SG1: An Old Friend (Wik Judging)


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It would be best if Cheep scout ahead. In fact we may want have Cheep lure the guards to this roon and we set a trap for them.

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
The little homunculus makes quite a snorting sound when it wants to. "Feh. If you be noting, Cheep not be quite the size to be opening doors. A before you be getting ideas in your head, Store not be much good there either." Cheep is quite diminutive, the size of a large rat or squirrel); Store's legs are far to low to the ground.

OOC: IVV---any particular story Balnibar is focusing on? Others, looks to be be 2 north, 2 anything, 1 downstairs?


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Lorth looks at Genithar, "No need to attract attention from downstairs. Let's rescue who we came to rescue."
[sblock=OOC]That would be a vote for north.[/sblock]

Smirking at the shifter, the wizard chides, 'Patience, good monk of Light. I am not in favor of rushing headlong into a trap. No doubt the heavies to the north know we are coming and have taken appropriate measures. Of course we must confront them, but I would do so with as much foresight, planning, and equipment as possible.'

Turning his gaze upon Corran, Genithar bows in aquiesense, responding, 'Your wisdom shines through, friend. I shall endeavor to protect myself and rely on your holy powers to see me through, should it be needed.'

Addressing Mathew then, the elf comments, 'Can you command Store to follow and then aid us? Or will it not function thusly?'

Moving over to the still open chest, Genithar grabs the repair oil and tucks it in his belt, nodding to the others as he says, 'I am ready to proceed, comrades. I suggest Lorth take the lead as scout, followed by Balnibar who may be able to fire off a pinpoint attack, then Store, Mathew, Corran, and finally myself. I can listen at any doors for trouble too, if it is so wished.'

Drawing the tanglefoot bag and shoving it into his belt for quick access, Genithar then loads his crossbow and nods his readiness.

ooc, north it is


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Balnibar's scanning does not turn up anything that would suggest trouble with the watch. The most recent entries just discuss some business matters, the Xen'drik headlines discuss the search for various artifacts or places (the Tower of Flames, the Koldoran Piece, and so forth), and the earlier Breland articles do not take place around Sharn. There are many years of information here that would take some more time to read through for detail---Balnibar only has a rough understanding of its contents.


Having made their decision, the party starts moving towards the bridge to the workshop. Hearing nothing untoward at the outside door, it is opened to reveal an unusual site. The stone connections between the two squat towers is not unusual---it is the crumpled form of the rogue that had fled earlier. He lies against the far door, and a clear trail of blood can be seen streaked across the portal. The cause of his final wound is not immediately obvious.

Everyone's ears perks up at the sound of some sort of clanging, banging, and general ruckus coming from the other room.


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Mathew, assuming it is Doggy who killed the rogue, holds the stone in hand and moves to peek into room and ensure Doggy doen't atack anyone from the group.


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Corran holds his shield out, facing any potential threat, and keeps his other hand free for casting if needed.
He turns and nods at Genithar, I hope you're ready to face whatever comes through that door.

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