Sap, God Fist and the Stunned Condition

Shaun Palmer

In the OLD rules a Sap is described as
"… a small, blunt object used to render a target unconscious. It does little damage, and that damage is non-lethal (stunning) damage, and it is a
weak melee weapon, but if the target is unaware of the attack he must made a Difficult [16] END check or become stunned."

In NOW and NEW there is an additional few words missing from the end of the text in the OLD version "… for two rounds."

The stunned condition is also mentioned in NOW
"God Fist .
When you use the Knockback combat exploit, you double the distance a target is moved. The target becomes stunned until they shake the condition off."

However, I can't find any mention of the stunned condition in OLD, NOW or NEW.