Saturday AM: The Hunt (Star Wars Saga) FULL Including Alts


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It is 10 years ABY. The New Republic Security Force is trying to restore peace, order, and justice to the galaxy. Towards that goal, the NRSF has identified several former Imperial officers that are wanted for various war crimes. When they receive word that one of the officers on that list, Poe Zerrus (wanted for abducting refugees and selling them into slavery) has been sighted on the forest moon of Endor, an investigation squad is sent out with instructions to team up with a local resident to locate and apprehend him.

1: Rel
2: JC
3: Julian
4: gkraus1008
5: Bretbo
6: Dire Wolf

Alt 1: NKDad
Alt 2: Cutter XXIII
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Should I assume that if I don't know the abbreviations, I shouldn't play?

Absolutely not! ABY stands for After the Battle of Yavin, where the first Death Star was destroyed. NRSF is short for New Republic Security Force. Also, you should play if just for the opportunity to see Rel as a panda-riding Ewok. :D


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Heh. Sounds fun! And thanks for the Star Wars Geek ----> Human translation. ;) I'm sure then I can pick up any other info I need at the game.

I always try to play in games with DM's who happen to be friends of mine and I've never played in a game of theirs before (did that make sense?).

Anyhoo... I do love me some Star Wars. But Bella may be playing in Tracey's game which I think is at the same time. I have to ponder if she is really mature enough to play in her first game yet.

The 17th will be here before we know it so I'd better get planning!

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