Spelljammer Spelljammer Confirmed (MAYBE, April Fools?)

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My idea for today was to say Walt Disney was to controll again his company after being unfrozen and reanimated thanks a new ultradvanced technology, the "medbeds".

Other idea was to tell WotC was going to publish a Fortnite: Save the World RPG d20, and this would enjoy a digital version next to Battle Royal, StW and Creative Mode. And Tas the kender could be hired as nPC bodyguard.

And WotC was going to produce a new actual-play show, with Japanese aspirant-idols using a virtual-tabletop. Wouldn't be it very kawai?

Time ago my prank was Paizo was to publish a new spin-off, Cryptfinder, a mixture of gothic horror, planetary romance and pulp fiction about the exploration and repopulation within a Dyson sphere that suffered a zombie apocalypse time ago.

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