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Scales of War #1 Rescue at Rivenroar (Full)

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I was tempted to post to persuade Velani to kill him, but chose to wait to see what the choice would be - happy we gave no quarter to such fellows.


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To my stateside friends and those across the pond - Happy Thanksgiving! A time to reflect on the good in our lives and be gracious. I thank you for the joy you give me in this game. :)

Looking forward to many more moons..... :)


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Happy Thanksgiving also! I second the hope for many more adventures.

Hope I'm not holding up the action or stealing focus. The opportunity was too good to turn down.


Happy T-day for everyone who celebrates!

I think Viator's reaction is fine, RavenBlackthorne. I can't see it slowing us down any more than the holiday would....



Just to say I'm happy for the Lords of Rivenroar encounter to be resolved with words rather than actions (violence), the same goes for all encounters really- I love your RP.

That said, a '1', even if it adds up to 10 is not going to help your cause...


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I'm a little short on time currently, so Kyalia will keep watch from the back ranks for now (which suits her rather well, too; she isn't really the talkative type). :)


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