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D&D General Druid vs. Paladin - March Madness 2024 - Final Round!

Choose your favorite class:

  • Druid

    Votes: 28 45.2%
  • Paladin

    Votes: 34 54.8%

  • Poll closed .


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In the game I run for my son and his friends, only 1 rogue, 1 cleric, and 3 wizards out of the 18 characters (6 total different players). Ages have ranged from 10-14 at time of character creation.
For both this post and a few others who responded to my question, I find these anecdotes fascinating even if not particularly related to the thread at hand. For comparison, here is what I've seen in my two recent campaigns, which are predominantly <25 year olds (not counting me) who have never played any edition before 5e:

Main Campaign:
Dwarf Paladin - Vengeance
Goliath Paladin - Oathbreaker
Leonin Paladin - died before subclass
Tiefling Sorcerer - Draconic
Tiefling Sorcerer - Aberrant Mind
Tiefling Sorcerer - Aberrant Mind
Halfling Warlock - Great Old One
Aasimar Warlock - Hexblade
Plasmoid Barbarian - Giant
Dwarf Barbarian - Totem
Elf Barbarian - died before subclass
Earth Genasi Bard - Creation
Water Genasi Bard - died before subclass
Elf Bard - Eloquence
Minotaur Monk - Open Hand
Drow Ranger - Beastmaster
Half-elf Ranger - Drakewarden

Second Campaign:
Autognome Ranger - Beastmaster
Elf Ranger - Swarmkeeper
Hadozee Barbarian - Zealot
Warforged Artificer - Artillerist
Thrikeen Druid - Spores
Bugbear Druid - Moon
Tiefling Sorcerer - Draconic

My personal favourites (Wizard, Cleric, Fighter) are out already, so I don't really care strongly enough about either of the choices. That being said, I don't think I have ever played a Druid in D&D, but at least once I played a (delightfully "lawful annoying") Paladin, so my vote goes to the latter.
It makes me realize, though, that conceptually I like both archetypes, but somehow the Diablo versions are more appealing than their D&D counterparts.


I cast invisibility
BOO! HISS! I demand a recount! ;)

Actually, as far as 5E goes, I get why Paladin made it. Has always been a preferred class of mine, except the whole doesn't have to be lawful good anymore. Sigh... :(


Thank you for doing it. I certainly didn't expect to win.

BTW, for those of you that are curious as to what my answers might be to the "Name 3 Paladins" question...

Comics/Marvel: Captain America, Spider-man,X-Men's Beast
Comics/DC: Superman, Captain Marvel, Hal Jordan or John Stewart
Novels/for alignment-flavored Pallys: Any of the knights from Eddings' the Elenium
Novels: Joram (Kurtz, Saint Camber), Honor Harrington (Weber, Harrington series), Bahzell (Weber, Oath of Swords)

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