Simple Alternate Wild Surge Rule.


Once A Fool
I've been mulling over how to create a less wacky alternate wild surge mechanic for the the Wild Sorcerer without making things complicated or swingy.

Here's what I came up with:

Whenever a sorcerer triggers a wild surge (per the normal rules), instead of rolling on the Wild Surge Table, the sorcerer immediately unlearns the triggering spell and immediately learns a spell of equal level off of the Sorcerer's list (which may be the same spell). This change is permanent. Until it isn't.​

This should take away any reservations a DM has about granting surges, even up to every time a non-cantrip is cast. Making Tides of Chaos actually as valuable as it ought to be.

Instead, the player might have reservations about triggering a surge, but that's as it should be. Make the player make the decision, not the DM.

Wild Surges would still be game-changing, but no longer disruptive.

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