D&D 5E So what variant features from Tasha’s are you planning to use?

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As a player I am excited to swap to the Blessed Warrior paladin fighting style. At 10th level throwing a javelin just doesn't really cut it as a ranged option anymore with limited range, only being able to throw 1 per turn, and not being magical damage for overcoming resistance..
If you start your turn with a Javelin in hand you can throw two.

Also; remember those Paladin Smite spells (bonus action)? A few of them work with Ranged weapon attacks (Branding Smite and Banishing Smite).

Ensaring Smite for Ancients Paladins as well.


Mod Squad
Staff member
I expect to allow any of the additional properties. I'll generally allow player choice when the variant feature is a replacement for the old feature.

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