D&D 5E Seeking advice from those who've played high level clerics

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James Gasik

We don't talk about Pun-Pun
We have the ‘basics’: I have full plate and a magic sword, the wizard has a fancy staff etc… we have ‘gear’. But that’s it. No money. I had 300gp for the longest time and nothing to buy spell components.

We had a bit of a wind-fall in the last session so I got components for scrying and forbiddance. This wind-fall kind of prompted this thread because my funds are still limited so I want to know what’s worth buying and how my spell load out should look.
There's a lot of really important spells with expensive costs like greater restoration and raise dead to consider. Well it sounds like you should really stock Heal in your 6th level slot.


I played BGDiA with a dwarf cleric, and we continued on to very high level (we stopped at level 18). Assuming you've got a feat to support concentration saves (Resilient or Warcaster), Spirit Guardians is by far the best option. Running into melee then Dodging is a solid choice, because you really don't want to lose the spell and you'll almost certainly become target #1 for attacks. The biggest advantage of SG is that you only have to cast 1 "combat" spell each fight, saving the rest for healing and utility (both of which will be an issue in the adventure). In theory you can also cast Spiritual Weapon, but I found this burns too many spell slots for my taste. Remember to always have 2x level 3 spell slots available at all times for Create Food and Water and Revivify, because you shouldn't need them... until you do.

As for the rules question, IIRC the official ruling is that "holy water" doesn't clarify how much, so you don't have to spend a full vial. Since it doesn't require a full vial, it lacks a cost and can be covered by a focus. However, your DM's ruling is final, so talk with them before deciding not to get some.


I always liked flame strike, but a front line might might just take something like hallow or find the path depending on your group makeup. Hallow takes 24 hours to cast, but keeps fiends out and you can also give the place something like protection from fire. Forbiddance could be handy as well.

I’m curious about summon celestial. Seems cool but they only have 40hp.
40 if you go with the ranged option. 50 and 18 AC with the defender. Being ranged generally reduces the damage you take so it's a decent tradeoff. The fact that it can fly means it should be moving to areas away from you so it can draw fire and avoid aoes. Overall, a spell that offers 2d8+5 healing, a 40-50 HP bag of hit points, mobility, multiattack, 1 hour duration, and requires no action after you cast it is great value. It also upcasts well in the 6th level slot since it gets +1 AC, +10 HP, +1 damage, and another attack.

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