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Sharn Tavern: The Tower's Shard

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Solange said:
OOC: Seat could join the outdoorsy one probably. He'd probably make a good 5th and final character. Also, how did you manage to learn Scorching Ray and Web as an archivist? Those still aren't divine spells.
they are adept spells.

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Rystil Arden

First Post
(OOC: They are indeed. And darn good for their level if you aren't an Adept, since Adepts suck. The good news is Archivists in LEB can't pull the crazy moves like getting Lesser Restoration as a level 1 spell off the Paladin list, since we've specified a hierarchy, but they can still do cool things like grab Adept spells)


The man with the probe
OOC: Neat trick. I'll second Solange's motion to drag you along. looks like we get healing, fire support, and brains if you're willing.


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OOC: I think we are good we have a full contingent of people including Dr. Zombie's Valenar elf and seat. Thanks for all the interest. If this goes well I will be sure to give this another try.

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