Scales of War: Rescue at Rivenroar: Spizz!


The Goblin Guards

Round #5

Following up on her magically-empowered arrow, Kyalia gives up on her current quarry and chooses a new one; the menacing Hobgoblin Soldier attacking Velani, who also happens to be right in front of her. She fires another two arrows at the Hobgoblin before scurrying backwards, disappearing behind her more melee-savvy allies.

Alas Kyalia, without Gorm as her Spirit guide, is a little off target, a momentary lapse rest-assured; both arrows shatter on impact with the stone wall of the corridor beyond the Hobgoblin leader.

Spizz, the Goblin Shooter, meanwhile discards his Short Sword, he’s following orders, he grabs an empty barrel, from a supply dump in the chamber, and rolls it in to position… Perfect!

Spizz settles behind his new firing position, with cover, and aims… at Viator – squeezes the trigger of his Hand Crossbow, grinning all the while – and catching the Eladrin in his left leg, the bolt passing all the way through, leaving a bloody hole in the Eladrin’s calf.

Viator is hurt badly.

Velani, it seems, also knows the Goblin tongue – she addresses the Hobgoblin leader she is facing off against.

It seems you meant for me to receive your excuse for wrath. Feel now the righteous wrath of Dol Arrah and feel the pain you have inflicted upon my comrades!

Velani slashes hard, and marks the Hobgoblin’s face – a duelling scar, of sorts, only delivered with a longsword – so all the deeper. Half of the Hobgoblin’s face slips away to reveal sinew, tendon and bone.

The creature gulps blood and snarls.


Then pointedly turns to face Velani, she has its full attention.

Freggo stares at Ah-shahran, in response to the Deva’s concern. The Swordmage’s expression betrays his fear as he processes the desperation of the situation, but gradually gives way to a bemused grin.

I think… I’m starting to understand what it means to be a hero.

He readies himself for battle, the pain of his injuries all but disappearing – he gets his Second Wind. Freggo feels a flood of energy that quickens his steps. YES! This is what he was meant to do! He thinks.

Freggo thrums with magical energy, his unkempt hair standing on end, he attempts to sneakily saunter by the Hobgoblin leader, ready to bat aside any swipes aimed at him. The angry Hobgoblin however has other ideas, it lashes out with its flail… and is suddenly struck by a burst of bluish Righteous Radiance; the source – Velani’s longsword.

The Hobgoblin leader folds like a pack of cards, slumps down dead.

The young hero, Freggo, looks up and sees his target the Hobgoblin Grunt moving towards him – the creature is massive – easily twice his bulk.

He steps to the side and avoids the Grunt’s longsword cut, he returns the attack with interest – a vicious slash to the creature’s midsection.


The Hobgoblin collapses and slumps hard on to the floor. The young hero half shuffles – half staggers on, finally comes to a halt, one foot on the barrel and staring down at the Goblin Shooter.

Hello there little friend. I’m the hero. You’re the bad guy. I’d run if I were you.

Spizz gulps and then remembers the hand crossbow he is holding, he looks up at Freggo – grins, and makes a cutting motion across his throat.

Freggo suddenly spots movement in the chamber beyond Spizz, a Goblin clad in scruffy leather armour, a creature he has not seen before. The sneaky Goblinoid ducks out of the shadows and dashes towards the doors on the far side of the chamber, which are already open.

The Goblin continues its run – shouting all the while…

Freggo’s heart sinks – there are more of them.

Behind him Kali stalks forward, now that the corridor is clear, growling all the way – stomping even, biting and chewing at words to make unrecognisable sounds – he’s not happy.

The Shifter slams his battleaxe in to Spizz, now cowering behind the barrel, the Goblin’s screams increase in volume and frequency. Kali shuffles forward to circle behind the Goblin, cutting off the creature’s escape route.

Never leave an enemy to flee. This is an important lesson. The enemy will bring reinforcements and you may find yourself punished. Bring that enemy DOWN.

Viator hears the words of one of his former instructors in his head.

The Psion surges down the hallway, ignoring the crossbow-wielding Spizz, he throws a hand out and the doors ahead fly open further, the fleeing goblin is exposed, as is yet another corridor heading north.


Viator whispers, but alas his power is too slight – or else the fleeing Goblin’s mind is too strong.

Ah-shahran rounds the corner, grumbling to himself.

Stupid twisting hallways. How’s an old man supposed to kick back and relax when the Goblins keep running off?

Snapping his fingers, he summons Gorm, who materialises next to Kali – the Shifter grins. Gorm’s form dissolves and Kali launches a vicious cut at Spizz. The Goblin ducks, just in time, the blow would have killed him dead.

Spizz doesn’t look happy at all… things are not going well, and yet.

Shouts, from the north corridor newly exposed – more Goblins, rescue…

And again the level, and the danger, of the encounter has increased.

Encounter #6 – 1052 XP – Level 3 Encounter
4 Hobgoblin Grunts (Level 3 Minion)
1 Goblin Acolyte of Maglubiyet (Level 1 Controller)
1 Goblin Cutthroat (Level 1 Skirmisher)
2 Goblin Sharpshooters (Level 2 Artillery)
3 Hobgoblin Warriors (Level 3 Soldier)

End of Round #5

Four PCs wounded – Freggo (27/16 HP), Kali (25/22+4 HP), Velani (28/17 HP) and Viator (26/15 HP).
Four Hobgoblin Grunts killed.
Goblin Acolyte of Maglubiyet dead.
One Goblin Sharpshooter killed and one wounded (31/21 HP).
Three Hobgoblin Warriors deceased.


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The Goblin Guards

Round #6

Kyalia, the Elven Ranger, peers around the corner, sights her bow, and sinks two arrows in to Spizz, the Goblin sinks to his knees – covered in blood, and still sporting both arrows.

Mayk it stop!

The Goblin screams, in the Goblin tongue.

I giv’up

Spizz repeats time and time again and slowly crawls in to the barrel on the floor.

The result of which is his voice takes on a slightly booming aspect…

Spizz is having none of it- he throws his crossbow out of the barrel, and cries- great jagged sobs, all the time begging for-

No hurty.

A good way down the newly revealed corridor another pair of Goblins, in leather armour and carrying hand crossbows, swing in to action, and when I say swing…

The first rushes forward to help his friends

He leaps and swings, ahead of the little creature is a ten foot square yawning gap – the floor of the corridor has fallen away, replaced by an inky darkness. A number of sturdy ropes have been somehow attached to the ceiling, and so the Goblin Sharpshooter swings, and leaps, and…


Misses – the creature’s screams end abruptly.

The second Sharpshooter rushes forward to edge of the hole – looks down, then looks across at his fleeing comrade in arms.

He offers the creature a limp smile and a shrug, and then turns tail and runs…

More running… always more running… I’ve got to get in back in shape…

Velani mumbles to herself as she catches up with the action.

Moving with all the clunkity speed she can muster, she heads to the door and then on, trying to cut off the last remaining Goblin’s retreat; although retreat would mean the creature having to leap the pit.

If you want to live, little one, I suggest you stay where you are…

Velani offers, and brandishes her longsword.

Alas the Goblin Cutthroat is desperate, it stabs hard at the ex-Sgt., and for the second time Velani hits the deck, the Goblin’s short sword thrust is deadly accurate, a critical hit.

Freggo watches Velani move forward, assuming she will charge the remaining Goblin, then watches in horror as she instead tries to manoeuvre beyond the sneaky little bugger. It seems almost inevitable when the Goblin drops her with a thump. Why didn’t she attack? That’s odd. Well, maybe she thought it was worth the risk to peer into the passageway instead… she probably knows better than me…

Freggo follows his own advice, rushes the remaining enemy, hoping they can manage to patch up their brave, if slightly confused, ally.

Hands off, Goblin fiend!

Freggo finds that sometimes he doesn’t need any magic at all, his blade smashes through the defences of the hapless Goblin, executing a perfect charging side-swipe.

Heh, the old fencing teacher would have liked that one.

He mutters to himself.

The last Goblin is not going to give up that easily. Its entire visage and demeanour, from its rows of sharpened teeth to its beady eyes – the creature is a bastard, a nasty bastard.

The Cutthroat feints left, then right, and stabs out its short sword – alas the blow is just wide, and there are more of the adventurers heading his way, time for a re-think perhaps.

The Goblin turns and leaps for the rope…

Freggo meanwhile lashes out and slices into the creature’s back – opening up yet another wound, the Goblin has met its match; time to get the hell out of here.

The Goblin grabs on to the rope, its forward momentum swinging it across – the Goblin lands safely on the other side, and runs, full pelt…

Kali knows they can’t let the Goblin get away, he moves in to stand over Velani’s unconscious form, dropping his axes en route, he draws his bow and fires at the retreating form.


Followed by…


Kali’s aim is true, the Goblin now sports an arrow in the back, and yet it drags itself on – continuing its escape attempt.

Viator’s eyes narrow as he spies Velani lying on the cold stone floor. She stood for him. He would avenge her.

The Psion trots forward, stops by his fallen comrade. Looking down he focuses his pain, his power. Throwing his head back and his hands out, he screams.


His power ripples the air down the corridor, tearing at the Goblin, ripping it from reality and teleporting it back towards Viator – who uses his arcane knowledge to enhance and adapt the weave to accelerate the filthy beast hard into the corridor wall.

The Goblin slides down the wall and slumps on to the floor, it does not stir.


The fight is over… and adding in the Goblin Sharpshooter that fell down the pit -

Encounter #6 – 1177 XP – Level 4 Encounter
4 Hobgoblin Grunts (Level 3 Minion)
1 Goblin Acolyte of Maglubiyet (Level 1 Controller)
1 Goblin Cutthroat (Level 1 Skirmisher)
3 Goblin Sharpshooters (Level 2 Artillery)
3 Hobgoblin Warriors (Level 3 Soldier)

End of Round #6 & Encounter #6

Three PCs wounded, one bloodied; and one unconscious – Freggo (27/7 HP), Kali (25/22+4 HP), Velani (28/0 HP) and Viator (26/15 HP).
Four Hobgoblin Grunts killed.
Goblin Acolyte of Maglubiyet dead.
Goblin Cutthroat killed.
Two Goblin Sharpshooters killed and one badly wounded (and surrendered) (31/4 HP).
Three Hobgoblin Warriors deceased.


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Ah-shahran is first on the scene, he crouches over the fallen Velani muttering strange things -

Pancreas, bobcat, artichoke- eye of newt, wing of bat <chuckles>, and…

Ah-shahran’s eyes roll over to white, in some sort of trance, perhaps speaking to his spirit world companions in search of the soon to be departed Velani.

Velani stirs.

Thereafter the brave adventurers take a breather, rest and heal their wounds, all the while taking a look around the newly discovered chamber. It very quickly becomes clear that they are in the ‘katykooms’ that Morrick, the captured Goblin, described.

The adventurers search the room, first of the bodies of their victims; they discover a smattering of coin. Then onto the bedrolls, this place obviously served as a rest room – none of them hold anything of value however – they’re all mangy and worthless.

There is also, scattered about, a fair amount of food- much of which is rank, and not fit for human consumption, some (a little) is in slightly better condition. There’s plenty of water- slightly brackish, but drinkable.

There are also a number of crates here, several of which are marked with familiar trade logos – it’s clear the Goblins have been active, either attacking caravans, or else they managed to capture the goods in the recent raid.

One crate in particular catches the eye – it is marked “Og’s”, the Og Brothers are a pair of Half-Orcs resident in Fallcrest – one owns and runs a tannery, the other a leather working shop. They are both seriously good at their jobs – in fact Teldorathan, the Dwarven Master Smith of Fallcrest, insists on Og’s – there was an advert some time back in the Fallcrest Flyer that said as much.

The Og crate is soon opened, it contains a dozen or more completed pieces of fine leatherwork – wrist guards, bracers, belts, a beautiful backpack; but the prize is a suit of exquisitely made (and stitched) leather armour, genuinely beautiful work. Freggo notes that the armour is his size… and as stated, of very fine manufacture, perhaps even… magical?

It proves to be the case.

The other crates contain a myriad of merchant ware – clearly stolen stuff, from rock salt crystals to a consignment of “Mad Derek’s Dwarven Candy – it sucks for generations”, but little else of interest or value.

The double doors to the west are next investigated, a peek through reveals a short corridor that turns to head north, no sound comes from here.

The double doors to the north, through which the last Goblin attempted to flee, are likewise investigated. Beyond is a long corridor which heads north, there seems to be a passage heading off it to the west, just over the first pit. The corridor heads north for quite a distance, the adventurers can just make out that a second pit lies beyond the first.

The first pit is examined, it seems at some point in the past the floor here has simply given way. Down the hole is a very large chamber, the floor of which seems to be at least thirty feet below. Something glows down there, not enough light to see by – more a hazy indistinct furze. Kyalia swears she saw something move, something big… and there are sounds. Sounds of something eating perhaps – Kali mentions that one of the Goblins fell down here.

It smells – of rot, and death.

Above the pit, attached to the ceiling somehow, is a thick rope – a swing, the method by which the Goblins traversed the pit – the rope is in good condition, although the pit, with a decent run up could be leapt.

Lastly, in a barrel – now with the lid on – is Spizz…

Kali sets up a defensive position, closing the doors and strategically shifting crates into position, he takes guard detail and watches the pitted passage north. He could go fishing with a goblin body as worm, and some unknown pit creature as fish –

Hmmm, maybe later... he thinks.

Freggo meanwhile swings in to action.

Well done friends, we have them on the run now! I imagine just another handful and some rescued prisoners and we’ll return triumphant!

Freggo assures his friends that he’ll return his new, and beautiful, leather armour to the rightful owner, should they be discovered. But, for now, it seems prudent to look as dashing as possible while heroism is afoot – he clambers in to his new armour, grinning like a chimp.

Newly attired, the young Swordmage heads over to see Spizz.

Mr. Goblin? Now, you can stay in the barrel if you wish, I just want to talk. I know your situation seems bad, but you’ve actually done a very smart thing by surrendering. And now you’ve got a chance to make some new friends. What do you think, want to work for us? Let me tell you a story about two goblin brothers who found a new career…

Freggo tells the story of Ory and Gory again, or at least begins to. After a good five minutes of the tale however it is apparent that Spizz, the Goblin, is having none of it – he remains within the barrel – and tight-lipped.

Freggo gives up.

Ah-shahran nods approvingly at Kali’s precautions, then turns his attention to Spizz and Freggo. Chuckling at the Swordmage’s clumsy attempt to befriend the Goblin, he claps a hand on Freggo’s shoulder and says –

Son, I don’t think he’s likely to trust us too far, given the mincemeat we just made of his companions. It’s going to take more than a story to calm him down, I think. Look, you can tell by the way his hands are shaking, and that tic in his cheek. He’s figured out that he’s completely at our mercy—and he knows nothing about how merciful we might be.

Ah-shahran pauses, then cackles.

Heck, I’m not sure how merciful we are!

Alas Viator is less inclined to sympathy, the sense of frustration overwhelms him and he storms over to the Goblin stuffed barrel.

Why are you being so nice to this pathetic creature, Freggo?

Suddenly, with a <pop>, the barrel lid flies off – Spizz looks out.

Viator’s eyes lock on to the Goblin. The air between the pair seems to vibrate, a discarded Hobgoblin boot, on the floor, shudders and seems to move of its own accord. The space between the Psion and the goblin warps until Viator’s face is almost touching Spizz’s.

Viator’s voice takes on a low, dangerous tone.

You are an embarrassment, Goblin. And that’s saying something for one of your kind. You and your friends have caused us a great deal of inconvenience; and we don’t intend on being further inconvenienced. Now you are going to tell me, and my friends here, what we want to know or I will disassemble every molecule of your body, starting from the bottom up. And I won’t even use my hands.

Viator’s eyes flash with fire, his words boom and echo in Spizz’s head.


The swirling, crackling air subsides.

I won’t ask twice.

The townies are in crypts, from main entrance – both downstairs – Fat Dwarf in one, Witch in other…

Spizz gibbers and gulps, his hands in front of his face, trying to protect himself from Viator’s mental magic.

Goblin runner gone to Deadeye, Deadeye and guards to the north, over pits – Gimp (the aforementioned Goblin’s name) go long way round – creepy way round – not nice, try to get to Deadeye, warn him… warn him you have come. Quick way to Deadeye north.

Spizz continues to quiver, then racks his brain – what was the third question the shouty head-magic man asked, that’s it, he remembers -

Sinruth. Sinruth somewhere in dungeon… Undeadies somewhere in dungeon… Dungeon full of creepies and nasties.

Spizz shivers violently – genuinely terrified.

Kyalia is quickly over to Spizz, she takes Viator’s approach, draws her dagger and menaces Spizz, she too has questions.

If I got this right, two of your friends have escaped. One left through the door, and the other… well… left to feed the beast that lives below this chamber. It’s one of those dragons, right? Or is it something else? Maybe we could draw some more conclusions, if we give it something more to chew on… like him!

Kyalia motions with her dagger at Spizz, who ducks down into the barrel and sobs a little.

Drake – two Drakes, big Drakes, angry Drakes – Sinruth’s ride. Sinruth’s pets.

Spizz volunteers, working towards a brownie point, he hopes.

Spizz helpful, Spizz good Goblin. Spizz go now?

Spizz asks and looks up – peering in to the barrel are Viator – with his crazy googly-eyes, and Kyalia. Spizz gulps.


He whines.

32 Silver Pieces and 45 Copper Pieces – hardly a king’s ransom.

Magic Items
Level 1 Magic Item- Leather Armour +1 (for Freggo).

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