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D&D (2024) Should Wish be an Epic boon?

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Prerequisite: 20th level and the ability to cast spells of the 9th slot
Wish. Your desire alters the fabric of reality. Your mind wills existence into being, your song reweaves the tapestry of fates, your faith commands the fundament of creation, your research pierces the barrier between the possible and the impossible. After each Long Rest, you can the Wish spell once innately.

I think that would be fine. I've long argued that it's the only spell above 6th-level worth keeping in the game at all, and the only reason to keep it is because is iconic and a trump card.


No. It should be an artifict.

And then Sorcerers have Universal Arcanum as a 9th level spell, that lets you cast any lower level spell from any list...


Crown-Forester (he/him)
I like the idea that Lesser Wish is accessible at lower levels while True Wish is 10th Level Spell, accessible as Epic Boon.
And some class features might grant True Wish with some limitations like your Genie Patron makes the Wish for you and they may interpret it literally or jerkishly…

Jack Daniel

I can't think of any edition where you needed to be 20th. In BECMI Classic D&D you needed to be 33rd level out of 36 to cast Wish.
33rd level with Int 18 for mage, 36th level with Wis 18 for cleric. Mages, of course, have to find the spell and learn it, while clerics can just pray for it; what's more, a cleric will reach 36th level a cool million XP before a mage hits 33rd (2.9 vs 3.9 million XP).
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Earlier, mainly Wish is what defines the Legend tier, 17 to 20.

But Wish feels epic. It is great for a boon. It represents the purest form of the mastery of magic. One alters reality itself, directly, by means of ones own desire, ones own will, ones own wish.

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