Scheduling Thread for the IRON DM 2020 Tournament!


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I dropped the idea of an IRON DM archive site or printed supplement over a decade and a half ago, but getting involved once again has brought back the old itch.

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I ran the 2014 "Easy Come," reverse dungeon scenario at Origins, and was already writing it up shortly after the contest ended. I think I have run that one about three or four times in total, and its always a lot of fun and never seems to go the same way twice. One of the highlights was the pregen PCs crafted for it, and one of them in particular, a goblin rogue named Night Rat, is still a household favorite, getting mentioned with some frequency.

That same year, I also ended up running "Temple of the Seven Gates," using mass battle rules from the Pathfinder 3pp Warpath book, because I wanted to try out the system. I ran it twice and it was fun, though "Easy Come," was a slightly better time each time, with more room for shenanigans.


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I just discovered that none of the links in the Iron DM Anthology work any more, so I’ve gotta go through and fix all of those.
Well, that took some effort, but they should all work, now. Wish I had thought to list which tournament each entry was from when I started that anthology. Or at least kept a personal list.

Anyone else ever get around to using any of the Iron DM scenarios in actual game play?

This goes back a LONG time and i forget most of the details, but I remember adapting some bits and pieces from the long-ago and now-lost Iron Tapestry tournament for a campaign i ran. Not whole adventures or anything, but Iron Tapestry wasn't just a regular Iron DM, it was all about progressively and cooperatively building a campaign setting as the tournament went on. I stole some setting details etc, from memory.


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Fortunately, it only turned out to be around half of the links that were bad.

Unfortunately, they were the older ones; those older threads are a lot harder to sift through because they mostly didn’t link to entries (and the links wouldn’t work, anyway) and most were cluttered with scheduling within the thread.

And lots of cross-talk. Which is great, but (as indicated above) hard to sift through. For some reason, searching the site and Google was not particularly fruitful.


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Any chance you’ve got any of the lost tournaments backed up somewhere?

Welp, I looked. The drive was no help and it looks like I dumped the CDs in the purge of stuff that accompanied my last move. :(

This makes me think it is more important than ever to archive the stuff we still do have.

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