbing Kyle by the ankles saying, "No, Kyle, don't do it! Don't throw your life away!"
From all accounts Kyle Brinks is a good bean.

And yes contains quite a lot of steel.

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Always In School Gamer
Nice! Do we know if this will be a series of individual interviews or one big round robin?
Bob the builder showed the letter he received, and the offer was thus,
We wanted to reach out to you, one of the many pillars of our community, with an opportunity to have some of your questions and concerns answered directly. Out team wanted to know if you would be interested in sitting down (virtually) with the D&D Team's Executive Producer Kyle Brink to ask the questions that are close to your and the communities' hearts.

If you are interested in participating, please let us know so our team can assist in scheduling and answering any logistical questions. Please note that this interview will be able to be recorded and shared at your discretion. This is not a closed room interview; it is a conversation that we want to be as public or private as you desire.

The past few weeks have hurt many people, but more than anything, it has disproportionately hurt all of you: the creators and lifelong fans of Dungeons & Dragons. This hard work to be done by our team; that work starts now.
Here is the link. I have set the video to start at 4:30, the section that he talks about the letter:
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Always In School Gamer
It is not clear to me from Bob's letter whether it can be only recorded then shared or whether someone could live stream it. You would have to ask the various YouTubers the details on that.

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