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While I've enjoyed the various Survivor threads, it's been pointed out multiple times that they are heavily slanted toward the least offensive option. I want to try something a bit different. Since we're hot off the heals of Birthright's victory, we'll do settings. Here are the rules:

I've included all D&D settings that have either been published by WotC (or its predecessors) or were officially licensed. Settings had to show up as either a top-level item on the Wikipedia page for D&D settings or be searchable on DMs Guild. If I'm limited by the poll, I'll make some judgement calls.

We will vote in five rounds: A qualifier round to eliminate the lowest rung, then four more where only half move on. For the first couple rounds, you can cast multiple votes, but that'll change in later rounds. Dates are estimates -- I will post the next poll as soon as I can, after the prior one closes.
RoundStartsClosesEntriesVotes AllowedMoving On
Battle Royale2016-03-132016-03-161628
Quarter Finals2016-03-162016-03-19824

Additional notes:
The results are hidden until voting is done. No slacking just because your #1 is already way up. Your votes will be public when the poll closes. (Or not. It looks like those two options don't play well together.)

There are multiple sub-settings listed, especially for Forgotten Realms. I'd consider a vote for "Forgotten Realms" to be the core area not otherwise called out. Kara-tur actually predates publication of the Realms, so whatever you want to do with that.
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5ever, or until 2024
You may have a reason to hide the results...but I have noticed with other poles that it does sort of suck the energy out of them. Hopefully you still get enough votes!

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