Scales of War: Rescue at Rivenroar: Spizz!


This Story Hour actually tracks the adventures of our PbP game which runs here on ENWorld, details and links to follow.

The Adventure Path has been modified to take place in the Nentir Vale, and starts in the city of Fallcrest, more details will become apparent, both in the story hour and in DM and, hopefully, player asides.

For now we start with the Prologue, read on-

Fallcrest, the Nentir Inn, late Fritag night.

Gasper No couldn’t stop grinning, here he was in the Nentir Inn, a place he could previously never afford to eat in, the best Inn in Fallcrest in fact. He’d just finished his meal – baked Stirge in a rosemary crust with winter vegetables, followed by a flambéed mini-Gelatinous Cube with a caramel sauce, accompanied by half-a-bottle of a most agreeable Elven Chimblee.

Gasper wiped his mouth with his napkin and opened his purse, for the first time in the evening his smile faltered, nervously he flopped out two dozen gold coins, enough for the meal, the wine and a hefty tip - why not he figured, plenty more where that came from.

However, here was the test – Gasper let the coins sit on the counter, Ayella the barmaid wandered over, picked up the coin – as if there was nothing wrong, and then with a smile wished him good night.

Gasper sat for a moment, still watching- waiting, as Ayella made her way back to the till and placed his money within… nothing.

Ayella went back about her business, leaving Gasper smiling again.

Less than two hours ago the coins that he had paid with had been copper – he’d done it, he had truly done it – he was certain.

Gasper No had discovered the Philosopher’s Stone, he’d discovered the way to transform base metals in to gold, no magic just alchemy, he had spent 42 years searching for the secret, more than once he had come close to madness, the pursuit had left him almost penniless, at times homeless, and for several decades now friendless.

Gasper got up from his stool, waved a last goodbye and moved over to the door, knowing that he was about to return home to start the job of making himself rich. He had only one gold coin left in his pocket but that didn’t matter, he would have to get some change – 100 copper coins, which he would turn this very evening in to 100 gold, and from there…

Gasper did a little dance on the way to the door, spiralled on the spot – nobody was watching, why not.

He pulled open the door of the Nentir Inn, looking back to offer a last ’G’night’ to the staff and the other patrons – he turned back and…

Standing in the doorway was the biggest Hobgoblin he had ever seen, strange he thought, and then was swiftly decapitated.

And thus the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone remained a secret for a little while longer.

The evening however would nevertheless come to be remembered, not for Gasper No and his 42 years of work, but for the Goblin attack on Fallcrest, and the heroes that took up arms and implements to defend the city from the terrible foe.


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The Nentir Inn, Fallcrest.

The PCs don’t know each other as of yet… that’s about to change, it’s just another quiet night in the Nentir Inn, that is until a gang of Hobgoblins and Goblins smash their way in to the bar room. The creatures come from every direction – even the kitchen, worse still the Goblins are wielding bitumen torches…

Encounter #1 – 780 XP – Level 2 Encounter.
10 Hobgoblin Grunts (Level 3 Minions)
3 Goblin Blackblades (Level 1 Lurker)
Skill Challenge: Putting out the Fire (Level 1 Complexity 1)

Ah-shahran, Male Deva, Hybrid Shaman-Warlord, Level 1
Freggo, Male Human, Swordmage, Level 1
Kalimaru, Male Razorclaw Shifter, Ranger (Scout), Level 1
Kyalia, Female Elf, Ranger, Level 1
Magnus, Male Dwarf, Fighter, Level 1
Viator, Male Eladrin, Psion, Level 1

The Goblin’s scream and rant,

For the Red Hand

one cries, another -


repeatedly – like a chant. The foul creatures even wear smart red patches on their poorly-maintained armour – the insignia of the ‘Red Hand’1. The initial attack sees seven Hobgoblin Grunts armed with longsords – already drawn, and two Goblin Blackblades, wielding shortswords and the aforementioned bitumen torches, the host stream in to the bar – out for blood.

The effect is instantaneous, patrons scream, shout, run and duck for cover; one of the Inn’s bouncers dives in to a large plant pot and attempts to dig to freedom.

A pair of Goblins, each leading a seperate force, throw their fiery torches in to the mix – Viator narrowly avoids being set ablaze – however the burning torch still rests at his feet, licking at his cloak – the danger is not over. Worse still the second torch lands behind the bar, the work top there is soon burning gloriously- above is the open liquor cabinet.

Magnus, a Dwarven Fighter – consoling himself with a pint of ‘Brown Nadder’, sees his beer spilt, he grimaces – wars have started for less. He leaps off his stool and on to the bar, grabs out his Warhammer and Charges at the Goblin that has just spilt his pint – and thrown a torch in to the liquor cabinet, but that’s of secondary concern. He screams,

Let’s see how well ya laugh with a broken face

and connects with his warhammer – a swat rather than a hit however, the Goblin Blackblade looks, if anything, mildly peeved.

Freggo, a young Human Swordmage – fresh-faced and out for adventure – having spent his youth reading tales of daring – do, leaps to his feet, he knows exactly what daring to do. He dances towards the fight, declaring as he goes -

Stand back everyone! Freggo the Hero, Last of the Red-Hot Swammis, is here!

The Hobgoblin Grunt before him is somewhat bemused by the young man’s constant feints and practice slashes – it’s like Freggo has only recently been introduced to his longsword, all very pretty but to no effect, and just as the Grunt finishes this thought he feels… light-headed, the Hobgoblin sinks to the floor – dead. Freggo’s Luring Strike does for him,

Magic do as you will…

Freggo mumbles and points at his next victim, another Hobgoblin Grunt – now subject to his Aegis of Ensnarement.

Alas this maneuver doesn’t turn out too well – two Hobgoblin Grunts decide that the Swordmage is some great hero, they gang up on poor Freggo – both slash and cut – neither wounds are deep but the cumulative effect is not good – Freggo gulps and wonders, not for the last time, is he perhaps out of his depth. Meanwhile an innocent punter, a fat merchant – who bobs up from behind the bar, is swiftly decpaitated by another of the Hobgoblin Grunts,


the beast screams.

Two more of the steadfast Hobgoblins burst in to the bar room – stop, momentarily, and look around for a suitable target, their eyes alight on a pale-faced, nervous looking Eladrin at the bar. They Charge and slice at Viator – their longswords leaving red tracery in their wake – the Eladrin bleeds, and stutters, Viator like Freggo, is wounded but not quite bloodied.

Viator blinks rapidly – seemingly staring down at his feet, the flaming torch shifts and wobbles – then skitters forward, unaided – untouched, seemingly of its own volition. It skitters over to lie at the feet of one of Viator’s Hobgoblin attackers, as if manipulated by some Far Hand. The Eladrin Psion looks up, grins awkwardly at the Grunts, and then disappears – Fey Steps away to a much safer corner of the bar. Seconds later a dull haze forms over a cluster of the Hobgoblins, including his assailants, the haze as suddenly dissipates – two of the Grunts clutch their heads, mumble and stagger, minds burnt out they slump to the floor and like flopping fish squirm and soon expire.

Ah-shahran, a worldly-wise looking Deva, with a tired face and sad eyes stands – seemingly angered by the interruption, he holds a chess piece in each hand. The Deva tosses the two black bishops in to the fray, midair the chess pieces transform in to Twin black Panthers – the first paws, cuts and bites at a Goblin Blackblade who is left scratched and bleeding. The second feline pounces and crashes in to a Hobgoblin brute – it doesn’t let up – cuts, bites and rakes at the Hobgoblin’s face, the creature is left shredded – and dead. The Twin Panthers fade out of existence. Moments later Ah-shahran’s Spirit Companion, Gorm – a slightly dopey, but fierce, hound appears standing next to Freggo, who suddenly feels energised – and a little more confident of his own abilities.

From further in to the bar a hulking man, actually Kalimaru the Razorclaw Shifter can easily pass for a Human, leaps to his feet – scattering tables and drawing a battleaxe and a hand axe in the process. He glares at a wounded Goblin perched on the bar, marking it for death with his Assassin’s Shroud, then hurtles towards the fracas, leaping a low hand rail to get at his enemy. This does not go well (‘1’), Kali catches his foot on the rail and is sent sprawling – its all he can do to prevent himself being left in a heap on the floor.


The big man curses, and looks around to make sure no-one has seen his embarrassing moment.

Further in to the bar still, Kyalia, a beautiful Elven woman finishes the last of her wine, puts the glass down tidily – fusses a moment and then leaps on to the table, which bucks and spills the aforementioned wine glass, but is quickly and easily tamed. Her bow is instantly in her hands. She sights, and settles her Hunter’s Quarry on one of the wounded Goblin Blackblades. She fires, then again – her Twin Strike finds the target, the dumb Goblinoid is left gasping and cursing – sicking up blood, and desperately trying to reach and remove the two arrows embedded deep in its back.

And still, inbetween the islands of action, a tide of bar patrons run screaming, or else hide, or curse the day they were born. Suddenly the liquor cabinet behind the bar explodes – the fire balloons and spreads. Bottles of spirits shatter and explode, gouts of flame errupt, while splinters of glass fill the air, another of the bar staff goes down, peppered by a million tiny daggers.

Meanwhile the flaming torch, thrown earlier at Viator, and then shifted away, flares and begins to burn the underside of a table, the smoke coils…

The bar is hotting up.

End of Round 1

Two PCs wounded – Viator (26/16+4 HP) and Freggo (27/17 HP).
Four Hobgoblin Grunts killed.
Two Goblin Blackblades wounded – one bloodied (25/21 & 25/9 HP).
Lots of Fire…

The emblem of the Red Hand is a, well… a red hand – go figure, the red of course is blood, although… it could be ketchup.


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Round #2

Barrelling in to the Inn come another two Hobgoblin Grunts – likewise outfitted, including ‘Red Hand’ insignia, and likewise ready for action, they rush in to the fracas – long swords drawn, and growling.

The Goblin Blackblade on the bar facing Magnus – slices and cuts the Dwarf deeply – almost severing an artery, Magnus is wounded but not yet bloodied. The second Goblin Blackblade finds a convenient fire – draws out a bitumen torch, lights it and flings it at Viator, he’s a popular guy it seems. It lands well wide – and yet another table begins to smoulder, the Goblin retreats towards one of the back rooms of the Inn.

Magnus, the Dwarf, fights back,

Got some fight in ya, huh?

He grumbles as his warhammer is flung out in violent arcs before him, again he manages only to scratch the already wounded Goblin Blackblade with his Reaping Strike. He glares hard at the confounded rapscallion, Marks the creature for death. Freggo, the young hero, meanwhile shapes and manoeuvres – drifting unnoticed between two of his enemies. He whirls his blade around in an attack known as the Sword of Sigils, his longsword leaves a trail of destruction in its wake – both of the Grunts are slashed horribly and cut down – dead!

The young man cannot believe his eyes. Freggo stands amidst the carnage he has wrought, just for a second, panting hard and trying to reaffix the smile to his face… there’s a lot of blood – he looks up at the chaos around him. There will be a lot more blood before it’s over, he thinks and jumps back in to life -

Hallo Mr. Dwarf! You seem to know what you’re doing up here, but perhaps you won’t mind a little heroic assistance from the last Red-Hot Swammi!

He cries at Magnus, who looks suitably puzzled.

A Hobgoblin Grunt dashes towards Kali, cuts hard with its longsword but is easily deflected. Yet another Charges, leaping up on to the bar – with élan, straight at Magnus, who at the last moment pokes out his warhammer and deflects the beast’s attack. A third Grunt accompanies the wounded Goblin Blackblade into the back rooms of the Inn – guarding the rear.

Viator concentrates hard – arms out-stretched before him – hands up, palms flat-facing away, as if manhandling – no pushing, at an invisible object. Suddenly the Eladrin Psion lurches forward – on the bar the Hobgoblin Grunt facing off against Magnus is unexpectedly shoved sidewards – it falls. The Goblinoid lands expertly, looks around – confounded, then spies Viator, whose hands continue to signal and describe. The Grunt starts forward and then is abruptly, and violently, yanked back – the creature’s movement is accompanied by a terrible snapping sound. Neck broken, the Hobgoblin flops to the ground, dead before the wet slap of its body resounds. Viator wipes a trickle of blood from his nose, and looks for his next victim.

Kali trades blows with the Hobgoblin Grunt he is facing – dodging, ducking and diving – finally delivering a shattering battleaxe hit to the creature’s side, the Grunt folds – another down. Kali doesn’t bat an eye-lid.

Kyalia, the Elven Ranger, leaps from her table to a close-by chair – loading and loosing another arrow in the same motion, and with horrendous effect; the bloodied Goblin Blackblade retreating in to the back rooms is killed in an instant – Kyalia’s arrow slamming in to the back of the creature’s head. The Elf, calmly, coolly reloads – all the while moving forward until she can see in to the back room, actually a storeroom -

There are more back here!

the Elf yells.

Gorm, Ah-shahran’s Spirit Companion turns to mist infusing the Swordmage with impetus, Freggo swipes with his longsword at the Goblin Blackblade on the bar – slices in to the creature’s leg; the bar is suddenly slick with blood. Gorm reappears next to Kyalia, the Elven Ranger grins, reaches down absentmindedly and pets the pooch, she too feels invigorated. Ah-shahran, a little way-away mumbles to himself as he attempts to control the combat.

The bar patrons, or rather the few that are left near the action, continue to run hither and thither in search of a safe place to hide, or else they stand statue and scream. The fires in the Inn meanwhile gather strength – a good third of the work-surfaces at the rear of the bar are hidden behind a furious wall of flame.

Ayella and Shadwick, bar staff at the Nentir, wave and shout furiously -

Save the Inn! Save the Inn!

the pair gingerly approaching the blazing bar area – pleading with their eyes for help from the heroes.

End of Round 2

Three PCs wounded – Viator (26/15 HP), Freggo (27/17+4 HP) & Magnus (38/27 HP).
Eight Hobgoblin Grunts killed.
One Goblin Blackblade killed.
One Goblin wounded – bloodied (25/5 HP).
Lots of Fire…


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Round #3

Another Hobgoblin Grunt, accompanied by a Goblin Blackblade joins the fray; the pair are spotted by Kyalia – creeping through the storeroom she spies upon. The last of the Goblin assailants, and very late to the action.

The remaining Goblin Blackblade on the bar slices at Magnus with its short sword – misses badly and decides to get the hell out of dodge, and at speed. The creature flees. Magnus, the gurning Dwarf, sees the opening he has been waiting for – his warhammer swings and thunks hard on to the Blackblade’s skull. The effect is instantaneous; the Goblin concertinas and flops to the floor, actually slithers off the bar.

Back in the storeroom, the just-spotted Goblin Blackblade makes a bee-line for Gorm, its short sword sings and stabs out – skewering the hound. Ah-shahran’s Spirit Companion fades to nothing, while the Deva clutches at his chest and feels acutely the loss.

Magnus looks around him, there’s one Grunt left in the bar – the rest of the action is now in the storeroom of the Inn. The Dwarf leaps off the bar and brings his warhammer down and around in a Reaping Strike, smashing the Hobgoblin Grunt in the hip. The brute slams to the floor, and over the next few minutes noisily expires, nursing shattered bones. In the meantime Magnus moves off…

Freggo quickly realises that something must be done about the fire -

Ho there bar workers! If you wish to battle the flames, use those great casks of ale right behind you! It will wash away the fire, you have my word of honor!

The young Swordmage calls out, instilling in Ayella and Shadwick a fresh sense of purpose. Freggo takes command of the operation, in seconds the situation has vastly improved.

The last Hobgoblin Grunt, in the storeroom, closes in on Kyalia, now Gorm has gone there’s no-one to protect the Elven Ranger. It stabs at Kyalia with its longsword – she yelps and bleeds. That’s all of the adventurers injured save Kali, although still none of them are bloodied.

Back in the bar Viator steps in to help Freggo, using his psionics to manipulate and move objects to douse the flames. The situation behind the bar is improved vastly – the fire is nearly under control. At which point Kali gathers up a large beer sodden rug, leaps up and on to the bar and throws the rug, like a fisherman casting his net, at the centre of the burn. The Shifter moves forward, fetches out his own hose, and directs a golden jet in to the flames; the golden jet soon turns in to a raging torrent (Natural ‘20’). Ayella and Shadwick, are forced to scramble back or else get drenched - the fire however is reduced to isolated flickering flames.

Over the other side of the bar room flames lick and spill around a table and chair – but there’s nothing to threaten the structure of the building from this conflagration.

Kyalia, suitably peeved after being stabbed by the Hobgoblin, takes a quick step backwards, back in to the bar room – she looks to her colleagues, and the steaming space which was moments ago an inferno, she yells over-

Good job, now let’s see about these two here!

Kyalia reloads and then releases her Twin Strike, two arrows in quick succession – the first slams into the chest of the last Hobgoblin Grunt – who in one motion collapses face-first on to the floor. The second slams into the remaining bloodied Blackblade’s shoulder, the last enemy left standing.

Ah-shahran conjures, Gorm suddenly appears next to Kyalia – the Elf somehow feels better for having the hound at her side. Then, as suddenly, Gorm disappears, and Kyalia, like an automaton, fires again. Her Elven Accuracy is put to good use - the last Goblin standing isn’t – standing that is.

Ah-shahran cackles as the goblin falls to the barrage of arrows.

Good shooting, girl!

Turning to Viator, he states-

Nice work with the flames, sonny. Now patch up that scratch!

And the Psion's wounds are healed.

Meanwhile, Gorm ambles over to Freggo and Magnus, gives Freggo a lick, and then settles onto his haunches, panting happily.

The fight is over, and soon after the smaller fire is out.

The Inn is saved, the newly announced heroes are rewarded immediately by ragged cheers…

End of Round 3 & Encounter #1

Five PCs wounded – Viator (26/15 HP), Freggo (27/17+4 HP), Magnus (38/27 HP), Ah-shahran (30/25 HP) & Kyalia (26/25 HP).
Ten Hobgoblin Grunts killed.
Three Goblin Blackblades killed.
The fire put out.

Moments later Sgt. Thurmina of the Fallcrest Guard arrives on the scene – she’s all business, names are taken, the dead and the wounded accounted for. The adventurers meanwhile become better acquainted, that is take a moment to introduce themselves to each other.

Kyalia approaches Ah-shahran-

Thank you for your help!

she says to the Deva.

My name is Kyalia

The Elf then addresses everyone, but mainly the other fellows that took up arms -

We should consider the quite real possibility that these were not all of them. Goblins wouldn’t dare such an open attack with so few warriors. There must be more around. We should go hunting! What do you say?

Ah-shahran meanwhile is examining the bodies of the fallen Goblinoids, paying particular attention to the “Red Hand” insignia, many of which are on upside down.

The Deva mumbles and tells the tale of the original Red Hand, a horde of Goblinoids, Barbarians, Orcs and worse – a tide of destruction that swept across the Nentir Vale, crushing all in its path, including Fallcrest, but that was a century past. There’s been no sign of the Hand between then and now… Ah-shahran looks up and realises he has an audience, the entire Inn has been listening in – people look nervous.

The Deva reddens, then adds that Fallcrest has a museum, attached to the Temple of Erathis, it holds some of the relics of the Red Hand’s passing – he shrugs, and normality returns. The chatter in the bar grows in volume, the citizens are worried.

In the background Sgt. Thurmina shakes her head.

Viator, meanwhile, smiles warmly and drops lightly to the floor, cross-legged. Head bowed he concentrates on the unity of mind and body, restoring both as well as he can. Encouraged by the words of his white-haired companion, he finds his focus particularly sharp.

Next, however, it’s Freggo’s turn to take the floor, he collects himself and addresses the bar -

A hero isn’t someone who swings about a lump of metal. A hero is someone who does what needs to be done, even when he doesn’t want to. And it looks like that job isn’t done yet.

Freggo squares his shoulders, walks toward the manic-looking Deva, and claps him on the shoulder warmly.

This animal here is your friend, I take it? Thank him for me, will you? His aid against those monsters was invaluable, and his gentle encouragement reminds me that heroes don’t stop while trouble still threatens! My name is Freggo Meusins, a hero. Well fought all, we saved a lot of lives today!

Freggo goes back to addressing the masses,

Yes, just as the folks here relied upon us, innocents elsewhere may yet be in peril! We should forge together as one, united against the fiends that would rape and pillage the good folk of this city!

The residents of the bar look aghast, Sgt. Thurmina looks like she is going to cry. Freggo realises he is getting a little over-excited, he blushes a little, and clears his throat, which is now very dry – all eyes are upon him.

Thankfully Kali chooses this moment to introduce himself -

Name’s Kalimaru. You lot seem less useless than the rest of this riff-raff, but you’re wasting time flapping your mouths when you should be swinging steal. There’s more of them buggers out there, let’s go already!

Magnus, who has thus far been mine-sweeping (picking up and drinking unattended drinks), looks up and shouts over,

Aye the elf is right. Goblins may be stupid and ugly, but they’re still smart enough to watch their own hides – there’ll be more of them.

The Dwarf hiccups, and belches loudly.

No-one’s going anywhere…

Sgt. Thurmina shouts out, and brings the bar to silence,

…until I find out exactly what has occurred here – it’s dangerous out there, you got lucky, maybe – I want the whole story, somebody start talking!

And thus the story of the fight to save the Nentir Inn is told.

Sgt. Thurmina repays the heroes’ honesty - she has news - she addresses the bar -

You may as well know – there’s been a minor Goblin incursion, nothing to worry about – the Knight’s Gate saw a little action, and a boat full of the bastards landed at the lower quays, there was a brief episode of… lawlessness. But the City Watch have taken care of things – that said you’re safer inside, we don’t want citizens getting involved…

A clamour of voices.

Listen! A few Goblins – that’s all, not the ‘Red Hand’. The Guard are checking to make sure the streets are clear, that nothing got missed, we’re going to wait here – as long as it takes. We don’t want any more casualties - as soon as I get the order, we can all go back about our business.

The assembled adventurers bristle a little, but think better of facing-off against the Guard, Thurmina assures them they can head out hunting when she gives the order.

Five minutes later and a Watchman arrives to say things are much safer – Thurmina assembles her men at the door of the Inn, after stating that she will report the adventurers’ actions to the appropriate authorities. She moves out, and is instantaneously engulfed in a fireball – the doors to the Inn explode inwards – six guardsmen are incinerated…

Thurmina survives, but only just… she lies burnt and broken on the floor of the Inn, trying, without success, to sit up and make words.

Oh Erathis! Outside – there’s a…


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The Fire Engine

There’s an Ogre outside! But that’s not all…

The adventurers dash out of the Inn whilst issuing instructions for Thurmina and the Guardsmen to be taken care of. Outside, a good forty or so feet away, is an ten foot tall humanoid beast, an Ogre dressed in the scorched remains of a suit of leather armour, and with a massive greatclub strapped to its back. The great brute staggers forward, it’s hitched to a cart. The cart has a burning torch wedged in to the driver’s seat, while in the back are four or five large casks – stood on end. Behind the casks is a pair of gruff-looking Hobgoblin Archers – sighting down their bows at the rabble exiting the Inn. The Ogre leans back, grabs a cask, it has a black-tinged length of what looks like rope sticking out of it. The Ogre drapes the fuse in the flaming torch – it fizzles for a moment and then ignites.

Meanwhile, scurrying towards the adventurers, come five Goblin Grunts clad in leather armour with ‘Red Hand’ insignia – three of the five already have short swords drawn.

Encounter #2 – 775 XP – Level 2 Encounter
5 Goblin Grunts (Level 1 Minions)
2 Hobgoblin Archers (Level 3 Artillery)
1 Ogre Savage (Level 8 Brute)

Ah-shahran, Male Deva, Hybrid Shaman-Warlord, Level 1
Freggo, Male Human, Swordmage, Level 1
Kalimaru, Male Razorclaw Shifter, Ranger (Scout), Level 1
Kyalia, Female Elf, Ranger, Level 1
Magnus, Male Dwarf, Fighter, Level 1
Viator, Male Eladrin, Psion, Level 1

Magnus is first in to the action,

So they brought an Ogre with ’em this time.

The Dwarf barrels out of the Inn and Charges, screaming something unintelligible at the closest Grunt, who looks startled, but still manages to parry Magnus’ blow. Kali follows Magnus’ line – Charging at the same target. En-route the Shifter looks to see exactly how the Ogre is attached to the cart, then he swings his battleaxe with glorious fury… and the Goblin parries again – clearly a veteran warrior the Goblin Grunt (Minion).

Gorm, the Spirit Hound, suddenly appears beside Kali – the Shifter feels good – big and strong. Gorm, as suddenly, disappears – Kali is Infused by the Spirit, he cuts with his battleaxe once more, and… the Goblin Grunt parries his attack. Gorm blinks back in to existence next to Magnus – the Dwarf is buoyed by the Hound’s presence – although neither of the adventurers, it appears, can hit a barn door from two paces away.

While directing Gorm’s action, Ah-shahran shouts to inform his companions of the various merits, and demerits, of the beasts they face. The sum of which is – get close to the archers, keep out of the way of the Ogre, and smush the Goblins, a fair precis of the situation.

The Savage Ogre drags the cart a little closer, then, tongue out, flings the flask in his hands, alas his aim is out – the barrel bursts on contact with the ground – splashing pitch, which very soon after becomes flaming pitch, in a ten foot radius. Kyalia and Freggo are caught in the blast, but only just – a few very minor burns is all they have to show for the brute’s attack.


Kyalia scampers away from the flames – selects her Quarry en-route, and then Twin Strike, two arrows fly, a Goblin Grunt takes an arrow to the chest – keels over, dead. Alas the other arrow flies wide of its target.

Meanwhile the Hobgoblin Archers in the back of the cart grunt and point, the pair seem to be having a heated conversation, eventually a target is selected. The pair draw back and loose their arrows, both at Kali ,who is locked in combat with the hardcore Goblin Grunt. Both missiles hit, one of the arrows only an inch or so above the Shifter’s heart, Kali is left bloodied and staggering (Full-ish to 2 HP).

Not to be out-done, the Grunts get in to the action – one of them slices at Magnus with its short sword, screams-

For Sinruth!

and misses. A second cuts hard at Gorm, with the same result. The last two swiftly calculate the odds of their survival, they back up a way and fetch out their shortbows. Arrows fly, one misses Kali – thank Erathis, the other skims Kyalia’s shoulder; the Elf is already injured but still not yet bloodied.

Freggo cries,

Time to go to work!

The Swordmage rushes forward – skirting the Grunts, and then Charges straight at the nearest Hobgoblin in the back of the cart. He covers the distance with ease, alas when he gets there his attack is half-hearted – hampered severely by the Archers’ position kept safe by the sides of the cart – his blade gets nowhere near its intended target.

Viator, however, sees his opening. He moves forward, gripped by certainty – his mind is ablaze with an idea,

Freggo?! Get the hell out of there! Now!!

The Psion screams at his heroic new companion. Viator shapes and signals with one hand, miming the actions of his Forceful Push – suddenly the Ogre staggers a little further away from Freggo specifically, and the rest of the adventurers in general. The lumbering Ogre, of course, drags the cart behind him still. With his other hand Viator makes a grasping motion, then mimes throwing the grasped item. Simultaneously – as if manipulated by some Far away Hand - the torch on the cart is grabbed up, and then flung in to the nest of barrels in the back…

Instinctively Viator crouches and rams his fingers in his ears.


Flinders of broken wood, and pieces of scorched flesh rain down…

The result of which is Freggo is deaf, and bloodied, as is one of the Hobgoblin Archers, the other alas is nowhere to be seen, although it can actually be seen everywhere; in point of fact one of the Hobgoblin Archer’s arms seem to wave from a chimney pot on the roof of the Inn. Needless to say, the brute is Dead. The Ogre Savage fares slightly better – it staggers away from the incinerated million piece jigsaw puzzle (missing a fair percentage of the pieces). The Ogre is scorched, not yet bloodied, and… well, enraged – certainly not very happy with the situation.

End of Round 1

Three PCs wounded – Kali (25/2 HP), Freggo (27/12 HP) and Kyalia (26/15 HP).
One Goblin Grunt killed.
One Hobgoblin Archer killed, the other bloodied (39/9 HP).
Savage Ogre wounded – and pissed (111/81 HP).


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Round #2

A little help here?

Kali growls out and looks behind him, the champion Goblin Grunt still holds the Shifter and the Dwarf at bay – and Kali is almost unconscious.

Magnus, shucks his shoulders – rebalances his warhammer in his hands, swiftly manoeuvres to flank the Grunt and declares -

Yer surrounded…

Then swings with all his skill and might, a Reaping Strike, on the same Goblin Grunt that has thwarted all attacks so far… and yet again the Grunt prevails, deflecting the blow, and keeping the Dwarf Fighter at bay.

Kali however is better prepared, the Razorclaw Shifter eyes the oncoming Ogre Savage, marking it for destruction with his Assassin’s Shroud. The big man then dances around the fracas,

Time to end this little bugger!

Kali strikes out with his battleaxe and cuts the defiant Grunt almost in two. Not done, the Shifter dives in to a stand of saplings surrounded by high bushes, the manicured vegetation that circles the Inn, he’s out of sight.

Ah-shahran and Gorm manoeuvre in to position, the Deva calls out to the bushes en-route

Hah, you aren’t hiding from anyone in there! Better use those leaves to staunch that cut, and get back to it!

His Inspiring Words invigorate Kali, who, hidden from sight, grunts his thanks.

Gorm then fades and Infusues Kyalia who, as before, fires off an arrow at the last staggering Hobgoblin Archer. The Elven Ranger’s aim is true; the Hobgoblin looks up, takes an arrow to the neck and then collapses in a bloody choking fountain of red. It expires – gurgling and drowning in its own blood.

The Savage Ogre chooses this moment to lurch forward, covering the distance to Magnus easily – the Dwarf staggers back a little, and looks up – and up – and up! En-route the large brute grabs out its greatclub, it pokes and prods the great weapon forward to test its weight and range, and then…


Hammers down upon Magnus – who concertinas a little, makes a few squeaking noises, but does not fall over. The Dwarf is bloodied, almost broken completely – and mostly seeing stars (Hit for 22 damage).

Two more arrows fly from Kyalia’s bow - another Twin Shot. One misses by a wide margin, the other finds a home in the face of the Goblin Grunt also menacing Magnus – who is now able to turn all his attention to the Savage Ogre.

The two Goblin Grunts left standing, shuffle backwards a little further – trying to find cover. Soon after another pair of arrows fly – the first of which catches Ah-shahran – no more than a scratch, while the second thunks in to the wall of the Inn, missing Kyalia by only six inches.

Freggo shouts at the Ogre,

Hey ugly, your friends are gone, time to give up!

Then gingerly makes his way over to the brute; he Ensnares the beast with his Aegis.

A hero’s blade is not turned so easily!

The Swordmage declares, as flames burst and dance the length of Freggo’s longsword. He swings with a Heroic Effort and his Burning Blade tears a smoking rent in the Ogre’s side – the great brute yowls in fury and pain as the blade burns and bites deep, and yet the beast is still not bloodied.

Viator manoeuvres, attempts to control the fight with his Dimensional Scramble. A greyish haze engulfs the Savage brute, but alas to no effect – the Ogre’s strength is too much for his power.

The haze fades to nothing, as the Savage Ogre swings its greatclub around with one hand, and with the other beats its chest – growling furiously and challenging the adventurers to come and try their luck.

End of Round #2

Five PCs wounded, three of whom are bloodied – Ah-shahran (30/26 HP), Kyalia (26/15 HP), Magnus (38/18 HP), Freggo (27/12 HP) & Kali (25/9 HP).
Three Goblin Grunts dead.
Two Hobgoblin Archers dead.
Savage Ogre wounded, not quite bloodied (111/65 HP).


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Round #3

Magnus stands on his tip-toes and tries to stretch the kinks out of his crushed armour. The brave Dwarf faces the Savage Ogre head-on,

Right, let me get another swing at ya big boy.

The Fighter attacks again with his Reaping Strike – this time managing to catch the beast, although with nothing more than a glancing blow. The Dwarf harrumphs and marks the beast for destruction.

Kali meanwhile is all action, hidden in the bushes he too spies the Savage Ogre; readying his attack, he marks the beast for death again – a second Assassin’s Shroud. The Razorclaw Shifter smiles as the pain from the cuts and bruises on his body fade, he gets his Second Wind. He launches himself from his hiding place, a maniac Charge, ending before the great Savage Ogre. His battleaxe sings and swings, a Power Strike, and digs deep – almost removing the creature’s right foot. Kali’s hand axe swings round, a Dual Weapon Strike, but misses its target. The Ogre staggers, this time bloodied, and roars its displeasure.

Ah-shahran mutters to himself,

By Pelor, that thing’s huge!

Then summons his Spirit Companion,

Get in there, Gorm!

The hound appears, first beside Magnus, and then beside Freggo – each feels buoyed by the hound’s presence. In between, Gorm dissipates and Infuses Magnus in to action – the Dwarf swings ferociously at the Savage Ogre, but again, he’s wide of his target.

The Ogre comes again, another Angry Smash, on Magnus once more – the Dwarf has nowhere to run or hide -


Magnus remains on his feet, more by a force of will than any other effect (reduced to 1 HP).

Kyalia meanwhile scurries for cover, then looses her Twin Strike once more. One of the two remaining Goblin Grunts is killed, the second – even employing her Elven Accuracy, remains in play. The Grunt repays Kyalia’s attack – loads and then looses an arrow and scores a direct hit on the Elf. Kyalia is bloodied. The Goblin Grunt then scurries and dives in to the thick vegetation, hoping to stay out of sight.

Freggo, delays his attack, after a signal from Ah-shahran, he waits until the perfect moment. Viator again aims his Dimensional Scramble at the Savage Ogre, but with the same result, the great beast is unaffected by the Psion’s power.

Focus, damn it, focus!

Viator chides himself, and looks frustrated.

End of Round #3

Five PCs wounded, three of whom are bloodied – Ah-shahran (30/26 HP), Kyalia (26/11 HP), Magnus (38/1 HP), Freggo (27/12 HP) & Kali (25/15 HP).
Four Goblin Grunts dead.
Two Hobgoblin Archers dead.
Savage Ogre wounded, and bloodied (111/34).


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Round #4

Ah-shahran shouts out in a commanding voice that sounds nothing like his usual rambling or mad badgering, he snaps out-

Take that thing down! Focus your efforts and hold nothing back!

Magnus sucks in air – it hurts when he breathes, he shakes his head to clear the fog and feels a surge of energy, a Second Wind.

Ya don’t scare me- is that all ya got?

The Dwarf screams, flanking the Savage Ogre he aims his Steel Serpent Strike – a dazzling attack, which should hamstring the beast, SUCCESS! The Ogre groans terribly – forlorn almost, staggers, the attack is not powerful and yet it leaves the monster Slowed significantly.

Kali detaches himself from the fracas, and then Charges full force back at the great beast – alas this time to no effect, the Ogre’s greatclub blocks his blow and shoves Kali easily aside. The Razorclaw Shifter uses the momentum, spins away and moves off again, the Savage Ogre unable to follow Kali’s speedy movement.

Ah-shahran mutters-

Spirits of life, aid these warriors

And conjures a Healing Spirit; both Magnus and Freggo are suddenly full of vim and vigour. Gorm dissipates, its Spirit Infuses Freggo. The young hero swings hard with his longsword – and hits equally hard, the Ogre lurches and sways. Ah-shahran is convinced the beast is about to fall, he unleashes his Twin Panthers, a pair of spirit felines which slash, claw and bite at the beast… the Savage Ogre sways, closes its eyes – one last time, and then falls, causing Magnus and Freggo to hurriedly scatter.

Freggo quickly changes his focus, there’s a Grunt still hidden somewhere with a bow. He searches the vegetation for the hiding place of the last Goblin, alas without success-

I know you’re in here somewhere. Surrender now and you may yet live… Do you yield?

He calls for the creature to surrender… but receives no reply. Kyalia is less concerned with the Grunt’s surrender, she spots the creature easily – Elves have excellent vision. She unleashes her Twin Strike – the last Grunt staggers in to the open with an arrow through its chest, it expires.

End of Round #4 & Encounter #2

Five PCs wounded, two of whom are bloodied – Ah-shahran (30/26 HP), Kyalia (26/11 HP), Magnus (38/19 HP), Freggo (27/16+4 HP) & Kali (25/15 HP).
Five Goblin Grunts dead.
Two Hobgoblin Archers dead.
Savage Ogre dead.

The adventurers take a short rest, head back in to the bar and do what they can for the wounded, Sgt. Thurmina is a little better – her men alas are not so well – six of them are dead. Soon after more of the Fallcrest Guard arrive, the Goblin invasion – or at least the attack on Fallcrest, is over. It seems the Goblins faired badly in the exchange, witnesses say at least half of their initial number lie dead in the streets.

The adventurers are about to head off when Eoffram Troyas, an important man – a Fallcrest Council Member arrives at the Inn with his retinue.

Council Member Eoffram Troyas is a high-ranking member of the Fallcrest city council. He’s known to be less prone to the traditional means of accomplishing important tasks. In a short time, he has established a reputation as an outspoken, and sometimes combative, public figure. A half-elf, he has shown little of his race’s good-natured tendency toward patience.

One of Troyas’s most recent controversial remarks was that he intended to use adventurers to aid in cutting down on recent bandit attacks in the Nentir Vale. Other members of the council — despite the city’s history and survival thanks to the efforts of adventurers — are dubious, but willing to give Council Member Troyas’ policy a chance — to fail.

The Council Member wishes to talk with those that so valiantly defended the Inn and defeated an Ogre. The adventurers are called front and centre, and introduced to Eoffram. He greets each solemnly, making eye contact with each of them.

I am considering something, and I wished to speak to you about it in person.

I am looking to hire a group of adventurers, such as yourselves. Many people have spoken highly of your actions during the attack on the city- I came here straight away to see what sort of people you are.

If you are interested in a little, ahem – ‘action’, then answer me, each of you, and truthfully so- why did you take up arms against the brutes that attacked our fair city? Do you fight for a cause, for money, for fame, or for something else?


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Convincing Eoffram Troyas

And so the adventurers explain to Eoffram Troyas, Fallcrest Council Member, why they took up arms against the Goblins, what motivated them to defend the city and save the Inn.

Encounter #3 – 200 XP – Level 1 Encounter
Skill Challenge (Level 1 Complexity 2).

Ah-shahran, Male Deva, Hybrid Shaman-Warlord, Level 1
Freggo, Male Human, Swordmage, Level 1
Kalimaru, Male Razorclaw Shifter, Ranger (Scout), Level 1
Kyalia, Female Elf, Ranger, Level 1
Magnus, Male Dwarf, Fighter, Level 1
Viator, Male Eladrin, Psion, Level 1

Freggo, as usual, is the first to open his mouth. He tells tall tales from History – the story of the original ‘Red Hand’ a horde of humanoids that swept across the Nentir Vale – destroying Fallcrest , and a myriad other places in its path. He then goes on to wonder whether his own fate is to become a hero…

You’re looking for a group of adventurers? I cannot say that I have known many people like that, but I cannot imagine that I would enjoy the company of such. People who seek out danger, violence, and challenge because they enjoy it and wish to live that way of life… well that’s not for me. We here today, we had a bit of an adventure, but we did not seek it out.

No, it was fate that brought us this ‘adventure’ today. We had the training, the ability, and most of all the courage and will to do what needed doing. We defeated the terrifying assault of monsters on the innocent folk of this town because someone had to do it. And we did it because of who we are. Today, we were heroes.

For myself, I have wondered if the hero’s way was my destiny. Today I have found that I am capable, and it is a good feeling. But it is not all glory and delight. And that too is a good thing. I can now say proudly, in the darkness of my own self, that I am no seeker of violence for its own sake. No, I am no adventurer. I am a hero. And if you have a problem that a hero can help with, I stand ready.

The young Swordmage is learned, polite and clearly certain of his capabilities, he impresses Eoffram with his fine words.

Kali in the meantime quietly, and unseen, creeps up on the Council Member – surprises Eoffram in his ear -

He’s not my leader!

Kali, with volume states, motioning towards Freggo, and making Eoffram almost jump out of his skin.

I just met him today, although he knows his way around a sword, I suppose. And you’re not my leader either, to go demanding anything from me.

Eoffram stutters, genuinely frightened by the raw force of the verbal assault, he tries desperately to recall how he may have offended Kali.

I could have not gotten involved. But I don’t much like to see folks get pushed around. And I happen to know a thing or two about goblins.

Kali finishes and stands tall – chest out, arms folded before the Council Member, again Eoffram is impressed – the great man took him completely by surprise, and his words – he’s clearly passionate, and undoubtedly dangerous.

Ah-shahran moves the conversation on, adds more Historical details, although…

Well sir, as those who have been around the Vale know, this is hardly the first time we’ve been invaded by goblinoids. And I know better than most! I fought those bastards the last time! I mean, not in this lifetime, I was a pikeman… no, an archer…

Ah-shahran goes silent, flicking through his previous lives and memories – he grins, and then suddenly realises where he is, and what he was doing.

Damned if I’m just going to sit here while this town gets invaded! Again. I mean, have you seen what happens when a town gets overrun, and they come swarming over the walls, and…

Ah-shahran zones out again, his facial expressions dance and flutter as he relives…

Damned I say! So me and my dog here…

Gorm materialises – to gasps, as he speaks,

…we took a stand. And I’ll be fighting these bastards whether you hire me or not!

The strange man then looks at his newfound companions, and adds,

This is a good bunch though. I’ll probably stick with them. Someone has to keep these kids out of trouble!

Cackling, Ah-shahran sits back down, and scratches Gorm’s ears.

Eoffram nods and seems satisfied with the answer, which is partially faked – clearly the Deva is mad, but… oh no!

Viator, the Eladrin Psion, strides up to Eoffram, his face is thunder.

That you ask the question, sir, offends me. The Eladrin sent me here for this very reason, and to test my skills.

The dust and debris on the floor of the bar around Viator begins to shift, swirling at his feet.

I was chosen by the council to widen my knowledge, to aid the Nentir Vale and the people here, to help build relations between this place and my people, the fey.

Tankards and crockery join the dance - all manner of items are spiralling around the Eladrin Psion. The crowd of onlookers, and Eoffram it has to be said, coo in awe.

You ask why I do this, sir? I do this because I have to, because I want to. Because I am trained to. A soldier of the mind.

With that, the myriad circling items fly back to their original positions – and the dance ends – to applause.

Eoffram nods – grinning like a five year old still, asks that he be forgiven for his impertinent question, and bids the Eladrin relax.

It’s been quite a show so far, only the Elf and the Dwarf to bring the curtain down…

Kyalia takes a similar tack to Viator, a little angered by the suggestion that she should dishonour herself by not helping those in need of her protection.

I came to Fallcrest in peace and was welcomed warmly by the good folks here. When the goblins rushed attacked?, it was clear to me, someone had to fight back, and that most of the townsfolk lack the expertise to fight such terrible foes.

Kyalia states.

As a hunter, I have trained with my bow for years and have fought the enemies of my people on numerous occasions. Now it is time, it seems, to lend my keen ears, my sharp eyes and my steady hand to those that have a greater need.

The Elf raises her bow to fire an arrow into a nearby target, hoping to show Eoffram her skill with the weapon, alas the crowd makes her nervous…

The missile thunks in to one of the pillars in the Inn – not at all where she was aiming, and causing everyone to suddenly duck and scatter. The arrow takes a circuitous route to the pillar – removing a Watchman’s helm en route. (Kyalia rolled a ‘1’ with her shot, and then followed up with a ‘2’ using her Elven Accuracy- a 100% improvement).

Kyalia looks mortified, apologises quietly, and slinks off looking for somewhere to hide.

There’s no need for that…

Eoffram gets up from the floor, having had to scramble beneath a table to avoid Kyalia’s shot.

Look – I appreciate you’re very pumped up and that, but I’m a Council Member here in Fallcrest ; I’m used to a little more decorum. I’m happy to witness displays of your talents but… well, I hope that was an aberration – or else I fear for people’s safety.

Eoffram folds his arms and looks a little stern.

Perhaps you… Mr. Dwarf, can answer my initial question?

Eoffram bends down to talk to Magnus, pats the Dwarf on the head in a patronising manner.

Magnus, who all the while has been consuming fortifying drafts of ale, stumbles a little – but still manages to look annoyed.

I kilt Goblins cos Goblins get kilt – them’s the rules, I’ll fight the basturds whereva dey are!

Magnus finishes by swigging down another pint of ‘Old Noggin’, his fifth since the fight finished – he’s making up for lost time.

Magnus hiccups a little and then belches.

If ya want a hard basturd Dwarf to do yer fightin’ fer yer – then I’m yer basturd.

Magnus sinks another pint, and slams the the pot down – eyes the barmaid and shows two fingers, Ayella swiftly produces two more pints.

Magnus shoves the first filled pot at Eoffram, thumps it in to the Council Member’s chest, then grabs the second.


Magnus barks – an order.

Gingerly Eoffram obeys – sipping at first, Magnus uses his pint pot to increase the angle, causing ale to spill down the Eoffram’s fine clothes.

Eoffram finishes, staggers, and slumps against the bar – he looks addled.
Magnus grins, and sinks his pint in three seconds flat.

Burps loudly and grins at Eoffram some more, the Half-Elf is disarmed – and a little drunk, he grins back.

I’ll fight in the morning, I’ll fight in the afternoon, I’ll fight in the evening, I’ll fight in the night… I can go on forever!

Magnus signals for another two pints – Eoffram looks ill.

So stick to yer council chamber, and let us do yer fightin’

Magnus passes another pint over to Eoffram, and then sinks his, winks and grins.

Got it, pal!

Eoffram grins and giggles by way of reply.

Magnus sags against the bar – his feet go from under him and he thumps down to the floor, he begins to snore loudly.

Well… <hiccup>, that was…

Eoffram is lost for words -

So… wanna earn some cash and kill, sorry <ahem> kilt, some Goblinsh?

Eoffram slurs. Looking for one more clear indication from the assembled adventurers of their competence, or else desire, to kick Goblin ass.

Freggo, having had the first word makes his play for the last -

Sir, I understand that there may be some further trouble connected to today’s attack. If you are looking for individuals willing to face danger for the sake of the good people of this land, you have found them. I would be honored to be given the trust of the community to undertake such a task, and I believe my new friends here are willing as well.

Eoffram nods, his head drooping a little – nerves, tension, trepidation – but mostly beer.

Then perhaps I should explain more…

Eoffram takes a gulp of air – not enough, the bar is hazy still with the smoke from the fires. Eoffram spies the exit -

If you’d like to walk with me… I’ll explain.

Eoffram indicates the gaping hole in the side of the bar room that was once the exit.

Just before they leave the bar, Viator walks tentatively over to Ayella.

Um… I think I might be going away for a while… that is, I just wanted to say… um… thank you for being so kind to me. I… you have a really pretty smile. I mean… anyway, I hope the damage to the place isn’t too bad. And I hope I can help a little with this. I know it’s not much.

With that he holds out his hand and places some coins into hers.

Ayella blushes a little as she takes the money,


she begins and ends with a smile, a smile solely for Viator.

I hope I see you again…

She adds as Viator scurries off to catch up with his colleagues.

The adventurers, with cheers and kind words from the assembled crowd, exit the bar with Eoffram, Sgt Thurmina and her men tagging along – it seems the Council Member is important enough to warrant her attention. The good Sgt. is burnt, bloodied but not so badly injured she should neglect her duties.

End of Encounter #3

Six successes (Freggo x2, Kali, Ah-shahran, Viator & Magnus) & one failure (Kyalia).

While they stroll, Eoffram gulps plenty of sobering fresh air, He explains what needs to be done… or at least what has been done already – by the Goblins!


The Quest

The rag-tag group wends its way across Five Arch Bridge and in to the city proper, here and there are signs of the Goblins’ passing, although in all honesty the signs are few and far between already – a little spilt blood on the road, a scorch mark here and there, an abandoned helm.

Eoffram chats-

It seems the creatures had a plan, what I mean to say is that several of the attacks served as feints, they had a target. At present we believe that 30 members of the public met their ends this evening, with twice as many left injured. The guard, and several more experienced citizens – such as yourselves, accounted for perhaps fifty dead Goblins… and an Ogre of course.

Eoffram grins.

As I was saying- the Goblins seemed to have had a plan. While the Guard were kept busy fighting off the smaller attacks, a group of the rascals made their way to the Hall of Great Valour… for those of you that don’t know, the Hall is a museum attached to the temple of Erathis here in Fallcrest- a kind of civic storeroom.

Eoffram shrugs.

It’s not really a military target, as I say – a storeroom is a pretty apt description – it’s the place we keep heirlooms and relics of the city, of sentimental value only you understand, for the citizens to visit – not that many did.

Eoffram pulls up short-

Look it’s a dusty room at the back of the Church of Erathis crammed with <ahem> junk, and looked after by a doddery old man called Sertanian, why it should be targeted…

Eoffram looks bereft of ideas, he walks on.

The thing is we don’t even know what was taken, if anything – there’s a catalogue of the materials within but… alas the Goblins set fire to the place, there’s nothing left of the paperwork, and Sertanian…

Eoffram looks suddenly very serious.

Sertanian was one of the ones taken.

Which cause the adventurers to stop, Eoffram pulls up short, turns to face the group.

Which brings me to my first request; best guess seven citizens of Fallcrest were ‘taken’ by the Goblins- we don’t know if this was planned or… Well, we just don’t know. Obviously we’d like them back, and we’re willing to pay – we will not have our citizens taken from the streets of their home.

Eoffram slams his fist in to the palm of his hand.

We will pay 500 gold coins for the return of all seven citizens, what say you to this?

Eoffram asks.

To nods and moans of assent from the adventurers, Eoffram goes on.

Later Eoffram describes the seven missing citizens in detail to the PCs, they are -

Sertanian: An aged male human, the Curator of the Hall of Great Valour. Sertanian is the only captive who can identify the treasures from the Hall of Great Valour on sight (they’ve been his responsibility for years).

Jalissa: A young female human Acolyte of Ioun, she was visiting Fallcrest and had only been here for two or three days, she was praying at the Church of Erathis – which encompasses a small shrine to Ioun.

Kartenix: A male human Guard Captain, he was off-duty at the time, taking his son through the city on an errand. Kartenix is a fine swordsman and an astute military tactician – he may prove invaluable.

Thurann: The 8-year-old male human son of Kartenix the aforementioned Guard Captain.

Mirtala: A female human Cook who was also praying at the temple of Erathis when the Goblins struck.

Zerriksa: A female human crone, she portrays herself as a Wise-Woman, selling trinkets and items to ward away evil spirits, or else poultices and potions to mend or to charm; many believe Zerriksa to be some sort of Witch. She was reportedly taken while in the same location as Kartenix and his son.

Adronsius: A male dwarven Alchemist, again caught running an errand. Witnesses state they saw him being beaten and dragged off, I presume this may be something to do with the Goblins’ hatred of his race.

We return to our journey through the city of Fallcrest, with Eoffram telling his tale.

Eoffram walks on.

We would also like you to recover the items taken from the Hall of Great Valour, we feel it is important that we get these back; like our citizens we will not have Goblins wandering in to our city and just taking what they want. We’re prepared to pay an additional 200gp for the return of these items, although… well, we have no idea what has been taken. You’ll need to find Sertanian first, he’ll know what they took, the old coot… I mean <ahem>, the curator is a very particular man. He’ll know for certain what, if anything, has been taken. Well, do we have a deal?

Again the adventurers assent.

Eoffram looks up, stops walking.

The obvious question of course is where are the Goblins, the citizens and the items- well, that’s where this bastard comes in…

Eoffram has led the adventurers through the city to the Fallcrest City Hall. The building serves a second function- it’s also the city jail; he leads the group in, past nodding Watch members and other workers, all of whom are rushing around- busy in the aftermath.

Past more guards and in to a much more martial area, the jail.

We captured a Goblin alive, he says his name is Morrick, I’m hoping you can find out what you need to know from him…

Kyalia interjects –

A large warband like this, and especially if they have taken prisoners with them, should not be too hard to track. I can look for signs of them in the vicinity. Maybe this could give us a general idea as to where they might have gone. Either way, it might help to prove whether this Morrick is speaking the truth, if he does speak, that is.

Ah-shahran nods at Kyalia’s words.

Ah, tracking. Seems I’ve done that a time or two. I should be able to lend a hand.

Looking to Eoframm, he adds-

We’ll get them captives free.

Freggo, alas, is a little disappointed –

Ah… so… no dragons then? Well, ah, yes, I suppose rescuing kidnapped citizens falls under heroism as well. Sounds good. I thought someone said something about what the Goblins were wearing?

He enquires.

The Goblins were wearing? Do you mean the ‘Red Hand’ badges?

Eoffram asks, and then answers his own question-

Apparently they were shouting about the Hand, damn miscreants. Still, did you see, many of them had the insignia on upside down. There’s something odd going on here – I’m certain.

Eoffram continues-

Apparently he’s called Morrick- he was captured in the raid.

Eoffram nods towards a door ahead – clearly it leads in to the jail proper.

Perhaps you could persuade him to give up a few of his secrets, although let me caution you – he must be in one piece, this fellow will stand trial for his crimes.

Eoffram adds.

The adventurers are lead through the door in to the cells by a Guard, there’s a lone Goblin in a cell here, with a pair of Guardsmen watching on. His wounds have been bandaged.

Morrick, the captured Goblin, takes one weary look and says,

I ain’t saying nothin’ unless you people let me go.

He speaks Common, which is a relief.

The Guardsmen hands over the key to the cell door…

We’ll see about that…

Kali states.


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