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On the helmsman, note that it is possible for them to touch another spellcaster and pass that duty to them (Astral Guide, p 23). If any of the players are spellcasters, they could fill in for one or more shifts to reduce cost on having someone helm the ship.

I'm not sure the rules have ever really considered "shifts" into their crew complement. If they did, that means that the ship can be actively crewed by 1/3 the numbers noted (8 + 2 officers, if the ship above) at any given time. The extra hands would just be needed as "all hands on deck" in the case of crisis. This could mean that if the party is willing to extent their journey by x3 and avoid combat (hah!), pulling only one shift in a 24-hour period and "anchoring" or "drifting on course" during the other periods, they could attempt to do so.

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these are the costs based on crews in The Ghosts of Saltmarsh. which has great rules fro running ocean ships and environmental hazards.
like a typical crew has +4 to skill rolls, and checks are made by 4 relevant officers, an then one for the crew.

My Party captured a pirate ship 4 sessions back, and have just now gotten a spelljammer helm built and attached to it.
Next session they are going to go try and blow up a moon.
More campaigns should get a chance to blow up a moon.

Crew cost (35) 2 sp/day-- 7gp day --49 gp /week (in space crew drops to 14)
Sailingmaster, Firstmate, Quartermaster, Boson avg: 2 gp/day-- 8 gp /day--56gp/ week
Ship surgeon - (PC) ie you should hire one, if the ship is sailing without PCs. +2 gp/day
- the crew got a bonus when the PCs made a huge profit while on ship-based adventures.

Sail master is effectively a hired captain. It is a compromise title, a PC took the job of captain but knew nothing about boats, they still need 4 weeks of training /practice before most of the party becomes proficient in Vehicles (sailing)
the sailing master is a little nervous about leaving the world, and another player is considering joining as a true captain.

I assume a PC is going to be helming the ship most of the time.
The skywarp - [PIC} is a tradesman (flying fish) class vessel that happens to have the same deck plan as the pirate ship captured by the PCs


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