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5E Spell selection for my Valor Bard

So where starting a campain soon and ive decided to create Valor Bard. Now as far as my normal spells go i already know which route im going to take. However its more about the spells i get to choose.

I have some ideas of what i want to do but some advice is always welcome ;)

First of the idea behind my character is a Half-Elf "Fey swordmaster" hes been 'raised' by fey creatures and thus uses Fey tactics (lots of confusion an tricks)
He'll also be a frontline fighter so some skills for absorbing dmg might be nice.
Also if he can pull out daggers and other blades from out of every shadow on his body that be nice to :p (Conjure Barrage/Volley)

For my the first set I was thinking of Blink and Conjure Woodling Beings.
The next set I'd like a 'Wall' spell, to keep in line with the "Swordmaster" tag i was thinking of Blade Barrier and was wondering what ppls experiance is with it?
The other spell i dont know,
Same with the lasts slots tho from reading i can guess that Wish is a good choice ;)

Also any advice for how to play a Close Combat Valor Bard would be welcom aswel :D

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Enlarge, haste, magic weapon, can all be used for close combat. Just watch your concentration checks (resilience Con, war caster help a lot).

Expertise in athletics + shield mastery is pretty good too. Knock someone down, and then you get advantage on melee attacks. (Enlarge if you need to be bigger).

Sleep + greatsword is really good at low levels.

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