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I'm curious about your thoughts on Mage Knight, the Pathfinder Card Game, and any other fantasy "board" games that can be played solo or with 2 players. Don't need your thoughts on Gloomhaven, I've played that.


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I haven't played any of the games you mention, but I can give some quick thoughts on the following:

  • Conan (Monolith version): great game, fast, free-form, just fun basically. Basic setup is one Overlord and 1-4 players (1 player is great with just Conan), but there's a cooperative setup without an Overlord. Some question marks about the sexist portrayal of female characters (someone on Boardgamegeek has put together templates for less sexist versions).
  • Shadows of Brimstone: cooperative dungeon crawl with an infinite number of expansions. I loved the premise, hated assembling the minis, found the gameplay too fiddly.
  • Legends of Andor: challenging coop game, but not much replayability once you've successfully completed a scenario. Looks gorgeous. Just don't play the dwarf, he/she is useless.
-Wizzkids D&D adventure games: I have three of these (Temple of Elemental Evil, Legends of Drizzt and Tomb of Annihilation). They're quick and fun, easy to set up, easy to understand. Based mostly on D&D 4E, I think.
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights: just great fun. Don't expect the final outcome to matter, or even to reach the end of the game. It's all about the stories.
  • Four Against Darkness: very basic 1-player D&D, for when you need to scratch that itch.
  • Legacy of Dragonholt: choose-you-own-adventure taken up a notch. Very well written, gorgeous production. You can also play it with more than one player.
  • Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth: I wanted to love this game so much, tried it again and again. I just couldn't get past the idea that nothing that happened on the table mattered, all I needed to do was click the app.
  • War of the Ring: pretty much the best 2-player fantasy boardgame I know, but it's big, very big. And it takes long. But it's amazing. Check out the review on Shut Up & Sit Down.


Dances with Gnolls
Mage Knight is a lot of fun! Though the last time I played, there was both a lot of learning involved for first-timers, and we had 3 of us. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't function just as fine with two, or I guess solo.

Once you start gaining power in that game, man... it takes off. Especially when you slay your first dragon!

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