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Shadowrun.DnD5 'DNA/DOA'


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Saturday, 18th of July, 2054
The SODO neighborhood, 10:18 pm local time
Under the Alaska Way Viaduct Bridge

OOC Thread
Rogue’s Gallery


While the sun set well over an hour ago the air was still sticky and hot from the heat of the preceding day. You have all arrived around the same time at the location your Fixer told you to be. You see some other strangers your Fixer had mentioned to you would be meeting you there. I guess this would be the ‘team’ the Mr. Johnson arranged.

All this had all thrown together pretty fast, you getting the calls from your respected Fixers only two hours ago. But the hustle should be worth it as Mr. Johnson had promised a grad just for showing up so here you are with your coms ready to receive this promised payment and your feet ready to walk if you don’t like what you heard.

The others grunted their greetings to you and to each other as you settle down to wait for the paycheck. You don’t have long as a long slick black limousine pulled into the parking lot with you and parked a few yards away. A razorboy with some advanced looking cybernetic legs gets out of the passenger side of the front of the limo and gives you each the once over before nodding (ooc - you can make a basic Intelligence check to maybe recognize the fellow by his street cred DC 15). A back door on the limo then opens and out steps an expensive looking suit – the Mr. Johnson you can presume.

The elf has a rather interesting and defining facial tattoo which you assume is probably fake. No one who wants to remain anonymous is going to sport such a permanent identifier. At least not for long.

With a perfect smile the elf approaches you and starts his spiel “Thank you for coming on such short notice. As promised, if you will open your comlinks, your ‘presence-is-needed’ fees…” after the formalities are completed he continues “Now then, Aztechnology corporation has recently been working on a project that we’re very interested in. It is a biotechnology project, but nothing you need to concern yourself about. It is harmless unless administered properly and under the correct conditions. We wish a sample of the project and the complete datafile from their internal computer.

“Some arrangements have already been made for this job. You will get in through a semi-abandoned section of the Tacoma sewer system that runs adjacent to the Aztechnology facility. Based on the information we’ve been able to obtain, the ventilation/heating duct system for the facility runs one a meter or so from the sewer wall. It should be a simple matter to break through the brick-work there and gain access to the ducts. There is however and extra wall made of Plastisteel-7™ surrounding the entire facility to prevent exactly this kind of break-in. Fortunately, we have been able to obtain an instability catalyst that should weaken the material sufficiently for you to get through.

“The product sample will be somewhere in the laboratory section that you’ll be entering. Look for the analysis labs or storage rooms. The data file will, of course, be somewhere in the computer system, but we don’t not know whether or not it is isolated. We do know that Azthenology had some of their specialists in to work on the system when it was installed, which probably means it will take some work on your part. We also know that in the last day or so Aztechnology isolated the two internal systems servicing the laboratory to prevent access from any external node. All access will have to be from within the facility itself.

“Once you have completed the run, make your way to the Tacoma wharves and rendezvous with the S.S. Misha, a container vessel docked at Wharf #114. Get there before daybreak. You contact will be waiting for you on the ship. He is an Elf, tall and thin, with black hair. When he asks you if the sky is still blue, tell him that it hasn’t been since you were a child. Give him the sample and the datafile and he will pay you.

“Being evening, and the weekend, there should be few people at either the Aztech facility or at the wharf. I leave it to your discretion what you should do about anyone you chance to meet.

“Hmm, if I have not mentioned it, you will be leaving for the drop off sewer entrance as soon as we are done here. You may need extra time to find the data and get to the wharfs…”

“As for payment, we are willing to go as high as 100,000¥* for the sample and datafile. But in addition to the thousand we already gave you we are willing, in a show of good faith, to pay half up front and the other half on proof of delivery.

With this fake smile never wavering he adds “We also understand this is short notice and have arranged for a few items that you might need to be available to you right now. You can keep what you take with you, all part of your payment…” nodding his head to the razorboy, the man walks over to an abandoned looking loading van, opens the side door to retrieve two large and heavy looking duffel bags. Dropping them on the lot before you he unzips both to reveal a stash of rifles, clips, full-body chem-suits, gas masks and a assorted about a sprayers, picks and shovels, grenades and what appear to be some explosives!

[sblock=Available Gear](5) Backpacks (one that is troll sized can hold 100lbs of gear)
(1) Medical kit (with 10 basic supplies included)
(3) SR-5 Veresk light SMG’s and (6) full magazines of regular ammo (not each, 6 total)
(3) AK-98 assault rifles and (6) full magazines of regular ammo (not each, 6 total)
(6) Concussion, (4) Smoke, (4) Flash-Bang, (2) Fragmentation and (4) Tangler grenades
(2) Packs of Thermal Paste and (5) bricks of Plastic Explosives (2 lbs brick each), along with (1) Demolition kit
(5) Flashlights, reinforced and heavier than normal (4 lbs each), can acts as a light club without breaking.
(5) Antidote, and (2) Trauma Patches
(5) Chemical Suits (two of them dwarf sized, one is troll sized), (5) Gas Masks
(20) Light Sticks (10 marked blue, 10 marked red)
(5) sets of various Digging Tools
(2) Catalyst Sprayer cans.

Ford-Gram Stock Van. Cost: 18,000¥ (in current condition); Size: Gargantuan; Crew: 1; Passengers: 9; Cargo: 8,000 lbs; Modifier: -6; Speed: 30ft (60 MPH); Cover: Full; Power: Gas -8hr on 100 gallons of fuel; AC: 12; HD: 10; HP: 100; Hardness: 6; Threshold: 45; Abilities: Strength 40, Dexterity 10; Notes: Wheeled propulsion. Basic Crash system, with seatbelts worn, crew take ½ damage from crashes. Off-road penalties an additional -4/-8 to maneuver checks. Cargo 1, Damage Controls, Less Crew.[/sblock]

“Well” the elf continues, as you eye over the hardware laid out before you, “Do we have a deal? The van is yours also if you need transport to Tacoma. It’s got a full tank of gas but I would not take it through to many higher enforcement zones as I don’t believe it meet emersion standards from last century. Do you have any extra questions? I remind you, time is short and of the essence…”

GM: OK so as I mentioned we are going to jump into the adventure pretty quick. You can ask some questions and have a basic plan going BUT most of it is going to be. Here is where you need to go. Here is a basic map of the place. Go get them.

Someone can also try and negotiate for a higher fee if you want to try. The payout is pretty good already so it going to be a high DC. I am not making it a contested roll, just a test on one of the player’s side. It should probably be a Persuasion check BUT if you want to try and BS him you can try Deception. Intimidation will generally automatically fail and could get a reduction in payment or outright withdrawing the job offer.

You can add whatever you want of the gear in the two duffle bags on the ground to your character’s sheet gear if you want. Just remember weight. See Van stats above if you want to take it with you. Who’s driving then?

This mission is going to be dangerous right up front but also the group has little time to plan beforehand, and so the group has a total of 8 Exploit Points (2 points each hero). NPC don’t get or use Exploit points generally unless another hero directs how they would (and spends the point). See “How to Run Shadowrun PBP” on the OCC thread for more info on how I hope this will work during game-play.

Also describe your character and if you wanted to introduce yourselves to each other before the Mr. Johnson arrived…

The payment* is total, not individual. Mr. Johnson leaves it up to you how you divide it, depending if you manage to get more, etc.

the Street Sam and Elf are below


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Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
I guess this would be the ‘team’ the Mr. Johnson arranged.
One is a generic troll in a generic duster and combat boots -- yeah, the duster is dusty too, as a matter of fact. He's wearing a pair of headphones with the headband resting on his thick neck; that and some tattoos on his right hand and left side of his neck -- still thick. Old ones too, in the vague blue of true DIY/cheepest ink you can possibly find, chummer...



This had been going through the troll's - Ntensity's - mind as the johnson talked: Probably true; definitively lying... possibly lying... probably- And then he got to the part about getting half in advance.

Ah crap, we're all going to die.

He picked up one of the catalyst spayers and hefted it in one of his large, callused hands while his backmind mulled it over, as usual.

"These things do the job by 'mselves, you think, or we need to blast in-after?"

[Sblock=Actions]Ntensity will switch to astral perception when the limo gets here. Anything unusual in the spirit world, either about the clients or the general scene. GK?

Edit: Forgot the Know roll for the Razorboy!
Gather info: 1D20+3 = [20]+3 = 23
Critical! Looks like they know each other quite well :)[/sblock]
[Sblock=Tattoos]If you look closer, he's got "N10" with broken bones tattooed on the three main fingers of his right, and the head of some sort of giant eagle with wavy lightning borders peeking out the left side of his neck -- still thick.[/sblock]
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A second elf, his head showing about a month's growth of white hair, stands at the back of the group, so still his pale skin seems like marble. He wears an off-the-rack paper suit, the hilts of twin katanas sticking up over his shoulders, over the straps of his backpack. He has a gray circle tattooed on the top of his head, and a green one on the back, with a blue line connecting them and continuing down his spine, under his collar. He also has a blue shield tattooed on the back of his left hand.


EDIT: His pupils dilate slightly as he recognizes the razorboy, but no other movement betrays whatever emotion he may be feeling.
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First Post
Recognition check: [roll0]

A young woman was off to the side a little ways, leaning against the racing motorcycle she'd come in on. Clad in snug-fitting black and grey fatigues with a similarly colored slimline armored vest on top, she was fairly tall for a female 'humie' with a lithe, athletic build and latina features. Her head was half-shaved, the hair growing on the other half swept over and growing just short of her shoulder.

She'd introduced herself as 'Juno,' and was as short on conversation as the others in the new team.

To Intensity's question she replied, "The catalyst just weakens the plastisteel temporarily. You still have to force your way through if you want a breach. Shouldn't blast though, unless we want the whole place to know what we're up to. Spoiler: that's a bad end."


OOC: Basic Int Check: [roll0]

Diggs arrives at the meeting point with his dog...er drone...Fluffy. To say they can hear him coming is an understatement. When he arrives, he's wearing a long coat, sporting a beard that would put the ugly elf to shame, and his left legs squeaks so bad even the troll should be cringing.

He stops in front of them all, looks them over, grunting at the elves and human, and nodding at the troll.

Then he plops down in the middle of the floor, and pulls out a screwdriver.

"Dagnabit, durn *thunk thunk* drone leg," he curses a little more violently a few times as he tries to get a bolt loose. "I told ye'd get oil when ye got oil and not a moment sooner!"

He bangs around on his leg a bit until the bolt comes undone, then proceeds to open a panel and drop some oil into the joint. Moving his leg around, now silent, he smiles.

"Ah, good," he says as he closes his leg back up and stands. He hacks up a loogie the size of Ntensity's nose and hurles it on to the ground with colossal "ptuy".

"Name's Diggs. This is Fluffy. Go ahead, Fluffy. Sit." The GM-Nissan Doberman Combat Drone, with four wheeled legs and a "head" armed with a Mossberg AM-CMDT, lowers its back legs like a dog trying to sit. Diggs smiles and pats its head. "Good boy. Now shake." The drone raises one of its front 'legs', as if trying to shake hands.

Diggs, smiling as proudly as a papa, looks around to see if anyone wants to shake his 'dogs' hands.

"Well? Any takers?"


As the ugly @&& humans and elves get out of the car, Diggs recognizes the one guy by his nifty cybernetics. He chose the doggy style, huh? Diggs was more into looking like a proper dwarf, but not everyone was as smart as he was. Then he goes up to the equipment, seeing what he needs. He grabs the Medical Kit. He knew how to use it, at least, and he had this one cyst under his skin where his right leg met the meat of his hip that he'd like to look at. Maybe save a sample for later study.

He grabs one of the AK-98's and begins mounting it on Fluffy.

"Hold still, ya durned dog," he says as Fluffy keeps fidgeting, looking like some sort of tick that hasn't worked itself out yet. "I'm tryin' ta make ye even more scary!"

Diggs grabbed a few other things, as well, just in case. (Updated character sheet.)

"No handle?" questions the dusty troll.

"Davos," he says quietly but clearly. He steps up and adds a selection of gear from the duffels to his backpack. As he returns to his previous spot, he adds, "the Steel Serpent."
[sblock="Gear taken"]Flashlight
Chemical Suit
Gas Mask
Lightsticks (4, 2 marked red and 2 marked blue)
Set of digging tools[/sblock]
OOC: Character sheet updated

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
"Well? Any takers?"
Ntensity shares a look with the other two, bit dubitative, then shrugs; they're going to have to risk their lives with the man. Probably very soon too.

He steps up and shakes with the drone, blue eyes looking into red lenses, then shakes with the crazy dwarf -- before wiping grease and road-grit off on his duster. No telling which comes from which either...

"Intensity... The one in-the corner's 'Juno'... The one in the other corner's 'Serpentor'."

They got the meta-races covered anyway.

OOC: Waiting for an update on Sovereign, the astral and Grasshopper-san?


First Post
[sblock=Diggs, Devos and Ntensity]You all recognize the razorboy as the human male street samurai called Raptor. His unusual cybernetic legs allow him to run pretty fast. He has a reputation of being a bit unstable but competent. Ntensity has gone on a job with him in the past. While he was really competent in his field of moving around the battle field and hitting what he shot at, he was unpleasant to work with. The troll got the distinctive feeling the man was a Humanis (anti-Metahuman)[/sblock]

[sblock=Ntensity]The van has some kind of mystical warding around the passenger area. Pretty low level but it would probably block astral beings from going into and out of it. The Elf Mr. Johnson seems to have a low level magical aura about him also. He could be an adapt or maybe an untrained spell caster[/sblock]

The firth member of the new team, a short dwarf wearing some advanced goggles grunt "Sovereign" as way of introduction.

Mr. Johnson adds "So we have a deal? Excellent. We have a location into the Tacoma sewer system that is just over a mile from the Aztech facility. You should be far enough away from any corporate or Lone Star monitoring there to safely make your way via this system to avoid any detection... any final questions?"

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