Should we have Level 1 ASIs at all?

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FWIW, I'd be in favour of getting rid of the ASIs. And not just at first level.
Yes! I hate the fact that everyone is constantly working to get that 20 in their respective "main stat"!
Make lvl 1 stats be the "peak" physical and mental abilities that the PC is capable of, and nothing short of magic can make them go up further.

Or, alternatively (and I'm shamelessly stealing/modifying this from The Black Hack here) have players at levelup roll a d20 for each stat (in any order they want). If the roll comes up ABOVE their current stat, they get an increase. But you can only get one stat incease per levelup (hence the "roll in any order") This way you get the occasional ASI but it gets increasingly harder the better your stats are.

My preference is a restricted starting array/point buy only, and then get a 1 point ASI every level.

It's too far removed from the 5e leveling structure as it currently is however.


Might be ok if 1st level feats had their own list that are not to be taken at higher levels. Some of the older feats that nobody took or ones that may be inherited rather than earned.

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