Science Fiction: Greatest TV Shows Part III

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No my Best Of list. ;)

For example, I think Babylon 5 and Farscape were both muddled messes. And the original Battlestar Galactica's campiness was better than the reboot's grittiness.


You want camp?


Galactica 1980.


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Man, it would be really hard for me to fill a top ten list of scifi shows. Top five, I think I could manage.

1. The Expanse. No question, I loved the books, I loved the show and its casting. One regrettable discovery about a member of the main cast aside.
2. Stargate Atlantis. One of my first real introductions to scifi, and a solid show for the majority of its episodes.
3. Deep Space 9. Not gonna lie, I had a hard time getting into most Star Trek. Everyone always talked about its engagement with philosophy, but ever time I tried to watch an episode I got cheesy scifi camp instead. DS9, on the other hand, had a few misses, but its tighter character focus made it a lot more enjoyable for me.

Hmm... already getting to the point where I don't know what shows I'd add to this list... I really need to watch more scifi... Andromeda started strong but was ruined by the lead actor in a spectacular fashion, Firefly doesn't meet the OP's requirements despite being a show I love, Dark Angel I loved as a kid and still have a fondness for, but was honestly not a great show quality wise... The Orville is shaping up to be a solid show, but isn't in a "finished" state, so it doesn't qualify either...


Does anyone remember "Primeval"? And no, I don't mean the stillborn American version.
I must apologize for this statement. It wasn't a "stillborn American version", but a crappy Canadian version. Shot in Vancouver by CTV/Bell Media/eONE, with Canadian military trappings. They did obviously aim for the American market, however, as they kept on saying 'lewtennant' instead of 'leftennant.'


Rewatching Dark Angel (Cameron/Alba/Weatherly/etc ..) for the first time in a decade or so, and am about 2/3rds of the way through season 1. It is holding up really well so far. I remember some changes in season 2 in terms of characters and focus, so I'll see how my opinion changes.

It's also pretty amazing to be reminded how LGBTQ+ open that first season was (from Original Cindy to Normal's girlfriend).
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